Year 2

Week Starting 17 May 2020

Hello Year 2!

We hope are all well and safe. This is the last week before the half term break, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.  We hope you enjoyed last week’s home learning and are continuing to keep safe.  We have once again been so impressed by how many fantastic photos have been shared with us via the year 2 email address –  We have loved reading all your revenge plans for the Twits in particular.  Everyone loved the video of your photographs last week so Miss Rolfe has made another one this week.  We hope you love looking at each other’s home learning as much as we do!

Did you know that May is National Asparagus month?  We are learning about where our fruit and vegetables grow in science this week, maybe you could find out how asparagus grows.  Now, asparagus may not be your favourite veggie or you may never have tried it before so why not change that this month?  You could challenge yourself to try some asparagus this week or maybe find a new way of cooking it to see if you like it cooked differently.  I bet you didn’t know you can get green, red and white asparagus and Britain is thought to grow the best green asparagus in the world.  Wow –  I’ve said the word asparagus a lot of times!

On the 23rd May, National children’s gardening week begins and we have been so impressed by all the photos sharing all the gardening you’ve been doing already.  Visit the  children’s gardening week website for lots of ideas of things you can do from making a hedgehog feeding station to growing cress in egg shells. Don’t forget to send photos of what you get up to!

This week’s whole Pegasus Trust challenge is an exciting photography competition.  Watch the video below to find all about what you have to do to enter!

In this week’s learning we will be solving maths problems, watching a short movie in literacy, looking at seaside clothing from the past and researching the artist Frida Kahlo.  Don’t forget to look at the extra activities section which has your music lesson and other fun learning activities for you to do.  Below is a timetable of this week’s learning:

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Literacy – Baboon on the Moon Video Maths – Make the total Science – Where do our fruit and vegetables grow?
Tuesday Literacy – Questions for the Baboon on the moon. Maths – True or false? Thematic – Seaside conventions and clothes
Wednesday Literacy – What does Baboon see on the moon? Maths – Caterpillar investigation Pegasus Whole Trust Challenge – Photography competition
Thursday Literacy – Diary entry from Baboon Thought of the week with Mr Robins Art – Frida Kahlo
Friday Literacy – What happens next? Maths –  Secret paths PSHE – Recycling

We will see you back here after half term.

Keep safe and be kind to your family.

The Year 2 Team


1. Literacy– Watch the video below called ‘Baboon on the Moon’.

Did you notice there were no words in this video? It is amazing that even though there were no words we were still able to understand what was going on.  It shows us how powerful pictures, actions, gestures and facial expressions can be.  With a member of your family have a chat about how you think the Baboon was feeling about being on the moon? Was he happy or sad? What makes you think that? Why do you think he is happy or sad?

Now you’ve had a chat, write a few sentences describing how Baboon might be feeling on the moon. Try to use adventurous adjectives. Here are some examples to get you started:

Baboon is feeling home-sick as he looks out towards Earth and plays a sad tune on his trumpet.

As he listens to the crackly radio and slowly eats his crunchy cereal, the Baboon feels lonely and is missing his friends.

2. Maths –  Your challenge today is to ‘Make the Total’. Use the sheet below to circle the correct coins to make the amount shown, remember you could use real coins to help you.
3. Science –  Today we are going to think about where and how our fruit and vegetable grow? Have a look at this Powerpoint to find out where some of fruit and vegetables grow.
Where any of them a surprise to you? Complete the sheet below by sorting the fruit and vegetables according to where they grow.  Can you add some of your own?


1. Literacy – Re- watch the ‘Baboon on the Moon’ video below:

We already know lots about Baboon from the video, but what do we not know? What would you like to find out about Baboon? Today’s task to write some questions to Baboon. Remember a question must start with a question word (see a list of some below) and end with an important question mark (?).

