Year 2

Week Starting 28 June 2020

Hello Year 2!

How have you all been this week? We hope you have enjoyed the sunshine this week and have kept safe in the sun! Once again we have been blown away by your brilliant photos of all your fantastic home learning you have shared with us. Keep sending in your photos to our year 2 email, which is checked daily! Here are a few of our favourite:

Divine from Purple class at Whitehorse Manor Infants dressed up as a pirate and sharing her brilliant treasure island map! Argghh!

Faridah from Indigo class at Whitehorse Manor Infants has been busy baking some delicious sea biscuits! Yum!

Abbey from Ruby class at Cypress shared an excellent collage of photos of her exciting sporting activities she has set up at home as part of National Schools Sports week. Well done Abbey!

Vinush from Lilac class at Whitehorse Manor Infants has been busy being a nature expert last week, whilst exploring habitats in his local area.

Zaleeka from Shuttles class at Ecclesbourne has made an attractive poster all about why people visit Jamaica and what they can see and do there.  Great work  Zaleeka!

Dotty  from Ruby class at Cypress and her siblings take some well deserved chill out time and watch Miss Wenham read ‘The Colour Monster’ as part of our PSHE lesson last week! We hope you enjoyed the story guys!

Leah from Turquoise class at Cypress has baked the most delicious looking sea biscuits. We hope you enjoyed eating them!

Lilly from Indigo class at Beulah loves looking after her plants and helps to care for them.  She makes sure they have plenty of water and love! Great work Lilly!

Renée from Lilac class at Whitehorse Manor Infants took part in our Pegasus quiz challenge last week.  She had great fun being quiz master to her friends and family for her very own virtual quiz.  Well done!

I know all the year 2 teachers have loved seeing your faces this week in our class or year group Google Meets this week.  We had a lot of excited children dressed up as pirates and lots of you shared some of your favourite pirate activities from the last two weeks.  It was so lovely to see your faces, as well as other teachers and teaching assistant faces too, who many of us haven’t seen for a long, long time either. We have lots more Google Meets happening this week so check out the ‘Extra Activities’ section for the day, time, nickname and activities you will be able to take part in this week. Visit our Google Meets page where you can see a timetable of all the Meets taking place, all the information needed to enter and instructions on how to log on.  Should you need you child’s .306 log on details please email at least a day before your meeting.

This Wednesday marks the beginning of July and the start of ‘Plastic Free July.’ It is a global movement that helps millions of people think of ways the can reduce their use of plastic so that we can have cleaner streets, oceans and communities. Will you take on the challenge this July? Visit the event’s website to find out ways you can join in and help. Maybe you could write down what you plan to do to help reduce your plastic use as a family or even better make a poster of ways to reduce plastic use to help others.

We hope you enjoyed the two weeks studying pirates and by the looks of all your photos and show and tells during our Google Meets, you did! We are now beginning a two week block in literacy all about sea life creatures.  This week we will be researching facts and writing reports on our favourite sea life creatures, and next week we will be writing sea life creature poems. In maths, we are re-visiting fractions, each lesson comes with a short video to remind you of the learning for that session. We hope you enjoy all the activities and don’t forget to keep those photos coming into the year 2 email. Here is a timetable of the whole week:

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Literacy – Sea life creatures research Maths – Fractions Thematic – Comparing localities
Tuesday Literacy – Sea life creatures research Maths – Non-unit fractions Science – Comparing Habitats
Wednesday Literacy – Sentence writing Maths – Finding a half Pegasus Trust Challenge – Time Capsule Challenge
Thursday Literacy – Non-chronological report writing Maths – Finding a quarter PE – Sports’ Day Challenge
Friday Literacy – Non-chronological report writing Maths – Strike it out game Art – Seascape drawings/paintings

We hope you have a great week and enjoy all the learning activities.

Remember to keep safe and be kind to one another always!

The Year 2 Team


1. Literacy – Sea life creatures research.

Hello There! Can you tell? We’re no longer learning about pirates… However, do you know what creatures lurk in the deep blue ocean? This week we are learning about sea creatures! First go and watch Miss Wenham read the poem ‘Commotion in the Ocean.’

Next you need to put your researcher hat on… You’re right! We are researching about the different sea creatures you might find in the ocean. I wonder if you’ll find out any weird and wonderful facts?! Watch Miss Wenham show you how to be an oceanographer. Visit this website for sea creature quizzes and amazing Blue Plantet videos. See downloads below for fact sheets & research plan template.

