Year 3

Week Starting 20 April 2020

Hello Year 3,

We hope that you are all well.  The week beginning Monday 20th April is our first week ‘back’ after the Easter holiday and we are now arranging all our activities day by day for you on this page.  We hope that you enjoyed the Easter project that we arranged for you over the last two weeks and we would also like to remind you that you can log in to comment on your class blog which can be found by clicking here.  If you haven’t done this before the instructions are here.  We would love you to post any Easter work you managed on the blogs or by e-mailing us at

Please find lots of activities to engage you this week below and don’t forget we would love to hear from you.

The Year 3 team 🙂




Let’s start the week by completing some of the ‘Mathletics’ tasks that your teachers have set you.  Please log on here and complete the tasks which have been set by your teacher.


(See download below) We will be beginning a new book. Have a look at the front cover. What can you see? What do you think about the images? Are there any questions you have about the picture? Once you have thought about these ideas, use a range of conjunctions to write some predictions on what you think will happen in the book.


(See download below) Our new topic is plants. Write down all you think you know about plants and then watch the clips. Once you have done this, write down what you now know about plants and any questions that you have.



(See download below) Complete the addition questions on today’s maths sheet.If you need help refer to the Year 3 Calculation policy 


Watch the book reading. Stone Age Boy 1  Stone Age Boy 2. Plan and write some dialogue (see download sheet below for help) between the boy and the girl.


PE with Jo Tuesday 21st April.



Complete the subtraction questions on today’s maths sheet (see download below)  Don’t forget that if you are rusty on the methods we use in the Trust you can check how to do it on our Calculation videos page.


Watch the book reading.  Stone Age Boy 3  Then use a range of prepositions to write a descriptive piece from the boy’s point of view.


Log on to Oxford Owls and read ‘Animal Tricksters’ then, complete the reading grid (See download below)



Complete the money questions on today’s maths sheet. (see download below)


Cave people used spears to catch animals. They had to be good a throwing in order to hunt.

Find a space and have a javelin throwing competition with someone at home. See who can throw the javelin the furthest or closest to a target.


Complete the ‘Oh no! Disappointed!’ inference sheet (see download below).



Please complete today’s multiplication maths sheet (see download below).


Watch the Stone Age boy reading Stone Age Boy 4 .  Afterwards, write instructions for how to hunt a stone aged animal of your choice.


Sprouting carrot tops. Try planting some carrot tops in the ways mentioned and make some notes on your findings. What do you notice?

Extra Activities

Science – Fruit and veg planting.

Try replanting some additional fruit and veg. Are there any similarities between these and the carrot planting? What do you notice?

Thematic – You might want to turn all your Stone Age research into a mini book to keep. Follow the instruction on the link below to make the book and then fill it with your super work!

Mini book instructions

SINGING  –  Singing makes you feel good and positively helps your brain and your thinking!  You can improve your singing, sing a song or even take on a rap/singing challenge  – the easy way, at Mrs E’s EASY SINGING page.

Published on 20th April, 2020

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