Year 2

Week Starting 10 May 2020

Hello Year 2!

We hope you are all well and keeping safe.  Another week of lockdown completed and we hope you enjoyed this week’s learning.  The teachers have been busy calling you at home and it has been so lovely to catch up with you and your families.  It has made us smile and we hope it has brightened up your days too.  We have loved hearing about all the things you have been up to and all the life skills you are learning too, we heard of children baking, gardening, learning to ride bikes and even helping re-decorating their bedrooms. If you haven’t heard from your teacher yet, do not worry, we have split the class in half so you will get a phone call this week!

The Year 2 team have been blown away with the photos we have received showcasing all your brilliant home learning.  It was too hard to choose just a few photos to show on our year group page so Mrs Sullivan has put a video together.  Can you see your photo? Look out for your friends, did you see any of their smiley faces? This video is guaranteed to make you smile, like it did your teachers! Don’t forget to keep sending in new learning to the Year 2 email address:

This week you can listen to the final chapters of ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl read by Miss Rolfe, Mrs Allen and Miss Rolfe.  We hope you have enjoyed listening to this hilarious story.  I wonder what plan you might have come up with if you wanted to teach Mr and Mrs Twit a lesson?

This week we are continuing our work on the Iron Man in literacy and have two brilliant poems to look at for reading.  Miss Rolfe and Mrs Allen have recorded themselves reading ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl and we have a great revenge planning activity to ensure the Twits learn their lesson.  We also have an exciting competition for you to enter called ‘The Great Bug Hunt 2020’- check out Friday’s learning for more information. Don’t forget to check out this week’s extra activities for more brilliant music lessons and you can always check out the music youtube page JamBus.

This week’s Pegasus whole trust challenge is a special one.  One of our five Pegasus values is ‘We care’ and now more than ever is it important to show our friends, family, neighbours and our community, that we care. We thought it would be a brilliant idea to show a special group of people in our community how much we care and appreciate them at this time. There are many care homes in our local areas and people who work or live there can feel very isolated.  Families and friends are not allowed to visit their loved ones in care homes at this time.  This can make them feel sad and lonely as they are missing their families.  How amazing would it be if we could put a smile on their faces? So this week’s challenge is to write a letter to a resident in a care home or a care home worker and help them feel less lonely and make them smile.  Check out Tuesday’s learning for more information.

Below is a timetable of this week’s learning:

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Science– Life cycle of a plant Maths– Capacity PSHE– Colour counting
Tuesday Maths– Follow the clues to solve the challenge Literacy– Revenge for the Twits Whole Trust Challenge- ‘We care’ 
Wednesday Literacy– Drawing the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon Maths– reading scales Thematic– Seaside entertainment past and present
Thursday Literacy- Plan a new ending Maths- Telling the time Reading– ‘Five Little Seeds’ comprehension
Friday Literacy– Write a new ending to Iron Man Reading- ‘Two Witches Discuss Grooming’ poem The Great Bug Hunt 2020 competition

Remember to keep safe!

We miss you all!

The Year 2 Team


1. Science – Last week you dissected a plant and named all the parts.  But have you ever wondered how the life of a plant starts? Today we will be learning about the life cycle of plant. Watch this video all about the life cycle of a plant and then scroll down to take the quiz to test your knowledge.
With a grown up talk about these questions:

  • How does a plant start its life?
  • What does a plant need to grow?
  • How does a plant grow and change?
  • What does it produce when it is fully grown?
  • How does it begin its life again?

Now it’s time to get creative and make your own plant life cycle. Your plant life cycle should include photos/pictures, labels for each picture and a description of all the stages of a plant’s life.  You could include what a plant needs to grow.  Check out the photos below for some inspiration:

2. Maths –  Have a go at solving these capacity problems in the ‘downloads’ section below.

3. PSHE – At times we can feel sad, worried or just miss our friends.  These feelings are okay to have at this strange time but we have to learn ways to help us feel happier.  Have a go at this ‘Happy Colour Counting Challenge’ this week! Click on the document below to find out more.


1. Maths- Solve these challenges by following the clues carefully.  The clue will help you decide which order you need to put your numbers, shapes or coins in.

2. Literacy- This week and last we have posted videos of your teachers reading the story ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. If you haven’t listened yet and seen all the brilliant illustrations from the book the scroll up and visit learning pages from last week and this week.  We hope you enjoyed the story as much as we did, what did you think of Mr and Mrs Twit? I can think of few words to describe them such as revolting, horrid, tricksters, vile, dirty and mean.  Can you think of any more to add to my list? Now, in the story The Twits treat the monkeys and children very badly, your challenge today is to think of a trick that would teach these two meanies a lesson. You could write a small paragraph telling us all about you plot of revenge or you could draw/paint a picture of how you plan to play a trick on this horrid pair.  Don’t forget to send in your ideas to the year 2 email ( as the teachers would love to hear your plans!

3. Pegasus Whole Trust Challenge- As we mentioned at the beginning of the week, this week’s whole Trust challenge is to write a letter to a resident or worker at a care home to show them we care – one of our five Pegasus values.  If you decide to write to a resident at a care home why don’t you tell them about what you’ve been up to during lockdown and don’t forget to ask them some questions about themselves too.  Reading or having your letter read to them will make them smile.  If you decide to write to one of the workers at the care home you could tell them about yourself and then ask them about how they are feeling and what they have been up to? Don’t forget to thank them for their incredible work! Remember it’s not just carers who work there you could write to a cleaner or a cook who also help run the care homes. Below is an information sheet with the name and addresses of local care homes and letter templates if you would like to use them.