2. Maths – Fractions

Watch this video to remind yourself about what fractions are. Have a go at completing the worksheet below named ‘Day 1 – Fractions.’

3. Thematic – Comparing localities

Today in thematic, we are going to be comparing life in Trinidad and Tobago to life here in our local area.  Start off by watching this video about Maracas Bay in Trindad and Tobago.

Now, click here to download a Powerpoint presentation that will take you through some of the similarities and differences between Trinidad and Tobago and our local town, Thornton Heath. Download the sheet named ‘Comparing different localities’ and have a go at comparing things that are different between Thornton Heath and Trinidad and Tobago.



1. Literacy – Sea life creature research

We hope you enjoyed being an oceanographer and researching different sea creatures.. because today you’re going to do it again! But this time choose 2 different sea creatures to research! So in total you should have researched 4 different sea creatures. Feeling adventurous, why not find out some interesting facts about sea creatures you haven’t researched yet? Did you know Jellyfish have been around for over 650 million years? That makes them older than dinosaurs! Before you start, why not play ‘Under the Sea: What can you see?’ with Miss Wenham to test your oceanographer knowledge follow this link here.

Want to play some games where you have to guess the sea creature from the fact given, then click here for lots of videos and quizzes.

2. Maths – Non-unit fractions

Watch this video which explains what we are doing for today’s fraction lesson. Now, complete the sheet below looking at fractions and non-unit fractions.

3. Science – Comparing Habitats

Last week, we explored our local habitats but there are many habitats that are not local to us.  Habitats can be very different the North Pole is where polar bears live and it is very cold there, whereas the desert is very dry and hot and is the perfect location for a camel to live, as they can store water in their humps so don’t need lots of water around them.  In today’s lesson we are going to look at different habitats from around the world, we will think about what animals live there and why they are best suited to these habitats. Click on the document below named ‘Habitats around the world’ to find out more.


1. Literacy – Sentence writing

I hope you’ve enjoyed being an oceanographer this week! Now, using all the knowledge and facts you have learnt you’ll be creating a ‘Guess the Sea Creature’ mini booklet! So first we need to remind ourselves WMG sentence and how we can put together some interesting sentences, Watch this clip where Miss Wenham takes you through each step. Remember to keep all your work safe because tomorrow you’ll need it to start on your non-fiction booklet with Mr Strutt.

You will need a plain piece of paper, 4 small coloured squares for your flaps, a pencil, coloured pencils, a glue stick or tape and your research sheets.

Stuck making a mini booklet? Here’s some diagrams of making a mini booklet or you could just fold it in half 3 times without cutting:

Remember to ask a grown up for help if you need it.

2. Maths – Finding a half

Watch this video all about finding a half. Complete the sheet below where you will be solving problems all about finding a half.

3. Pegasus Trust Challenge – Time capsule challenge

What will you remember most about Lockdown?  Not being able to see family and friends?  Not attending school? Clapping for Carers every Thursday evening?  The quiet roads?  Going on your daily walk?

This week, we would like you to put all of your Lockdown memories in one place and make a time capsule to remember this historical event.

This website is a good place to start if you need some ideas of what to include:

There is also a checklist on below to help you but you can put in whatever you like – whatever reminds you of this time.  Your capsule doesn’t have to be big.  You could use a jar and fold everything up nice and small to be discovered some time in the future. Have a great time and don’t forget to email your time capsule photos to the home learning email addresses.

Downloads for Wednesday


1. Literacy – Writing our non-chronological report on sea creatures

Today, we will be using all the facts we have learnt about the different sea creatures we researched at the beginning of the week to help us write a non-chronological report.  Does anyone know what a non-chronological report is? It is a report that doesn’t follow any time order and it is a factual report.  This means we can only write about true facts we have learnt, we are not allowed to make things up about the sea creatures we write about.  Watch the video below where Mr Strutt talks you through how to write an introduction to your non-chronological report.

Don’t forget you will need subtitles for each of your chosen sea creatures. Can you add some super sentence starters in your report and maybe a question or two?

You can write your report on the computer, on a piece of paper or you could use one of the templates in the download section below.

2. Maths – Finding a quarter

Yesterday we were finding a half, today we will be using those skills to help us find a quarter.  Watch this video which will tell you more. Have a go at the sheet below where you will be solving problems involving finding a quarter.

3. PE- Sports’ Day challenges

Sports’ Day Fun

This week we should be enjoying our annual Sports’ Day.  Although we can’t do this in school, you can have a mini competition with your family or friends in the garden or local park.

