Year 3

Week Starting 10 May 2020

Welcome again Year 3!

We have all made it to week four, the penultimate week of Summer 1. WHOOOOOO! . We hope you are continuing to keep safe and enjoyed the bank holiday weekend as much as possible.  This week, we have had the chance to see much more of how you are getting on with your home activities which has been great, keep it up.  Remember to keep posting on your class blog or email photos to our home learning page at (Please note, this email is just for your photos and queries about general learning, individual queries should be directed to your school office)








Delilah in Birch class has been working hard on her maths and has even started looking at time.

Nikolai in Holly class created his own indoor camp with an added measure of safety by creating a paper fire.

Jaydan in Asteroids class displaying his beautiful Sabre -toothed tiger.

Lorenzo in Meteors class has been busy completing many of the tasks set last week.


Harrietta in Shetland class created a rainbow picture to help keep us smiling.

Oskar in Exmoor class working hard on some maths.


Coco in New Forest class enjoyed investing how water is transported through celery.

Your work could be here next week so remember to email it in.



Below, you will find this week’s tasks along with some extra activities for you to have a go at. Remember you don’t have to print off the sheets, they are there to help guide you. You can work on any paper that you have at home 🙂

One more week to go before the final half term.

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The Year 3 team

MONDAY Maths – Pictograms Whole trust activity – ‘We care’ letter Science – Plant life cycle
TUESDAY Thematic – Investigate life in the past PE – Jo Wicks Maths -Bar Charts
WEDNESDAY Maths – Line Thematic – DT – Prehistoric pots Literacy – Poem creation
THURSDAY PE – Jo Wicks Literacy – Dialogue Science
FRIDAY Maths – angles Thematic – Art – Stonehenge sketch French – Greetings



MATHS – Have a look at the pictograms powerpoint and then answer the question (See ‘downloads’ below)

PSHE – To get you thinking about the Pegasus value ‘We Care’, we are going to be asking you to write a letter to a carer/key worker to say thanks for all they are doing at this time.

SCIENCE – Learn all about the life cycle of a plant  (see download below) and watch the video Life Cycle of a Plant   Then use the instruction videos to help you make your very own plant cycle pop up book! Remember to share photos of your super work on your class blog!

Video 1  – make your pop up book:

Video 2  – Stick on your pop up objects


THEMATIC – Use last weeks artefact notes to make a presentation about life in the Stone Age. You can use the Powerpoints from Mr Ingham  (see downloads below) as a guide to create your own presentation in J2E office.

PE – Let’s get moving. PE with Joe  Tuesday 12th May.

MATHS – Follow today’s ‘Powerpoint’ on bar charts and answer the questions (see downloads below) once you have finished you may want to try creating your own bar graph (See extra activities)


MATHS – Today’s activity looks at different types of lines. Have a look at the powerpoint below and then see if you an identify the types of lines in today’s activity. (See downloads below)

THEMATIC – Stone Age pots were used for a variety of reasons. Use the link to create your own salt dough and then use this to create your own replicate of a Stone Age pot. Use the design sheet to plan your ideas first if you need to. (see downloads below)

LITERACY –  Join Mrs. Milner for part 4 of  ‘Mouse, Bird , Snake, Wolf ‘ Grab your animal creations from our last literacy lesson as today we will be using them to create a descriptive poem. There is an example of one below, if you are stuck. (See downloads)


PE – I like to move it, move it! PE with Joe  Thursday 14th May.

LITERACY – Get comfy and settle in for the next installment of ‘Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf’. After listening, see if you can plan a dialogue between the children. (See downloads below)

SCIENCE – Hopefully, by now you know lots of things about our latest topic ‘Plants’. Today, see if you can carry out a small experiment to see how moisture effects leaves. (See downloads below)


MATHS – There are lots of angles hiding in plain sight. Use the PowerPoint to learn about different types of angles and then answer today’s maths questions. (See downloads below) You could also go on an angle hunt around your house to see which is the most common angle that you can find.

THEMATIC – Stonehenge – one of the wonders of the world and the best known prehistoric monument in Europe. Use the PowerPoint below to see if you can create a sketch of it. If you haven’t done so already, you could even create a model of Stonehenge using materials of your choice.

FRENCH – Est-ce que tu parles Francais?’ Let’s start off by revising some basic French greetings. Then complete the sheet in the downloads below.

Extra Activities

MUSIC –  (Jam bus online) check out the music videos from Mr Spoerer (djembe) and Ms Freeman (recorder and rhythm). Also join Ms E  for EASY SINGING which is updated weekly.

MATHS – Someone has let Ms Stewart lose with some Haribo. Watch the video below and see if you can create your own bar graph with something at home. Flowers in the garden, fruit in the fridge maybe even coloured socks in the draw 🙂



Published on 10th May, 2020

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