Year 2

Week Starting 20 April 2020

Hello Year 2!

We hope you all had a lovely Easter break with your families and have been keeping safe. Below you will find different activities for each day of the week.  There will be new learning put up each week.

This week in literacy and reading we will be learning all about nocturnal animals.  There will some maths challenges for you complete each day and don’t forget to use these videos to help you if you forget which strategies to use.

Our summer thematic topic is ‘Seasides’ so we have planned some fun activities learning about seasides in the past and nowadays.

Make sure you get some daily exercise, whether that is joining in with Joe Wick’s PE lessons, dancing along with Oti Mabuse or Dianne Buswell from Strictly or just doing an obstacle courses in the garden. It is really important to keep yourself fit, healthy and ready to learn.

Each week a whole Trust challenge will be set for all children from nursery to Year 6 to complete.  This week the challenge is to make a 8 page mini book and year 2 will be doing this challenge as part of Thursday’s literacy home learning (see this video on how to make one).

Finally in a few weeks time, we will be doing some learning around the story ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes so to get a head start Miss Rolfe, Mr Staniforth and Mrs Sullivan have videoed themselves reading the first three chapters of the book.  At some point this week have a listen to the three chapters.  After you have listened to each chapter you may want to write down or speak to a family member about what has happened in the story so far, any predictions you might have of what might happen next, talk about the characters you like or dislike and talk about any language or words you found interesting or were not sure what they meant, maybe you could look them up with a grown up.

Don’t forget to send photos of any spectacular learning to

Stay safe

Year 2 team


Literacy– (See ‘Night-time’ download below) Read through the information below all about the night.  Draw a poster or picture showing all the things you might see at night.  Think about who might be working at night-time? What you might see? What animals might be out and what they might be doing?

Maths – (See download below) Time to get your money out and start buying things from the shop.  Answer the questions and then see if you can set up your own shop and spend some real money.

PSHE – (See Road safety download below) Help Harry the hedgehog cross the road safely.  Think about the Green Cross Code and all you know about how to cross roads safely to make a poster including your top safety tips.


Literacy- Watch the video all about nocturnal animals (see the Nocturnal Animals Day 2 document) and then answer or talk about the questions all about what happens when we are fast asleep.

Reading – Read the story ‘The Owl that was Afraid of the Dark’ and answer the questions about the story.

Maths – Using the worksheet below called Supermarket Subtraction and work through the problems all about finding the change.  Remember to draw an empty number line if you need to help you.

Thematic – Take a look at the document below ‘At the Seaside’ and watch the video all about being at the seaside. After look at some of the ideas about how you can answer three main questions: What would you need to pack to go to the seaside? What would you see at the seaside? What can you do at the seaside?  Get creative you can draw, paint, cut pictures from magazines or catalogues or even use playdough.


Literacy – Today you will become a bat expert.  We are going to be learning about our first nocturnal animal- bats.  Read the bat fact file below and use the links to websites and videos at the bottom of the page to learn more about bats! Then make a poster, draw or paint a picture of a bat and include some of the top facts you learnt.

Maths – Have a go at the ‘Missing Number Sequences’ worksheet below.

Music –  Go to the website and log on the student section using the following details: Username: p697859 Password: robin   Click on the unit called ‘Friendship Song’ and listen to the Friendship song and Count on me, use the questions to help you talk about the music. Then click on warm up games and complete challenge 1. Finally have a go at learning verse 1 and chorus 1 of the Friendship song.


Literacy – Today we are going to become experts in our second nocturnal animal – owls! Read through the owl fact sheet below to learn lots of incredible facts about owls.  At the bottom of the page you will see links to great websites and videos where you can learn more about these incredible animals.  When you are done make a 8 page mini book (see this video on how to make one) and fill each page with a fact and picture of facts about owls.

Maths – Today’s maths is all about shapes! Have a go at the ‘Super Shapes’ worksheet below.

Science – Our topic is science this summer term is ‘Plants’ so this week we are setting you a growing challenge. See the document below (What can we grow?) which gives you lots of ideas of what and how you can grow something at home.  Choose your own investigation or make up your own.  Every few days you can make observations and record them in your own growing log.  You could use the growing log below or make your own diary/log.  Watch the videos at the bottom of the page for more ideas. We can’t wait to see what you grow!


Literacy – Today’s nocturnal animal is the hedgehog! First read through the information sheet ‘All About Hedgehogs’ and answer the questions.  When you’ve done that take a look at the document named ‘Learn about Hedgehogs’ and read more, visit website and watch videos to learn more.  Maybe after you could draw or paint a picture of a hedgehog.

Maths – Today’s maths work is a challenge.  Miss Rolfe has given you the answer to the problem but not the question. You need to think about what the number sentence could or question could be. Challenge yourself to think of all different operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions or even questions that have more than one step.

PSHE/Art-  Last term we were looking at why recycling is so important and the impact that not recycling and waste can have on our world.  You challenge today is to use any type of recycling to make something else, maybe a figure you could keep or a new toy you could play with.  See the document ‘Recycling Craft Challenge’ below for ideas of what you could make.  You don’t need to finish it all today it could be a project that takes you a few days or weeks.

Extra Activities

Here are some extra activities to do:

Under the sea wordsearch

Design a PE with Joe Wicks logo or T-shirt and hashtag #homeworkwithjoe to be in with a chance of your design winning.

Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 20th April, 2020

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