Year 2

Week Starting 31 May 2020

Hello Year 2!

We hope you had a lovely half term break and enjoyed the sunshine.  Before half term we received lots of fantastic photos of all your amazing home learning so please keep sending them into  Have a look at below at a few of our favourite photos.

Here is Lea from Ruby class at Cypress who thought of a very creative way to compare the clothing Victorian’s wore to the seaside compared to what we would today.

Codou from Shuttles at Ecclesbourne shows us her fantastic progress in her science growing investigation!

Rayyan from Lilac class at Beulah created a lovely rainbow with his brother using some home-made playdough.

Sophia from Violet class at Cypress created a fantastic piece of art inspired by Frida Kahlo.

Sophie from Satellites class at Ecclesbourne was very excited to receive a reply to her letter from her local care home and even some photos of the residents.  She can’t wait to write them another letter and hopefully visit when lockdown is over. How lovely!

Brook from Purple class at Whitehorse Manor wrote a revenge plan for the Twits involving slimy maggots. Take a look!

Liam from Ash class at Brigstock has drawn a fantastic picture of the Space-bat-angel and written an alternative ending to the story.

Renée from Lilac class at Whitehorse Manor sent us a great entry to this week’s Trust Photography competition.

Isabella from Satellites at Ecclesbourne made some brilliant pirate boat snacks.

Did you know June is National Candy Month? I did not know there was a whole month dedicated to candy or sweets as we many call them. Now, having something sweet on special occasions is fine but remember you shouldn’t have too many as they are bad for your teeth and diet.  As it’s National Candy Month we are going to set a special candy themed challenge.  Have you heard of a man name Willy Wonka? He is known as the greatest chocolate and sweet inventor in the world.  I would like you to imagine you are in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.  Mr Wonka  invented many amazing chocolate and sweets, like the Everlasting Gobstoppers or the Square Sweets that look Round. Your challenge this week is to invent your own sweet, it can be any colour or shape you want it to be and it can be as wild of a creation as you want.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

This week’s whole Trust challenge involves creating flags from around the world using lego, brick, playdough, painting or any other creative way you can think of – you guys always come up with the best ideas. Take a look at Tuesday’s learning to find out more.

As it is the beginning of the second half of the summer term you may notice that some of our topics have changed.  We will be looking at a new book called ‘Gregory Cool’ by Caroline Binch which links to our ‘Islands’ topic in thematic.  Next week we will be begin our new science topic ‘Living things and their habitats’ and we have also planned some brilliant PSHE lessons for you to do this week.

Below is an overview of this week’s learning:

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Literacy – Reading Gregory Cool Maths –  Addition and subtraction word problems Science – Seed dispersal
Tuesday Literacy –  Comparison of Tobago and your local area Maths –  Multiplication and division word problems Whole Trust Challenge – Flags from around the World
Wednesday Thematic –  Features of an island Maths – Fraction word problems PSHE – ‘ My Monster and Me’
Thursday Literacy – Gregory’s feelings Maths – Time word problems PSHE – Compliments
Friday Literacy – Postcard writing Maths –  ‘4 rolls to 100’ dice gamex` Art – Draw with Rob


We hope you have a fantastic week and enjoy the new learning.

Stay safe

The Year 2 Team


1. Literacy – Watch the video below where Miss Rolfe reads the story ‘Gregory Cool’ by Caroline Binch.  The story is about a boy who visits his Grandma and Grandpa in Trinidad and Tobago and finds life is very different to his back home. Follow the story and answer the questions with a grown up as Miss Rolfe asks them along the way.  At the end of story write a list of adjectives to describe how Gregory was feeling when he first arrive in Trinidad and Tobago and then another list of adjectives to describe how he was feeling at the end of the story.

2. Maths – Addition and subtraction word problems.  What the video of Mrs Sullivan reminding you of the different strategies we use when adding and subtracting, then have a go at the sheet below.

3. Science – Seed dispersal

Read through this powerpoint, then the information on the sheet below named ‘Seed Dispersal’ and then watch the videos at the bottom of the page which tell you all about different ways plants disperse their seed.

Now, test your seed dispersal knowledge by taking this quiz – Ready, Steady, Grow!


1. Literacy – Today you will be comparing life in London (Thornton Heath or South Norwood) to Tobago.  Have a look at the sheet below called ‘Day 2’ answer the questions and look at the pictures to get you started.  Then complete the comparison chart.

2. Maths – Today we are going to be solving word problems involving multiplication and division.  Take a look at the video below where Mrs Sullivan reminds you on the strategies you can use to help you solve these problems.  Now have a go at the sheet below.

3. Whole Trust Challenge – This week’s challenge is a flag challenge.

Do something extraordinary this week and see how many flags you are able to create with any Lego that you may have at home. If you don’t have any Lego, try painting, drawing or making collage flags?

You could design a flag quiz – as a PowerPoint slide show or using printed images – and test your friends and family.

