Year 2

Week Starting 07 June 2020

Hello Year 2!

We hope you are doing well and enjoyed last week’s learning?  Have a look below at some of the amazing work that was sent into us this week.  We love reading your emails and seeing what you have been up to in the week.  Please keep sending in your photos to and look out, as next week your photo might be on the learning page!

Here is Sophie from Violet class at Cypress having a go at the game ‘4 rolls to 100’. A great game to play to help you practise your number bonds to 100.

Rayyan from Lilac class at Beulah has draw a brilliant picture of his worry monster after completing this week’s PHSE lesson.  Great work Rayyan!

Brook from Purple class at Whitehorse Manor really enjoyed the Lego flag challenge.  Here is a huge flag that Brook made out of Lego, can you guess which country the flag belongs to?

This is Sam from Turquoise class at Cypress with his fantastic sweet invention he created for our Willy Wonka sweet creation challenge. What a brilliant creation!

Johan from Satellites class at Ecclesbourne has drawn his very own tropical island and created a great key to show all the features on his island.  A brilliant map Johan!

Maia from Lilac class at Whitehorse Manor has completed some great multiplication and division word problems.  Well done Maia

Ben from Shuttles class at Ecclesbourne has invented a his own ‘Dinosaur Lego Island’ and added a great key to show which features are on his island.

Isla from Ruby class at Cypress has created a map of her island ‘Rabbit Island’ and added a key to show us what is on her island.

Sienna from Satellites class at Ecclesbourne drew and created some flags using Lego. Great work Sienna, keep it up!

This week in literacy, we are continuing on from our island work from last week and are inventing our own tropical island for people to visit.  Your challenge will be to write a persuasive advert to entice people to come to your island. In maths, we are continuing to develop our problem solving skills with exciting maths challenges.  In science, we are starting our new topic ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ and this week we have two great lessons to get you started.  In art, we are looking at sculptures, you will be looking at and researching different sculptures and then doing some observational drawings.

This week, it is Children’s Art Week and so the whole Trust challenge is to get creative with egg boxes.  We can’t wait to see what your final creations will look like!

Saturday 6th June marks the beginning of National Bike Week, we have spoken to lots of children over the lockdown period who have been learning how to ride their bikes and over the next two weeks you can get involved in lots of activities for Bike Week.  Cycling is a great way to keep fit and is also great for your mental health.  You can be a cycling hero by taking on the #7daysofcycling challenge this Bike Week, there is a chance for you to win prizes.  From speedy racing bikes or monstrous mountain climbers, to a small pink bike with tassels hanging from the handle grips and a little white wicker basket with a bell attached to the front, bikes come in a style for every person and every path. Visit the National Bike Week website to find out more about cycling and how you can take part in this year’s bike week.

As you may have already read in our news story last week, this week we are going to trial our first live story time.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the news story then please click here. Mr Strutt from Ecclesbourne has kindly offered to host our first story time session and we are hoping some of the other teachers will also be popping along to say hello to the children. If you would like to attend the story time session it will be held on Wednesday 10th June at 10am. You will need to be logged into Google in order to access the Google Meeting, please click here for instructions on how sign in. In order to sign in you will need your child’s .306 LGFL log on details which can be found on a sticker in your child’s reading diary.  If you would like to attend the live session and do not have those details please email us at with your child’s full name, class and school and we will email you back with their log on details.  Please make sure you try to log on before Tuesday to allow us time to get back to you with details and ensure any problems are resolved before Wednesday morning.  Once you have logged on you will need the nickname for this week’s session, which will be YEAR2TS.  We will be recording the sessions for safety purposes and do ask that an adult is present with all children during these sessions. I know Mr. Strutt and the Year 2 teachers are excited to see the children.

Here is a timetable of this week’s learning activities:

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Literacy –  Introduction to topical islands Maths – Problem solving Science –  7 living processes – Mrs NERG
Tuesday Literacy –  Noun phrases Maths – Problem solving Science – Living, dead or never alive?
Wednesday Thematic – Hot and cold climates of the World Maths – Problem solving Pegasus Trust Challenge – Egg Box art
Thursday Literacy –  What is a command? Maths – Problem solving Art – Sculptures
Friday Literacy – Writing a short advert RE – Mosque PSHE – My Power of Yet

There are lots of exciting things happening this week and we hope you enjoy all the learning activities we have created for you this week.  We cannot wait to see what you all get up to!

Keep safe and well! Don’t forget to be kind to your family and help out as much as you can!

The Year 2 Team


1. Literacy – Tropical islands.  This week, we are going to be looking at some tropical islands and what we might see on a topical island.  Today your challenge is to create your own topical island.  What will be on your island? Bendy palm trees, sparkling water, colourful fishes, golden sand or erupting volcanoes? Have a look at the document below named ‘Lesson 1’ which will give you links to videos and tell you more about your challenge.

2. Maths – problem solving.  This week in maths we will be setting you some problem solving challenges.  Problem solving means that the answer won’t always be obvious, you may have to have more than one go before you get to the answer and top tip is that the wrong answer often helps you get to the right one.  So don’t give up and keep going.  Don’t forget to check tomorrow’s maths session for today’s answers.

3. Science – 7 Life Processes (MRS NERG). This week we are starting our new science topic called ‘Living things and their habitats’. We are going to start with learning about the 7 life processes that you will need to know for tomorrow’s lesson.  The 7 life processes will you help you decided whether something is alive or not. Watch Mrs Allen teach you all about the 7 life processes and what MRS NERG stands for.

Watch the song below to remind you what MRS NERG stands for:

Here is a great website if you want to find out more.


