Year 2

Week Starting 27 April 2020

Hello Year 2!

We hope you are all well and enjoyed the home learning that we set for you last week.  Now we have completed a week’s worth of learning, we hope you have found a good routine to keep you active and busy whilst staying indoors. The teachers are missing you all and we have loved seeing your faces and fantastic work in photographs that have been sent in through the home learning email.  Please continue to send in photos and updates about how you are getting on.  All spectacular work will be posted here to celebrate your hard work and hopefully help inspire other children in the year group.  Remember the email to send your photos and messages is  We even made a video of some of the children’s photos last week.

In literacy we are continuing our work on nocturnal animals, we will be taking a quiz and also solving and writing riddles. In maths we are working on multiplication and division.

For music this week, click here to practise clapping rhythms with Miss Freeman, and play the game ‘Which rhythm is it?’  Then, go to the website and log on to the student section using the following details: username – p697846 password – robin.  Click on the unit called ‘Friendship Song’ and listen to the song ‘We Go Together,’ then use the questions to help you talk about the music.  Then click on ‘Flexible Games Track’ to dance along with Mr Bear and his friends.  Finally have a go at learning verse 2 of the ‘Friendship Song’ and practise singing the song so far. Head over to the extra activities for more activities for children who have a musical instrument at home.  Please also visit this link so you can take part in this week’s singing assembly.

This week’s Pegasus Academy Trust challenge is to take a virtual tour around an attraction anywhere in the world.  Using a list of websites, you can choose your attraction and then explore it – all from the comfort of your home! Afterwards you could write a postcard or draw a picture of what you saw on your visit.  Check out Wednesday’s learning page for more information.

We know you might be missing your friends and teachers from school, just the same as us teachers are, so this week we have a special ‘Lockdown Message’ task for you!

Don’t forget to keep active during your time at home.  This week why don’t you visit Oti Mabuse’s Youtube page and choose one of her dance routines to learn.  Another great activity is to design and make your own obstacle course, this could be inside or outside and can include things like: jumping jacks, bouncing the ball, aiming at a target, skipping etc.  Remember to ask an adult before you use anything at home to make sure it is safe.

In preparation for next week’s learning around the story ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes, Miss Wenham and Miss Rolfe have videoed themselves reading the final two chapters of the book.  Have a listen to these chapters during the week.  After each chapter, you may want to write down or speak to a family member about what has happened in the story.  Were your predictions about the story correct?  Is this the ending you were expecting?

This week, we have set you lots of new activities to complete and you can see an overview of the week’s learning below.

Stay safe!

The Year 2 team 

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday History – Seasides from the past.  Magic Grandad episode and postcard. Maths – Multiplication- different ways to show multiplication problems. Literacy – Facts about badgers and foxes- become a wildlife reporter.
Tuesday Science – parts of a plant. Maths – Noah’s ark challenge. Literacy – Nocturnal animal quiz and report writing.
Wednesday Pegasus Academy Trust challenge – Virtual visit to a landmark. Maths – Division challenges Reading – Performing nocturnal animal poems.
Thursday PSHE – Lockdown Message challenge ICT – Maze sequencing Maths – The relationship between multiplication and division.
Friday Literacy – Riddle writing. Maths – Mixed problems DT – Seaside baking



History- Watch this Magic Grandad ‘Beach’ episode where Magic Grandad goes back to the Victorian times and explores life at the seaside and what people used to do at the beach.  After watching the episode you could talk and role play some of the activities they did at the beach in the 1900s. Your next activity is to write a short postcard, imagine you travelled back in time with Magic Grandad and write a postcard telling people what you saw.

Click here to watch the episode-  Magic Grandad ‘Beach’ episode

Maths – Today we are working on multiplication.  Look at the document below called ‘Multiplication Day 1’ and watch the video on multiplication, arrays and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Then work through the sheet where you need to show multiplication problems in different ways.

Literacy –  Read through the fact files below about badgers and foxes.  Once you have learnt some key facts role play being a wildlife reporter and imagine you are on the television reporting on what you have found out about these two new animals.  If there is someone at home that wants to get involved too?  You could ask them to interview you and ask you, the expert, questions about these animals.


Science – Hopefully you got the chance to plant something last week and you have written up your first observation.  This week we are going to learn the name of the different parts of the plant and what they do.  Plants have special names for each part and each part has a special job.  Watch these videos below to find out the names of the parts and what they do.

