Year 2

Week Starting 05 July 2020

Hello Year 2!

How are you all? What have you been up to? We hope you’ve had restful weekend and are ready for this week’s learning and challenges. Here are some of the photos you sent in of your fantastic home learning:

Adam from Indigo class at Whitehorse Manor created an amazing jungle habitat box. Brilliant work Adam!

Nealan from Ash class at Brigstock took part in a family egg and spoon race, as part of the sports’ day themed activities set last week. But who was the winner? Amario from Turquoise at Cypress created a brilliant undersea habitat plate. Great work, keep it up!

Zoe from Ruby class at Cypress researching exciting facts about sea life creatures and writing down was she has learnt on a poster! Great work!

Farah from Satellites class at Ecclesbourne solving the tricky fractions problems set last week!
Keep up the hard work!

Meredith from Violet class at Cypress dressed up as a fantastic looking pirate, with her very own skull and bone flag! Arggh!

Brook from Purple class at Whitehorse Manor with his soap craving creation.  It was very tricky task but Brook did not give and persevered! Great craving Brook!

Renee from Lilac class at Whitehorse Manor created a chilly, icy habitat box. Well done, great work! Liam from Ash class at Brigstock with his 3D habitat box. Excellent work! This sure was an activity that lots of you loved last week!

Don’t forget to keep us updated with your learning and adventures at home by sending in photos to the year 2 email –

Last week, lots more children attended their class Google Meets and it was so lovely to see more of your faces. We have lots more class Google Meets happening this week again. Please check out the ‘Extra activities’ tab for information on days, times and nicknames. Don’t forget you will need your .306 log on details to help you log on, if you do not have these details please email the team on at least one day before your Meet. Detailed instructions and a timetable of this week’s meetings can be found here.

On the 12th July, it is National Simplicity Day. When I was looking for awareness days this week, this one make me stop and think. We have spent lots of time at home over the last few months but have there been days where we have spent too much time watching TV, playing video games, playing on the computer or playing on a grown ups mobile phone? National Simplicity Day is all about put our phones and technology away and spending time with our families, enjoying the simple things. Maybe you could play a board game, do a puzzle, help out with some cooking or baking or even sit outside and read a book in the fresh air. Let us know what you get up to!

We have lots more exciting activities planned this week. In literacy, we are continuing our work on sea life creatures and are creating a sea poem and writing a riddle. In maths, we will be re-capping money, looking a different ways we can make an amount and find the change. In DT, you will be making a sock puppet and we can’t wait to see what crazy creations you make! We also have a special ‘Year 2 memories’ lesson where you will be looking back on your time in year 2 and choosing your favourite memory and proudest achievements. Also, have a listen to Miss Wehnam reading two sea themed stories: ‘The boy who unplugged the sea‘ by Paul Brown and ‘What’s more scarier than a shark?‘ by Paul Bright.

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Literacy – sea poem – ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ Maths – using different coins to make an amount Science – life cycle of a duck
Tuesday Literacy – write your own sea themed poem Maths – using coins to make an amount DT – design and make a sock puppet
Wednesday Literacy – solve sea creature riddles Maths – Pegasus beach shop PSHE – Understanding equality
Thursday Literacy – write your own sea creature riddles Maths – Pegasus pier problems Pegasus Trust Challenge – BLM
Friday Sea creature comprehensions Year 2 leavers’ memories ICT – Follow the digital trail

We hope you all have a fantastic week and we can’t wait to see you at your class Meet.

Keep safe, take care of each other and be kind!

The Year 2 Team


1. Literacy – Exploring sea poems

Listen to the collection of poems ‘Commotion in the Ocean

Key questions to discuss:

What is the sea creature in the poem?
What sounds does the sea creature make?
What do they look like?
What adjectives can you find in the poem?
How do they move?
What verbs can you see in the poem?
What rhyming words do you see?
How do you know they are rhyming words?

2. Maths – making an amount.

This week, we will be looking and working with money.  Watch Miss Rolfe below remind you of the different coins we use and how different ways to make the same amount.

Now, click on the download named ‘Day 1 – using coins to make an amount’ and have a go at finding different ways to make the same amount by using different coins.