How many flags and capital cities do you know?  How many can you learn before the end of the week?  Use the attached Twinkl poster to help you.

Don’t forget to send your flag challenge creations to your home learning email address.


1. Thematic – This week we are going to be exploring what an island is, what a map of an island looks like and what a key is and how do we use one.  Read through this Powerpoint all about islands, maps and keys. After design your own island, draw what it will look like and what features (human and physical) it will have on it.  Your challenge today is to use a key and symbols to show the different features of your island.  Don’t forget to send photos of your islands into the year 2 email.

2. Maths – Today we are going to solve word problems involving fractions.  Watch the video of Mrs Sullivan below and then have a go at solving some fraction word problems on the sheet below.  Don’t forget when you are asked to prove it, you might need to show your working out or draw something to show how you know it’s true.

3. PHSE – We all have worries and that’s okay but what happens when our worries get too big and stop us from doing the things we love.  We need to know what we can do to help us manage our worries.  Watch the video below of Miss Rolfe reading the story ‘My Monster and Me’ by Nadiya Hussain.  When you’ve finished you might what to draw your own worry monster or write down a worry you have and the find someone you could share your worry with.  This way your worry will stay small and can fit in your pocket and even though it will be with you it won’t be scary and won’t stop you doing the things you love.

Downloads for Wednesday


1. Literacy – Gregory’s feelings.

Hopefully we have really got to know all about Gregory and his adventures in Tobago. Today we are going to look at Gregory’s feelings and how they have changed since his arrival.

Read the questions below, try to talk through your answers and thoughts with another person and then write some sentences describing how Gregory felt in different parts of the story. Make sure you check your punctuation.

  • When Gregory first arrived, how did he feel?  hot , uncomfortable       homesick, anxious, bored, hungry
  • How did he try not to hurt his Grandma’s feelings?
  • What did he think of the food?
  • Did he get on with Lennox straight away? Why not?
  • How do you think Gregory felt when he thought the dolphins were sharks?
  • Towards the end of the story, how did Gregory’s mood and feelings begin to change? How do you know?
  • What lesson do you think Gregory learnt about making friends and from his time in Tobago?

2. Maths – Today’s word problems are all about time.  You may have made your own clock from one of the tasks set a few weeks back if you haven’t don’t worry you can make one using this link to help you. Or use this online clock where you can move the hands to help you.

3. PSHE– Compliments

How do we pay compliments? Watch this short video to find out more.

How many compliments can you pay today?

Why are compliments important?

How do they make someone feel?

How do you feel when you pay a compliment to someone else?

Downloads for Thursday


1. Literacy –  Postcard writing.

It’s now time to do some role play!   We are going to pretend we are Gregory and we are going to write a postcard to our family at home. You may want to have a look at the story again.

What do you want to tell your family? Make a list or tell someone.

Postcards let people know about what is happening on your holiday in a few sentences. You could describe where you are staying and what you are eating. Tell your family about the fun you are having and the friends you have made. I am sure they want to know how Granny and Grandad are doing. You can decide whether you write your postcard (as Gregory) from the beginning of the story when he didn’t like Tobago all that much or at the end of the story when he love Tobago.

Start off your postcard with ‘Dear’  and end it with ‘From’ , just like a letter. Make sure you use some exciting adjectives so your family can really have a picture in their heads of  Tobago.  For example:   My fun new friend Lennox and I had a brilliant time splashing each other in the warm, sparkling sea. Or –  Mum why did you send me here? It’s so so hot I feel like I’m baking in a hot oven and to make things worse I’m itching all over as I’ve been bitten by the annoying mosquitoes.

2. Maths – ‘4 rolls to 100’ dice game.

Watch the video below were Mrs Allen shows you how to play the game ‘4 rolls to 100’ which is really good for helping you add multiples of 10.  Like Mrs Allen says in the video you can play it with a grown up, a brother or sister or even against yourself. If you don’t have any dice at home not to worry click this link to get your own online dice, just click the dice to start your roll.

3. Art – Draw with Rob.

You might have heard of a fantastic author-illustrator called Rob Biddulph, who wrote some books such as; Blown Away, Odd Dog Out and Dog Gone – as well as illustrating many more.

During the lockdown, he has created a series of short videos to teach you how to draw different characters. Take a look at his website and give it a go…

Extra Activities

Music – This week we are learning how to read, play and write graphic scores.

Learn about graphic scores with Miss Freeman, then make your own- watch this video.

Next, go to the website and log on to the student section using the following details: Username: p697846 Password: robin

Click on the box called ‘Assignments’ then on ‘Unit: Year 2 in Review, Reflect, Rewind Replay – Step 1’.
Listen to ‘Bring Him Back Home’ and try to identify the instruments you can hear.
Finally, sing the song ‘Hands, Feet, Heart’ the whole way through.
Singing Assembly – The Musical Elements Song

Extra activities – Have a go at these fun challenges below.

Published on 31st May, 2020

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