Year 2

Week Starting 14 June 2020

Hello Year 2!

We hope you are all safe and well.  Last week we received so many fantastic photos of you all enjoying the home learning activities that were set.  Please continue to send your photos to use via the year 2 email –  Check out our favourite photos of the week and even a brilliant video!

Cleo from Lilac class at Whitehorse shares her fantastic island drawing with a brilliant key to show the features of her island.

Poppy from Ruby class at Cypress has drawn a brilliant panda and Sonic using the ‘Draw with Rob’ videos. Fantastic work! Georgiana from Lilac class at Beulah has created two beautiful bouquets of flowers using egg boxes as part of our Whole Trust challenge.

Mark from Lilac class at Beulah creates brilliant Minions using egg boxes.  Well done!

Vinush from Lilac class at Whitehorse completes last week’s matchstick challenge.  Keep up the good work! Zoe from Ruby class at Cypress completes the Lego flag challenge.  Can you guess which flag she has created?

Jonas from Indigo class at Beulah has drawn an excellent tropical island.

Lara from Turquoise class at Cypress created an underwater scene using egg boxes as part of this week’s Whole Trust challenge. David from Indigo class at Whitehorse has made his very own clock to help him practise telling the time.  Great work!

Rayyan from Lilac class at Beulah entered his ‘Rainbow Sheep’ acrostic poem into a competition. He is proud to announce he won and his poem will be published in a book coming out this summer. What fantastic news Rayyan! You should be very proud of yourself.

Franco from Ash class at Brigstock has drawn a great topical island and then used his ICT skills to make an advert persuading people to visit his island.  Brilliant work!

Isla Ruby CYP Mrs Nerg Song And Actions

Click the link above to watch a video of Isla from Ruby class at Cypress who has cleverly invented her own actions for the 7 life processes in the Mrs Nerg Song.  It’s sure to leave a smile on your face!

Anthony from Purple Class at Whitehorse has written commands to persuade people to visit his tropical island. Great work Anthony! Sienna from Violet class from Cypress enjoyed looking for things that are dead, living or never alive in her garden as part of her science work this week.

Jorrel from Satellites class at Ecclesbourne enjoyed writing his persuasive advert for his tropical island. Keep up the good work!

This week in literacy we are beginning our two week ‘Pirate’ topic and it’s one of my favourite topics of the year! We have lots of exciting activities for you to enjoy this week.  Over the next two weeks some of your teachers have recorded themselves reading pirate stories.  This week we have a pirated dressed Mrs Allen reading ‘The Night Pirates’ by Peter Harris and Miss Rolfe reading ‘Polly Parrot Picks a Pirate‘ by Peter Bently.  In maths this week, we have a daily shape challenges for you to have a go at.  Mrs Allen has prepared an important PSHE lesson this week and you can bake some delicious sea biscuits with Miss Wenham.  I think you’ll agree we have a fun-filled week of activities and challenges ahead of us.

This week’s whole Trust challenge is one of my favourite so far. Over the lockdown period lots of families have been taking part in virtual quizzes and this week you get to create your own quiz.  It can be any type of quiz you like: a music quiz, a picture quiz, an emoji quiz or a questions quiz, the possibilities are endless. You can then get your family and friends at home or online to take your quiz.  Don’t forget to send in your quizzes to the year 2 email so your teachers can have a go too!

It was so great to see so many of you at the year 2 Google Meet last week for Mr Strutt’s story time.  This week Miss Cashmiri will be holding another year 2 Google meet on Wednesday 17th June at 10:30am. If you have not logged onto Google Meet before and would like to join this week’s story time then please take a look at these instructions.  You will need your child’s .306 LGfL log on details and if these are not in your child’s reading diary, then please contact the year 2 email address and we will get your child’s details to you as soon as possible.  Please try logging on before Wednesday and email any problems by Tuesday at the latest, as we cannot guarantee we will be able to sort any logging on problems on Wednesday morning. We ask that there is an adult present with the children at all times and it would be greatly appreciated if you could help with muting microphones when the teacher asks you to. Please check out the ‘Extra activities’ sections for more details such as the nickname you will need to enter the Meet.

As well as our whole year group Google Meet this week, Miss Wenham from Ruby class at Cypress will be trialling a class Google Meet. This session will run on Thursday 18th June at 2pm and will be open to children in Ruby class only. Miss Wenham has asked if all children attending the class Meet could have a piece of work prepared or some news to share.  The work could be  home learning you have completed or a project you might be working on at home.  We are hoping if all goes well other teachers will also be running similar sessions in the coming weeks. Please check out the ‘Extra activities’ sections for more details such as the nickname you will need to enter the Meet.