3. Science – The life cycle of a duck

Today, we will be looking at the life cycle of a duck. Read through the information in document below named ‘Life cycle of a duck’ and answer the questions.  If you would like an extra challenge, have a go at making a spinning wheel to show the life cycle of a duck (see downloads below).

Visit the BBC bitesize website for information on life cycles, games and quizzes to test your knowledge.



1. Literacy – write your own sea life poem

Here are some examples, can you guess which creatures they are about?

I smell blood from a mile away,
So if you’re clever you would stay away!
With silvery scales, they swim all day,
to look for any sign of their tasty prey.

I have long tentacles and no brain to think,
if I feel scared I’ll spray you with ink.
I have 3 hearts to pump my blood,
You can find me on the sea floor in the sticky sea mud.

With one eye I open that’s how I sleep,
I have a flat body to crawl around very deep.
My house is a shell that I carry on my back,
You can hear my claws going SNAP SNAP SNAP!

Starfish lullaby

Every night, they wait to see,
The first bright star above the sea.
Then all the tired little starfish,
Close their eyes and make a star-wish,
Take one last peep…
And off to sleep.

Sea Animals

What do you see in the sea?
Animals moving free!
Snails and whales
Using their tails.
Seals and eels
Looking for meals.
Catfish, flatfish
Chasing fat fish.
What do you see in the sea?
Animals moving free!

Now write your own poem about a seas creature. Can you use adjectives and rhyming words?

2. Maths – using coins to make an amount

Today, we will be continuing our work on using coins to make different amounts.  Watch Miss Rolfe’s lesson below where she explains all of today’s activities.

Have a go at the sheet below named ‘Day 2 – using coins to make an amount’. Work through the different challenges that have been set for you!

3. DT – Making a sock puppet

Have you got an old sock that’s lost its partner? Or some socks that are too small or that you don’t like wearing anymore? Don’t just throw them away… Turn them into a sock puppet!

The document below contains some instructions for making a simple sock puppet. Click here to take a look at different puppets from around the world.

Or follow these links for more creative sock puppet ideas:

  • A puppet sausage dog…

  • A sock puppet snake…

By the way, if you think sock puppets aren’t cool then take a look at this video and I’m sure you’ll change your mind!


1. Literacy – Guess the sea creature riddle

Watch the brilliant video below where Mrs Allen reads some riddles she has written.  Can you guess which animals she is talking about?

Want some more riddles? Click here, to download a Powerpoint with lots more riddles for you to solve. Still not had enough? There are more riddles in the download section below.

2. Maths – Pegasus Beach Shop

Today, Miss Rolfe has a set up a Pegasus Beach Shop.  Watch her lesson below as she recaps how to add two amounts together and how to find the change.

Below are your beach shop questions, in order to answer them you will need to make sure you have the beach shop, found at the end of the video, is up on your screen to help you!

3. PSHE – Understanding equality

More now than ever, it is so important that each of us understand what equality means and how we can ensure that the way we behave and think means everyone is treated fairly.  Click here to download the Powerpoint, have a read through the slides and create a poster about ways at school we can be make sure everyone is treated fairly.


1. Literacy – writing your own sea creature riddle

Watch Mrs Allen’s lesson below where she will tell you all about how to write a fantastic sea creature riddle.

2. Maths – Pegasus Pier problems

Today, you will be visiting the Pegasus Pier so you can solve money problems. Watch Miss Rolfe’s video below where she explains the four different activities she has set for you when solving the Pegasus Pier problems.

Click below, to download the pier prices and Pegasus Pier problems for today’s lesson.

3. Pegasus Trust Challenge – BLM activity

This week’s Pegasus challenge links closely to the PSHE lesson you did yesterday, so you can use everything you learnt and thought about to help you with today’s challenge.

Your task this week is to :
Write a poem or design a poster which describes their thoughts and feelings about how Black Lives Matter.
You can use the following questions to support your ideas:
  • Why is BLM important?
  • What does diversity look like to them?
  • What is equality and What does it look like to them?
  • Why is equality important?
  • What values are important to them?
  • What is a community?