1. Literacy- If you haven’t already, have a listen to Miss Wenham reading chapter 4 of Iron Man (click here to do so or you can click here to read chapter 4 yourself).
So you’ve now been introduced to the space-bat-angel-dragon.  What do you think it is? Where do you think it has come from? What does it want? Have a think about these questions.

Your task today is to draw/paint what you think this space-bat-angel-dragon looks like.  Think about the words Ted Hughes used to describe him to help you imagine what it might look like for example he uses the words ‘scaly’, ‘black’, ‘knobbly’ and ‘horned’.  You can begin to get a picture of what this creature may look like.  Once you have completed your drawing why not write a sentence or two with some of your own exciting adjectives to describe the creature you have drawn. Do you think this creature is a hero or villain? Do they remind you of a character from another story you have read?

2. Maths – Have a got a reading these scales (see sheet in downloads section below).

3. Thematic – This week in thematic we are looking at seaside entertainment in the past and present. Before we get started grab a piece of paper and make a list of all the different types of entertainment you might find at the seaside now, I’ll get you started funfair rides, fortune tellers now you carry on the list.  Now watch this video all about how people entertained themselves at the seaside in the Victorian times. Did you notice some of the ways the Victorians entertained themselves is the same as we do today?

Your task today is two split a piece of paper into two and label one side ‘past’ and one side ‘present’.  You have to draw and label different types of entertainment and place them on the correct side. If it is a form of entertainment that both us and the Victorians used then you could draw it on the line so it appears on both sides.

Your challenge task is draw a seaside pier or promenade with all the seaside entertainment, it could be a picture of a past seaside or present – the choice is yours!

Downloads for Wednesday


1. Literacy – Re-read chapter 5 of the Iron Man.  Did you expect this chapter to end that way? Your challenge today is to plan a different ending for you to write tomorrow. On a piece of paper you could draw pictures and write some words to help you plan how Iron Man would defeat the space-being.  Or you could use the sheet named ‘Plan’ below. Will Iron Man be the hero or will there be a new character that helps Iron Man out?  Remember you can be as creative as you want and it doesn’t matter if it wouldn’t be possible in the real world.  Read the paragraph below and start planning your end from the end of the paragraph.

Everybody in the world was talking about it, worrying about it. He was sure the Iron Man could do something. Compared to the space-bat-angel- dragon the Iron Man wasn’t very big, of course. The Iron Man was only the size of a tall tree. Nevertheless, Hogarth had faith in the Iron Man. He visited the Iron Man in his scrap-yard, and talked to him about this great monster that was threatening the earth. “Please,” he asked, “please can’t you think of some way of getting rid of it? If you can’t, then it’s the end of us all.” The Iron Man chewed thoughtfully at his favourite tidbit, a juicy, spicy old gas-stove. He shook his head slowly. “Please think of something,” cried Hogarth. “If this space-bat-angel-dragon licks all life off the earth, that’ll be the end of your scrap iron – there’ll be no people left to make it.” The Iron Man became still. He seemed to be thinking. Suddenly his headlamps blazed red, green, blue and white all at once. And he stood up. In a great grinding voice, he gave his commands. Hogarth danced for joy. The Iron Man had had the most stupendous idea.

2. Maths – Today we are practising telling the time. Start off by watching these videos to remind yourself of how we tell the time- introduction, o’clock and half past, quarter past and quarter to. Now visit this website and practise telling the time by playing the games. Now you have warmed up, have a go at telling the time on the sheet below named ‘Telling the time’. You could also make your very own clock to help you (see sheet below).

3. Reading – Have a read of the poem ‘Five Little Seeds’ and then answers the questions.


1. Literacy – Remind yourself of your plan by orally telling your story using your plan to help you. Today you are going to write your new ending of how the day will be saved. Go back to yesterday’s learning and re-read the chapter, you will start writing your ending from the end of the paragraph.  Remember to use exciting language and conjunctions to make your sentences longer.  Don’t forget to think about your spelling, if you are not sure on how to spell a word ask a grown up to help.  We can’t wait to hear how your story will be different to Ted Hughes’s ending in Iron Man.  Below is a word bank to help you if you need it.

2. Reading – Read the poem ‘Two Witches Discuss Grooming’ (in the downloads section below) by John Coldwell and answer the questions.  Just like the Twits these two witches are horrid and gruesome.

3. Competition time- The Great Bug Hunt 2020 competition – Later this term we will be learning about ‘Animals and their Habitats’.  The Association for Science Education (ASE) are running their yearly ‘Great Bug Hunt’ competition and we thought it would be a great idea if you all entered this year.  Take a look at the sheet below that tells you all the information you need to know!

Extra Activities

Music –

  • Singing assembly with Miss Freeman- Clap for Our Carers
  • Sing with Mrs Quick
  • Sing with Mr Smith
  • Read a rhythm grid and compose your own beats with Miss Freeman – click here.Then click here and log on to the student section using the following details: username- p697846 password- robinClick on the unit called ‘Friendship Song’ and listen to the song ‘You’ve got a Friend in Me’ then use the questions to help you talk about the music.  Next click on ‘Flexible Games’ to dance along with Mr Bear. Finally have a go at learning verse 4 of the ‘Friendship song’ and practise singing the song so far. 

Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 10th May, 2020

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