Now you have a choice:

Print out the sheets below if you can, use the sheets to label the parts of the tree, plant and flower and write a short sentence about what each part does.
Find some paper to draw on and draw a tree on one piece, a flowering plant on another and just a flower on another piece.  Label each part of the plant and write a short sentence about what the part does.

Maths –  Noah’s Ark multiplication challenge- there are 18 legs on Noah’s ark, what animals could be on the ark? Can you find 6 different ways?

Literacy – Grab a piece of paper and test your nocturnal animal knowledge by taking the quiz (click on the link below).

How did you do? Did you learn some new facts?  Your task is to write a small report on one or more of the nocturnal animals you have learnt about.  Use these subtitles to help you organise your report:

  • Description;
  • Habitat;
  • Diet;
  • Senses;
  • Dangers.

You can think of your own subtitles too.  Remember you can write about just one animal or maybe include facts about two or more animals under each subtitle.


Pegasus Academy Trust Challenge – This week’s challenge is to take a virtual visit to one of the attractions from the list in ‘downloads’ below. Once you have chosen an attraction, explore the website and talk to a grown up about what you can seen.  Your task now is to either, draw a picture of the things you saw and write a small paragraph about your virtual visit. Or, you can write a short postcard to a friend or family member telling them all about your virtual visit (you can use the postcard template below or make up your own).

Maths – Today we are going to be solving two problems involving division.  Take a look at the document below (Division Challenges) to get started and don’t forget to show your working out on paper.

Reading – Using the document below ‘Nocturnal Animal Poems’ read aloud the poems.  Can you try some of these challenges when reading them? You could:
-add some actions
-change your voice
-add in sound effects (maybe of the animals).


PSHE – This is a strange time where lots of us will be missing school, our friends and teachers.  It is okay to have times when we feel a bit sad or worried but we can try to use this time to do lots of fun and positive things.  Your teachers have sent you lots of activities to keep you busy and I am sure you are doing lots of fun things too like baking, building dens, watching your favourite movies and playing board games.  A positive thing we could do to make us feel good is write a note or message to somebody who miss at school, it could be a friend from your class or year group, a teacher, somebody you play with at lunchtime or at after school club. In your note you could include something fun and exciting you have done at home, something that has made you happy for example spending more time with your family and something you are looking forward to when we get back to school.  Once you have finished make an envelope for it, use this video to help you make one if you don’t have one, and then pop it into your school bag.  When we get back to school you can give it to your chosen person and it can be a lovely, positive memory of this time.

ICT – Today we are going to be using our programming skills to create and debug a program.  We are going to be writing programs to help an Angry Bird locate a pig. Watch this video to remind yourself what an algorithm is.  Just like when we use the Bee-Bots we have to write an algorithm for the Angry Bird.  Getting the bird to the pig will require you putting in commands in a very specific order or sequence. Can you solve the problem in the fewest block possible? Click on the site below to get to the Angry Bird maze sequencing task.


Maths – Your task today is to look at the relationship between multiplication and division. Watch the videos on the document below and then complete the challenges underneath.


Literacy – Today we will be reading and solving some riddles.  Click the document below named ‘Riddles’ to have a go.  Now it’s your turn to write a riddle about a nocturnal animal.  Before we start let’s think about what makes a good riddle? Your riddle should only have 4 or 5 clues and you must not use the name of your animal in your riddle. You must start with the hardest clue, with the easiest clue coming at the end, otherwise everyone will guess your animal straight away.  One way to do this is to write all your clues on strips of paper and then order them from hardest to easiest.  Finally try to make each clue start with a different sentence starter to keep it exciting, think about what they look like, what they eat, where they might live and what they might be doing.  Now you are ready so grab a piece of paper and fold it in half, then choose the nocturnal animal you want to write your riddle about.  Write your clues on the outside of the flap and then end the riddle with the all important question, ‘What am I?’ Then lift the flap up and draw a picture of your chosen animal.

Maths – Work through the mixed problems on the sheet below.

DT –  On you marks … get set. Bake!  As part of our seaside topic we would like you to have a go at some seaside baking.  Click this video (instructions start at 2:58) that takes you step by step through how to make seaside crab cupcakes. You might have your own great recipes you would like to use too.  Can you make a different seaside creature? We would love to see some photos of your creations.

Extra Activities


  • If you have a recorder at home, Miss Freeman has put together some beginner recorder lessons for you, just follow this link.
  • If you have a ukulele follow this link to learn with Mr Smith.
  • If you have a keyboard follow this link to learn with Mr Spoerer.

Published on 27th April, 2020

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