1. Literacy – Yesterday you designed your very own tropical island.  Today we are going to think of noun phrases to describe the different features of your island. So instead of writing of ‘the blue sea’, you might write ‘the crystal clear, sparkling blue sea’. This will help the reader imagine all the beautiful things you have on your island.  See the document below named ‘Lesson 2’ to find out what you need to do.

2. Maths – problem solving. Have a look at the document below for today’s maths problem solving challenges.

3. Science –  Living, dead or never alive? Yesterday we learnt about the 7 life processes.  Hopefully, all that new knowledge will help you decide whether something is living, dead or never alive in today’s lesson.  Click below to join Miss Rolfe’s lesson all about how we can tell whether something is living, is dead or was never alive:


1. Thematic – Hot and cold climates of the world.  Today we will be learning about the different climates of the world and thinking about which animals live in these different climates.  Watch Mrs Sullivan’s lesson below to learn more.  Double click for full screen.

2. Maths – problem solving. Yesterday’s answers were:

Question 1 – 17
Question 2 – 76

Well done if you got those right.

Today Mr. Strutt has prepared a problem solving maths lesson for you.  You’ll need a pen/pencil and a piece of paper.  Press play when you’re ready to start Mr. Strutt’s lesson:

3. Pegasus Whole Trust Challenge –  Egg box art. This week, it is Children’s Art Week and we would like you to get creative with egg boxes.  Have a look at the document below named ‘Egg Box Art’ for links and ideas of what your art challenge could look like and different materials you could use.  We cannot wait to see all your brilliant creations.


1. Literacy – What is a command? Earlier in the week you thought of some exciting noun phrases to describe your tropical island.  Today Mr. Collum will be teaching you all about commands and how you can use those noun phrases in your commands.  Watch Mr. Collum’s lesson below.  Double click for full screen.

Here is a word mat with bossy/imperative verbs you might want to use:

2. Maths – problem solving. Have a go at today’s problem solving challenges (see document below labelled ‘Day 4 problem solving’). Good luck!

3. Art –  sculptures. This term in art we will be learning about sculptures.

This video takes us to Crosby Beach in the north of England and talks about Antony Gormley’s sculptures there.

The document shows examples of lots of different sculptures. Some are famous, and others are not.

You can also take a look around some of the venues around the world that host sculptures.

Sometimes there are sculpture trails in towns and cities across the UK. Sadly, I don’t think there will be any this summer, but keep an eye out here for future sculpture trails.

This video shows a teacher doing an observational drawing of a flower. Listen carefully to what she is thinking about as she draws.

There are some examples of sculptures below for you to look at.


Choose something from your house or garden and do an observational drawing. You could do your observational drawing of anything. It doesn’t have to be a flower.

Before you start drawing, think about what you have learned from the video:

  • How does the object work? How has the object been put together?
  • Think about the outline, adding texture and different lines.
  • Make sure you look at how your object actually is, not what you think it is.
  • You need to spend time doing your drawing.
  • Can you add shadows, light and dark?
  • Create as much detail as possible.

We cannot wait to see your observational drawings so don’t forget to send them into the Year 2 email.


1. Literacy –  This week, you have worked hard designing and describing your own tropical island.  Today you have a very important challenge, you are going to write an advert to persuade people to visit your island.  An advert is a piece of writing, picture or video that tries to get people to come or buy something you have made or created.  Today you need to use your commands from yesterday’s lesson to write a short advert telling people why they should come to visit your island.  What will they see there? What can they do when they get to your island? How will they feel?  Don’t forget to send in your brilliant adverts to the year 2 email.

2. RE – Mosques.  This term we have been looking at the religion of Islam.  Today we are going to be exploring inside a Mosque which is the place of worship for Muslims.  Look at the sheet below to find a link to a video and your activity.

3. PSHE –  Over lockdown we may have learnt a new skill, maybe you’ve learnt how to bake a cake or mastered the skill of riding your bike.  Is there something you haven’t learnt to do yet but you’ve always wanted to? A musical instrument, a dance routine, solving tricky maths addition problems or maybe reading a chapter book? Today’s PSHE is all about setting yourself a new skill to learn see the sheet below ‘My Power of Yet’.

Extra Activities

Mrs Allen has put together some brilliant extra activities for you to complete this week.  From ‘I Spy’ games, to brain teasers, to musical podcasts, she has thought of it all.  Have a look below and try out some of the challenges.

Live story time with Mr Strutt – Come and join Mr Strutt for story time on Wednesday 10th June at 10am.  The nickname to get into the meeting will be YEAR2TS and you will need your child’s .306 log on details to access Google Meet.  Please refer back to the welcome message for more information.  We look forward to seeing some of you then!

Music – WALT understand the difference between rhythm and pulse.

Learn about rhythm and pulse with Miss Freeman.

Then play the game ‘which rhythm is it?’.

Next, go to the website and log on to the student section using the following details: Username: p697846 Password: robin

Click on the box called ‘Assignments’ then on ‘Unit: Year 2 in Review, Reflect, Rewind Replay – Step 2’. Complete the following tasks.
1. Listen to Brandenberg Concerto No 1 by Bach and discuss the music using the questions.
2. Click on ‘Warm up games’ and complete the challenge.
3. Rhythm grid notation – make up your own rhythm using notes of different durations (lengths) and practice clapping it.
4. Sing Hands, Feet, Heart and practice clapping your rhythm as an ostinato in time with the song (this means that you clap it over and over again).

Singing Assembly – Say no! Say stop!

Maths – For those of you who would like to take your maths further this week there are some excellent lessons on shape, position and rotation on the Oak National Academy website for you to take part in.  Click here to go to the Year 2 pages.  Just like Pegasus there are lessons for every day of the week.  🙂

Published on 7th June, 2020

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