Miss Chapman and Miss Mitchell from Cypress will be holding a class Google Meet for Violet and Turquoise classes.  This will be one class Meet for both classes and will take place on Friday 19th June at 10:00am. Please check out the ‘Extra activities’ sections for more details such as the nickname you will need to enter the Meet.

We have lots of exciting things going on this week from Google Meets to dressing up as pirates and looking for treasure.

Below is an overview of this week’s learning:

 Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Literacy – Design and describe a pirate Maths – Shape Science – Animal Needs
Tuesday Literacy –  treasure map making Maths – Shape PSHE – Human Rights
Wednesday Literacy – Chapter 1 – Becoming a Pirate Maths – Shape Pegasus Academy Trust challenge – Create your own quiz
Thursday Literacy – Role play Maths – Shape Baking pirate sea biscuits with Miss Wenham
Friday Literacy – Sentence writing Thematic – Human and Physical features of a beach Art – Treasure chest and parrot making

We hope you enjoy this week’s learning and we cannot wait to see all the exciting things you get up to and create. Don’t forget to send photos of any kind of home learning you have done so we see all your excellent work!

Remember to keep safe and be kind to your family!

The Year 2 Team


1. Literacy – Create your own pirate!

Ahoy There! This week we are starting our new topic on… can you guess by the way I greeted you what it is?!

Yes! It’s Pirates! Arrr Mateys! So your Pirate challenge for today is to design your own pirate… then when you’ve designed him or her you are going to write as many adjectives to describe them and write a short description of your pirate underneath or on the back. Up for the challenge? I hope so or we might have to ‘scupper ye!’

Here’s some ideas to get your imagination flowing! REMEMBER… don’t forget to give them a pirate name!

Create your own pirate name or use this pirate name generator for some ideas.

Check out the video below as I take you through each step! Creating a Pirate with Miss Wenham.

2. Maths – Shape

Go through the Powerpoint below where Ms Styles goes through some facts about 2D and 3D shapes. Click here to download the Powerpoint.
Below are today’s shape challenges. You have a shape sorting task and a describing the properties of 3D shapes activity.

Challenge –  have a go at the sheet below called ‘Odd One Out’ can you decide which 3D shape is the odd one out and explain why?

3. Science – What do animals need to survive?

Watch this cartoon video in which a girl helps a boy understand the basic needs of living things.

Visit the BBC bitesize website, watch the video and take the quizzes about the basic needs of animals.

Activity – Choose an animal from the pictures below or choose your own.

Draw your chosen animal in the middle of your piece of paper and then draw and label the things it needs to survive, e.g. a food or water bowl, shelter, to go outside for the toilet, the need to breathe. Can you write a sentence by each need explaining how it helps the animal survive?


1. Literacy – design your own treasure map.

We hope you enjoyed creating your own pirate yesterday! Now you need to design your own treasure map for your pirate’s adventures.

Imagine you are the pirate you created yesterday…

Here are some questions to spark your imagination:

  • What would you like to see on your journey?
  • Are there any landmarks you would like to pass by?
  • What type of treasure would you like to find?
  • Where will the treasure be hidden?
  • What trials might you have to overcome to discover it?

Here are some ideas of things you might find on a treasure island: shark infested lakes, skeleton caves, crocodile swamps, rickety bridges, snake pits, a Dead Man’s cave, a zombie forest or parrot haven to name but a few!

Your task today is to draw the shape of an island on your page and then fill you island with pirate themed features. You can use some of the ideas above or you may have better ideas of your own.  Don’t forget to label your different features and have a think about how you would escape if you ended up in each different place on your map. You could even use tea stained paper to give your map a tatted, old feel to it.

Take a look at this video and I’ll take you through the steps of designing your own treasure map. Don’t forget to mark an ‘X’ where the treasure is hidden!

Extra challenge – can you write a set of instructions to help someone navigate around your treasure island.

2. Maths – Shape

Play ‘Guess the 3D shape’ by clicking here to download the Powerpoint.
Your first challenge is identify the 3D shapes of the objects on the sheet and have a hunt around your home for some more 3D shapes, see the sheet below name ‘Shape Hunt’.

Challenge – comparing 3D shapes (see sheet below).

3. PSHE – Declaration of Human Rights

Watch Mrs Allen read a story all about the Deceleration of Human Rights.

Now watch this video which tells you more information about what the Deceleration of Human Rights is.

Your challenge today is to research children who have made a difference in the world.  Take a look at the sheet below named ‘ Children Who Changed the World’ which tells you more and gives you some links to websites to help you with your research.