Question words:
How..? When..? Did..? What..? Who..? Do..? Where..? Why..?
2. Maths – True or false?  Today you will read a set of different statements and your task is to decide whether the statements are true or false? Don’t forget you need to prove why you think it is true or false, this could be done by showing your working out or writing a short sentence.
3. Thematic – This week in history we are going to be looking at conventions and clothing from the past.  Watch this video and think about some of the conventions that the Victorians used. Did you recognise any of the conventions they used? Do we use some of these conventions today?
 Did you know?
Railways were being built right around Britain during the Victorian era. This meant that people could now travel more quickly and cheaply  (horse and cart would have taken a very long time).  Nowadays we may still travel to the seaside by train but they look a little different.  We also use cars.  The first cars had only just been invented in the Victorian era .
Have a look at these pictures.  What else have you learnt about seaside conventions in the past?  How are they different to today?  Are some things similar?

Now it’s time to have a think about how the Victorians dressed to visit the seaside and compare it to how we dress to go to the seaside nowadays.  Have a look below at Mrs Crowley’s challenge.



1. Literacy – From watching the video we can see that Baboon is stuck on the moon and missing home.  We know there is no one from Earth with him on the moon but does that mean he is alone? Do you think he might meet or have visits from other beings such as aliens?  As he sits on his rock looking out to Earth he will see different things to us? What could these be? Could he see planets or comets zooming by, or spaceships of different shapes and sizes?  Your task today is draw/paint a picture of what Baboon might be seeing up there on the moon.

2. Maths – Watch the video below and take part in Miss Rolfe’s ‘Caterpillar Investigation’.

3. Whole Pegasus Trust Challenge – This week’s whole trust challenge is a photography competition. Watch the video below to find out how to enter.


1. Literacy – Today you are going to imagine you are Baboon stuck on the moon. Your task today is to write a letter to someone back on Earth, you can decide who it could be your (remember you are Baboon) mum or dad or a friend. You should start your letter by asking the person who are writing to some questions such as: How are you? How are my brothers and sisters? Below are some things you should think about when writing your letter:

  • How you are feeling being stuck on the moon?
  • What do you do all day?
  • What you are missing from back home?
  • Do you think it is fair that you have been sent on the moon?
  • Is there a way you could come back? Could someone come and take your place?

2. ‘Thought of the week’ with Mr Robins.  Have a watch of the video below where Mr Robins talks through the ‘thought of the week’ and sets you some challenges.

3. Art – This week in art we would like you to research the artist Frida Kahlo.  Have you heard of her before? Take a look at the sheet below and answer the question by using the links to find out about Frida. Your next challenge is to have a go at doing some Frida Kahlo inspired art – don’t forget to send us a photo of your masterpieces to we would love to see your work!

Downloads for Thursday


1. Literacy – After writing your letter back home from Baboon it’s now time to decide Baboon’s fate. We know he is unhappy and lonely on the moon but can you think of way he could have a happy ending? Maybe someone sends a rocket from Earth to save him or maybe a robot is invented to take over his job so he can come home. Maybe Baboon remains on the moon but a spaceship arrives and he makes friends will some aliens who live on the moon to keep him company.  Show us your endings to Baboon’s story by drawing a picture, making a model or writing a short paragraph.

2. Maths – Today your challenge is to find the ‘Secret paths’. You need to reach the given total by adding the numbers together to find a secret path.  Don’t forget to start on the grey square.  Have a look at the sheet below.

3. PSHE- Today we will be thinking about the importance of recycling and how we can do so safely.  Take a look at the sheet below, watch the video and complete the sheet.

Extra Activities


Singing Assembly

Learn how to improvise

Then, go to the website and log on to the student section using the following details: Username: p697846 Password: robin
Click on the unit called ‘Friendship Song’ and listen to the song ‘You Give A Little Love’ then use the questions to help you talk about the music. Next, click on ‘Improvise with the song’ to practice improvisation further. Finally have a go at singing the Friendship song the whole way through.

Have look at the fun learning activities below. We have tasks from code breaking to Sudoku challenges.

Published on 17th May, 2020

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