Year 3

Week Starting 14 June 2020

Hello Year 3,

It was lovely seeing some of you last week for out trial Google meet session. This week’s session will be on Wednesday at 2:30pm. See extra activities for more details. We hope to see even more of you this week.

The weather took a spin in the opposite direction before the weekend and we saw the sun disappear. 🙁 On the plus it was good for all the science experiments that you have been doing.

If you sent some work to the home learning email: or posted on your class blog, take a peak below to see if you feature this week .

Amyah in Meteors class and her Moroccan flag painting

Eklavya in Asteroids class with some maths work

Harrietta in Shetland class with her bone shaped jewellery and Stone Age costume.

Shivesh in Elm class and his home made wooden clock

Elsie in Birch class with her excellent Stone Age pots

Alexander O in Cedar class showing us his Pegasus flag challenge.

Violet in Holly class with this beautiful drawing of her adopted snow leopard

Your picture could be here next week, remember to email it in.

Below are your activities for this week. You can find the Pegasus Trust task in extra activities as well. Remember you can still complete the activities even if you can’t print off the sheets. They can be used like the support sheets in class (for reference) Click here for details of individual class Google meets.

Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3
Monday Literacy – Predictions Maths – Find the duration of events. French – Exchanging names
Tuesday Music – Hand jive Literacy – Missing poster PE. – Wildlife yoga
Wednesday Maths – Comparing time Thematic – Bronze Age Reading – Text Summary
Thursday Literacy – Punctuating speech Maths – Measure length accurately R.E – Buddhist tales
Friday Thematic – Comparing eras Literacy – Show not tell Maths – Equivalent lengths

Enjoy the weather, stay safe and

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The Year 3 team.


LITERACY – Something terrible has happened to Susanna (Edward)! Lolly has had enough and decided to take matters into her own hands. Today, you will be writing predictions about what you think will happen next in the story. Remember to start your sentences using fronted adverbials and use a range of noun phrases, adverbs and conjunctions in your writing. Listen to Ms Odemo reading chapter 10 below and then complete today’s task.

MATHS – Today we are calculating the duration of events. Have a look at the PowerPoint (see downloads below) and work through the activities. Once you have finished, check your answers to correct any mistakes that you may have made.

FRENCH – Continuing on with our ‘Getting to know you’ topic, today we will learn how to find out someone’s name and also how to introduce ourselves. Watch the video below to help you to complete today’s tasks.


MUSIC – In this activity(see downloads below), you will create hand clapping, hand tutting or hand jive sequences of movements. You will have to break the sequence of actions down into parts and in so doing are decomposing. You can link this idea to breaking problems down when creating computer programs such as animations or games.

LITERACY – Today, you will be listening to chapter 11 to see what happens to Edward, now that he has been thrown out. Let’s make a missing poster for him, using our descriptive writing skills so that Nellie and Lawrence can find him.


PE – Take a walk on the wild side by clicking the link for today’s yoga PE session!


MATHS – What does compare mean? Today we look at questions which involve calculating the duration of events and then comparing them with others. (See downloads below)

THEMATIC – Learn more about the Bronze age and then make a poster or present the information in a creative way.

READING – This session looks at an extract from the novel ‘Dindy and the Elephant’. You will learn about summarising information and explaining your opinion about a character. Click the link to complete the task.

Google meet – Following the success of our trial last week, we’re back again this week. Join the team Today (Wednesday) at 2:30pm via the ‘Google meet’ platform for another session. This week’s code to enter is  ‘year3june17’. Read the news  story regarding this for more information and how to gain access if you haven’t joined us before.

Downloads for Wednesday


Google meet – Meteors can join Mr Ingham today at 11am for a class Google meet.

LITERACY – Listen to Mr Shipley reading Chapter 12 of Edward Tulane below. How do you think Edward is feeling now? What makes you say that? Following this, watch the lesson video below. What do they think Bull and Edward could talk about as they lie under the stars? First plan your dialogue and then use your plan to correctly punctuate some speech between the two characters.

Chapter 12

Task video

MATHS – Today we begin looking at measure. What do you know about this topic? What things can you measure? Follow the video below to find out where we are going to begin an d learn how to measure accurately.

RE – We are continuing to learn about the life and teachings of Buddha by learning about ancient Buddhist tales.  Watch the Buddhist stories, and write about what you have learned from the Buddha’s teachings.


THEMATIC – In what ways was the Stone Age different to the Bronze Age? We will watch two short videos to revise what we remember about the Stone Age and to look at how things have changed over time.


LITERACY – Today we are going to be practising the show don’t tell technique to describe how characters are feeling. Make sure you’ve listened to Chapter 14 of Edward Tulane (Below) and then come back here to practise your describing skills.

Chapter 14

Task Video

MATHS – Learn how to convert and compare measurements between millimetres, centimetres and metres. After following the PowerPoint, answer the questions.(See downloads below) Use the answer sheet to check your work and correct any mistakes that you may have made.

Extra Activities

Pegasus Weekly Task – Have you been watching Tenable? Tipping point? The Chase? If so, then you may already be flowing with ideas for this week’s task. This week’s challenge is to create a quiz.  Become a quiz master and show us what you can do. (see downloads below for more instructions)

LITERACY – Proofreading is the process of looking through your work, finding mistakes and correcting them. It’s a very important part of the writing process. Watch the BBC clip and try the accompanying activities.

DT – The sun has been out, the birds are out. Find out how to create your own bird feeder here and maybe attract some birds to your garden or local outdoor space.

Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 14th June, 2020

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