Have a look at the downloads section below where you can see examples of BLM poems and poster to help inspire you! Don’t forget your poem does not have to rhyme and you might decide to do an acrostic poem by choosing a key word for example, Equality.  Your poster or poem be colourful and eye-catching.  Send all your entries to the year 2 email, Please include your full name, class and school otherwise we won’t be able to publish it in our news story!  We can’t wait to see what you create!


1. Literacy – Sea creature comprehensions

Have a go at reading the text below about sea creatures and then answer the questions about what you have read.

2. Year 2 leavers’ memories

We are just over 1 week away from the end of year 2 and although it’s been a very strange end to year 2, we don’t want you to leave without reflecting and thinking about all the brilliant memories we have made. For many of us, year 2 marks the end of our time in our Infant school and although we might be feeling sad, I’m sure you are all excited about your new adventures in the Juniors. I have been working in the key worker provision at Whitehorse Manor Infants and last week I got chatting to some of the year 4 and 5 children.  They were thinking back to all the trips they had been on throughout their time at school and I was smiling from ear to ear, when so many of their memories were from trips and events that happened in year 2. So your challenge today is to have a think about your favourite year 2 memory and write it down.  It might be learning about the Tudors and visiting Henry VIII’s beautiful palace, do you remember all the things we saw? Or maybe, it’s learning about the Great Fire of London and taking a trip up to The Monument, I know so many children were very brave and proud of themselves for climbing 311 steps to the top? Is there a memory from Reception or Year 1 that is your favourite?

Once you have written your favourite memory, now have a think about your proudest achievement so far. Is there something you have been working really hard on and you are proud that you have achieved it? Maybe it’s a piece of amazing writing you’ve done, or a brilliant piece of art? Have you improved your handwriting or worked out how to do some tricky maths? Write down your proudest achievement.

Now, keep your favourite memories and proudest achievements safe because next week you will all be having a class Meet with your teachers and you will be asked to share your favourite memory and proudest achievement with your teachers and friends.  We can’t wait to hear what you’ve loved doing and learning about in year 2.

3. ICT – Follow the digital trail

When we are online it is important to know and understand that everything we do or post leaves a digital trail. It is important not to share personal information like our addresses and telephone numbers, unless we have permission from our grown ups. Have a look at the sheets below which will explain different types of digital trails, then have a go at answering the questions.


Extra Activities

Check out the sea themed puzzles, code breaking tasks and colouring activities that have been set this week.

Google Meets

Wednesday 8th July at 10AM – Purple & Lilac  from Whitehorse Manor Infants. Nickname: purplelilac

Wednesday 8th July at 10AM – Indigo Class Meet from Whitehorse Manor.  Nickname: whinfindigo

Wednesday 8th July at 10AM – Lilac Class Meet from Beulah.  Nickname: year2lilac

Wednesday 8th July at 11AM – Indigo Class Meet from Beulah.  Indigo Class Meet. Nickname: year2indigo

Thursday 9th July at 1:30PM – Violet and Turquoise classes from Cypress. Nickname: year2cypvioturq

Thursday 9th July at 2PM – Ruby Class Meet from Cypress. Nickname: rubycypress

Friday 10th July at 1:30PM – Shuttles Class Meet from Ecclesbourne. Nickname:  year2shut

Friday 10th July at 1.30PM – Satellites Class Meet from Ecclesbourne.  Nickname: year2sat

Music – In music this week, we are learning to read staff notation.

Watch the video to learn about notation in the treble clef with Miss Freeman.
Go to the website and log on to the student section using the following details: Username: p697846 Password: robin
Click on the box called ‘Assignments’ then on ‘Unit: Year 2 in Review, Reflect, Rewind Replay – Step 6’ and complete the following tasks.
1. Listen to and identify the instruments you can hear in ‘Count On Me’.
2. Click on ‘warm up games’ and complete one of the challenges.
3. Go to ‘rhythm grid notation’ and try making up your own beat using notes of different durations (lengths).
4. Review and sing ‘Zootime’.
Singing Assembly – Believe click here.
Song of the week with Ms Quick.

Published on 5th July, 2020

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