Year 3

Week Starting 17 May 2020

Hello Year 3.

Welcome to the final week of Summer 1.

It was lovely speaking to so many of you last week. We hope to get in contact with even more of you this week and after the break.

Here’s a special message from the Year 3 team for all of you.

We have had lots of emails to our home learning email Which is great!  Please keep them coming.

Here are some lovely examples of your home learning.

Alex from Cedar class showing off the sunflowers in his garden.


Lucy in Holly after writing her letter to a local care home.

Luke in Birch doing a spot of gardening.

Ingrid in Asteroids with her lovely letter and picture from the PAT weekly task.


Joresh in Meteors and his plant life cycle pop up book.

David in Shetland created his version of a Buddhist temple Yuri in New Forest with another creative variation of the plant life cycle.

Grigore in Elm creating some outdoor art

If your work isn’t shown this week, next term may be your time. Please do keep sending them in or posting on your class blog.


Below are the activities for this week. There are also tasks in the Extra activities section if you are looking for something additional to do.

MONDAY Maths – 2D shapes Literacy – Story boards Science – Plants
TUESDAY Thematic  – Stonehenge PE with Ms Stewart Reading – Justifying opinions
WEDNESDAY Literacy – Story opening Thematic – DT Maths – 3D shapes
THURSDAY French – How are you? PSHE – Decision making Literacy – Story writing
FRIDAY Literacy – Story ending Maths – Making 3D shapes Music – Pitch and melody
Pegasus Academy Trust weekly task.                                                                                                       Watch the video below for details of this week’s  Trust task which comes to you as a competition.

Just one half term left.

Have a lovely break and stay safe.

season 3 love GIF by True and the Rainbow Kingdom


MATHS – This week we will be looking at shape. How many 2d shapes can you draw? How many can you name? Can you remember their properties – lines, angles, lines of symmetry? Follow the video below and then answer today’s questions on 2d Shapes. (See downloads below)

LITERACY – Listen to the final parts of our latest book ‘Mouse, Bird, Snake and Wolf’. Today you’ll be grouping your ideas and creating a plan based on the whole story. You can choose to listen to the story again before the activity if you need to.

Part 6

Part 7

SCIENCE – Before beginning this task, give yourself 30 seconds, can you draw a quick sketch of a leaf? Research some different types of trees then create a poster or even a tree encyclopedia for today’s task. (See downloads below)


THEMATIC – Using the fact sheet and the examples, (see downloads below) create a fact file to show what you know about the Stonehenge.

PE – As you both get ready to enter the final legs of your current journey. Join Ms Stewart, for a PE session with a 90s spin. “Get out your seats and jump around!” 🙂
READING – Today’s reading session requires not only your own opinions but for you to use evidence from what has been read to support your opinions. Click on the link to read the poems and complete the activities.


LITERACY – Using your plan from the last session, it’s now time to get writing. Relive the adventure that our latest book ‘Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf’ has taken us on by rewriting the beginning of the story using your own descriptive words. Don’t forget your superhero writing targets.

THEMATIC – This week we would like you to prepare a meal that will be (loosely) based upon what you may have eaten if you were a cave person. Pop your chef’s hat on while you take a look at the preparation document and powerpoint (see downloads below) to complete today’s task.

MATHS – Go through the powerpoint on 3d shapes and then answer today’s questions (see downloads below) Can you find any 3d shapes in your home and describe their properties?


FRENCH –  Following on from last weeks ‘Greetings’ session, think about how to respond to the question ‘How are you?’ Watch the video below. Have a go at singing along to the song and try the matching activity to end the session. (See downloads below)

PSHE – We all make lots of decisions every day. We don’t always think about the consequences of our decisions which means we can sometimes make poor choices. Have a look at the powerpoint and discuss the question on the slides. (See download below)

LITERACY – We are continuing with our write up of Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf. This time we will be focusing on the middle section of our story and including the features of good writing (See PPT in downloads below).


LITERACY – Complete your retelling of ‘Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf’ with an exciting ending. Use your plan to support you in using powerful vocabulary and writer’s features. (See PPT in downloads below).

MATHS – Today we will be revising what we already know about the properties of 3D shapes. We will then learn how to make at least one 3D shape using lolly sticks/cotton buds/toothpicks/blutac or playdough.

MUSIC – What better way to end the week then through song. Remind yourself about pitch and melody and then complete the activities. ‘Sing it louder, sing it clearer knowing everyone will hear ya.’ If you are feeling really musical why not go a step further and  help to bring some light to someone by recording yourself singing along to Gary Barlow’s – Sing.

Extra Activities

DT – Why not continue to show your support for the NHS and other key workers by creating a salt dough rainbow. You can even use the recipe for homemade paint to decorate it.

How to make Salt Dough? | Learning 4 Kids    idea for making salt dough rainbow with kiddies. s... - #Dough ...

Computing – We’re all living and learning differently right now so it’s important to #keepconnected. Can you create a video to tell someone about your lockdown story? It’s a great way to share how you’re feeling. Why not try posting it to your class blog rather than commenting next week.

PSHE/ART – Have a look at this wonderful Caterpillars, butterflies and moths pack. How many of the activities can you complete?

MATHS – Use 2D shapes and algorithms (a series of instructions) to draw pictures, detecting and correcting errors in the process.

Published on 17th May, 2020

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