Here are some ideas with video clips to help:

1/ Egg and spoon race

All you need is a hardboiled egg and spoon and a space to run. At the signal, start the race and first person to cross the finish line is the winner.  You must not hold onto your egg with you hand! Watch here to see the race in action!

2/ Sponge bucket fill up

You need two buckets and a sponge for each team or player – one bucket is full or water and the other empty. Each team / player gets their sponge wet and then runs to the others side and squeezes their sponge into the empty bucket. Whoever runs out of water first (or fills their container) is the winner. Watch a video of the this race here.

3/ Fancy dress race

Why not dig into your fancy dress box and get dressed up for a race? In this clip, they all decided to become chickens.  What can you find?

4/ Bean bag balancing

Try putting a bean bag on your head and racing against a friend without holding onto it. If you don’t have bean bags at home, think about what else you can safely balance on your head. Watch a bean bag race here.

5/ Hopping mad

Try some hopping races. They are bunny hopping in this clip but you could see if you could hop on just one leg. Challenge yourselves by trying other ways of racing. You could skip or even bounce a ball.


1. Literacy – Finishing and editing your non-chronological reports

I hope you’ve all had great fun being an oceanographer and learning about sea creatures! Today you need to finish off your non-fiction books. Before you do that though why not play ‘Who am I?’ with Miss Wenham to test your new found sea creature knowledge!

Don’t forget to edit your work once you’ve finished. You can do this by reading your work aloud and checking for punctuation, missing words, spelling mistakes and checking it all makes sense!

2. Maths – Strike it out game!

Watch the video below where Mrs Allen teaches you how to play the maths game, Strike it out!

Have look at the two sheets below for more information.  One download is a set of instructions on how to play the game and the other download has some number lines for you to use to play the game.  Have fun!

3. Art – seascapes drawings/paintings

This week we will be looking at seascape paintings and then having a go at making our own.  First, have a look at the pictures of seascape paintings below (sheet named ‘Seascape art’). Have a think about these questions while you look at the paintings:
– Do they all look the same?
– Are some calm paintings and others have more of a rough or stormy feel to them?
– Are the colours used the same in every painting?
– How do the colours used make us feel?

Now, watch Miss Wenham paint her own seascape.

Could you add some texture to your painting?

Extra Activities

Have a go at this week’s extra activities, don’t forget to send in any photos of your home learning and things you have made to the year 2 email address.

Google Meets – We cannot wait to see you all there!

Wednesday 1st July at 10AM –  Indigo, Purple, Lilac and Ash classes from Whitehorse Manor Infants and Brigstock. Nickname: year2whinfbrig. This week there will be a story time followed by optional show and tell of sea creature facts you have learnt this week or sea creature art you have done.

Wednesday 1st July at 10AMLilac class from Beulah Class meet. Nickname: year2lilac

Wednesday 1st July at 11AMIndigo class from Beulah Class Meet. Nickname: year2indigo

Wednesday 1st July at 2PM  Ruby class from Cypress Class Meet. Nickname: rubycypress.  Please come prepared with a pencil, a piece of paper and colouring pencils for a drawing activity.

Thursday 2nd July at 1:30PM – Violet and Turquoise classes from Cypress. Nickname: year2cypvioturq. Children can dress up as a pirate if they’d like to! Miss Chapman will be choosing some children to share their pirate stories. Arrghhhhhh me hearties!

Friday 3rd July at 1:30PM – Shuttles  class from Ecclesbourne Class Meet. Nickname:  year2shut.

Friday 3rd July at 1:30PM – Satellites class from Ecclesbourne Class Meet. Nickname:  year2sat

Music – 

In music this week, we are learning to use different dynamics in our singing.
Dynamics are how loud or soft the music is.
Go to the website and log on to the student section using the following details: Username: p697846 Password: robin
Click on the box called ‘Assignments’ then on ‘Unit: Year 2 in Review, Reflect, Rewind Replay – Step 5’ and complete the following tasks.
1. Listen to and identify the instruments you can hear in ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’.
2. Click on ‘warm up games’ and complete one of the challenges.
1. Go to ‘rhythm grid notation’ and try making up your own beat using notes of different durations (lengths).
3. Sing ‘Zootime’ and try changing the dynamics of your voice. First, sing really quietly (this is called pianissimo), then get gradually louder (crescendo), next sing really loudly (fortissimo) and finally, get gradually quieter (diminuendo).Singing Assembly – You’ve Got A Friend In Me
Join Ms Quick for song of the week.

Published on 28th June, 2020

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