Year 3

Week Starting 27 April 2020

Hello Year 3!

Welcome to week two of our home learning activities . We hope you are keeping safe and well and enjoying the tasks we have set for you.  All the Year 3 teachers are thinking of you and would really love to see what you have been doing. Remember you can share you super work with us on your class blog or email your photos to

Please take a look at this weeks tasks which we really hope you enjoy.  Don’t forget to check out the extra activities section where you can take on a singing challenge from Ms E or take a virtual tour of Stonehenge and make a postcard to send us at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Keep safe

The Year 3 team



What do you know about the sabre-toothed tiger? Write everything you already know down (see download below). When you have done this, read the information sheet  and add any new information you have found out.


This week you will be working on creating your own animation. Today we would like you to work on creating a background for your project.  Log on to JUST2EASY and go to J2Code. Be as creative as you like and have fun!


Think about the types of foods that hunter-gatherers used to eat. Create a menu for a Stone Age restaurant. There are some pictures of the type of food they ate and a template to help you (see download below). You can use the template or you can create your own design. You might want to have a go at making the food on your menu. Remember we would love for you to share your creations with us!




Start your day with PE with Joe  Tuesday 28th April.


(See download below) Complete the division tasks set for you today. Remember to use your multiplication  knowledge and partitioning to help you.


Use the information you gathered yesterday on the sabre-toothed tiger to create a fact file about the animal. Be creative in the way you present your work. You could make a poster, PowerPoint, or you could even make a mini booklet like the one we shared with you last week.  Perhaps you would like to make a quiz and share it in your class blog?



Continue with your computing work from Monday. Now you have created a background for your animation create a sprite to feature in it.  Log on to JUST2EASY and go to J2CODE.


Join Miss Hendricks for the next part of Stone Age Boy. Write a diary entry describing the days events. Use the checklist to help you (see download below).


(See download below) Complete the reading comprehension.



(See download below) Complete the fractions questions on today’s maths sheet.


Start your day with PE with Joe Thursday 30th April


Find about about the  best conditions to grow a plant in. You can use this information to help you with an investigation we have set you for tomorrow.

Downloads for Thursday



Log on to JUST2EASY and go to J2CODE. Now that you have created your background and added your sprite, start giving your sprite directions to make it move.


Join Miss Hendricks for the final part of our story Stone Age Boy. What did you think of the ending?  If you were the author, how would you finish the story? Write an alternative (different) ending to Stone Age Boy.  We would love to hear your story ideas so please share them on your class blog!


Think about your science learning from yesterday. Investigate the best conditions to grow a plant in and complete a diary to share your findings (see download below). Remember to add labelled diagrams to your investigation.

Extra Activities


Singing makes you feel good and positively helps your brain and your thinking!  You can improve your singing, sing a song or even take on a rap/singing challenge  – the easy way, at Mrs E’s EASY SINGING PAGE

Virtual Visit

Make a virtual visit to Stonehenge  and then create a postcard telling us what you saw. You may even want to add a picture of yourself as if you were there and send your lovely work to




Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 27th April, 2020

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