1. Literacy – Chapter 1 – Becoming a Pirate.

Hopefully, you’ve designed your own pirate and created your own treasure map. Today, we’d like you to role play being on a ship and then to write about what it was like, describing the jobs you had to do.

Begin by singing along to this video about life on a pirate ship.

Here are some ideas of what you could discuss with your partner (a family member / carer or sibling). Feel free to make up your own actions.

  • Scrubbing the decks (cleaning the ship)
  • manning the rigging (looking after the sails, especially during a storm).
  • looking out to sea, using telescope
  • looking at compass, ‘Land Ahoy!’
  • Making meals for the captain (like toast and maaarmalade)

Over the next two weeks we will be writing our very own chapter pirate stories. Today you will write Chapter 1, which is all about Becoming a pirate.  If you haven’t already seen Mrs Allen read ‘Night Pirate’ click here, in this story the character wakes up in the middle of night with pirates at her window. How will you become a pirate? In your first chapter you will need to describe how you become a pirate, what you look like and what life on the ship is like.

Here is an example:

Suddenly, I woken in the middle of the night by a loud THUD! In a sleepy daze I woke up, rubbed my eyes and sat up in bed. There in front of me was a pirate! I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Before I could stand up he grabbed me out of bed and said “Pirate Jenny, you are needed on a pirate mission, come quick.”  I grabbed my bag and headed to the window where I climbed on the ship. The ship was huge with massive sails and hundreds of pirates were dashing around busily.   Angrily, the booming captain gave me challenging orders.  How nervous I felt!

Firstly, I had to get down on my knees and scrub the decks with rough brushes.  From nowhere, the scary captain appeared and told me I had to work quicker or I wouldn’t get a meal that night.  Suddenly, a storm broke out and I had to man the rigging. Without delay, I pulled in the sail with the other crew boys and then dashed inside to take shelter from the terrible rain.

2. Maths – Shape.

Have a go at guessing the 3D shape from their net – click here. Now, have a go at the task named ‘Day 3’.

Challenge –

All my shape families must have a total of 9 sides.  Which shapes could be in a family together.  How many different shape families can you make?


3. Pegasus Academy Trust challenge –  Create your own quiz.

This week’s whole trust challenge is one of my favourites so far.  Whilst we have been in lockdown many of us have starting taking part in virtual quizzes, there have been lots on the school website.  Now, it is your turn to make a quiz, see the sheet below names ‘Create your own quiz challenge’ to find out more.  Don’t forget to send in your quizzes to the year 2 email so the teachers can have a go at them.  Happy quizzing!


1. Literacy – Role Play.

We hope you enjoyed creating your own treasure map and role playing your treacherous journey to your spooky treasure island!

Today we would like to see if you can recreate some features from your island in your garden or room. What do you think you could use to recreate your island?

Here are some ideas of what you could use to recreate your island:

  • Blue bed sheet to create the water for the sea or river
  • Bears for the Stone faces
  • Skipping ropes for snakes
  • If you have plant pots you could use them for the forest.
  • Fort or tent for a mountainous cave

When you have created your treasure island, why don’t you dress up as a pirate? Look back at the pirate you created on Monday. What do they wear? What do pirates shout out?


Off we go m’laddies!

Ahoy there!

X marks the spot

Before you embark on your journey have a think about these questions:

  • What do you need to take with you before you start your journey on the island?
  • What skills will you need to get through the traps that you may stumble upon?
  • What rewards will there be in your treasure chest?

Have fun acting out your treacherous journey on

the hunt to find the hidden treasures. Try and get your grown up to take

photos of you on your adventure. These may help you with tomorrow’s lesson.

2. Maths – Shape.

Today your task will test your knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes. Click the sheet below named ‘2D and 3D Challenge Questions’ to answer the four challenge questions.

Challenge – Have a go at the shape problem below.

3. Baking sea biscuits with Miss Wenham.

I hope you’ve been enjoying your learning so far this week! Well your challenge for this afternoon is… to bake sea biscuits! Pretend you’re a pirate sailing the 7 seas… arrr… and you are feeling a little peckish but all you have in the kitchen are the ingredients below… I wish ye luck! SAIL HO!

Watch this video as Miss Wenham cooks along with you. The recipe and ingredients can be found in the documents below.


1. Literacy – Sentence writing.

Watch the video below of Miss Cashmiri talking through what makes a good sentence and how to write brilliant sentences about your treasure island.

2. Thematic – Human and Physical features of a beach.

What is a human feature?

This is something that is created by a human – this could be a building, a structure or a car.

What is a physical feature?

This is something that exists naturally – this could be a beach, a river or a forest.

Have a look at the images below and decide whether they are human or physical features.  Decide whether they are human or physical features.

Activity – Draw your own beach scene and label the features with a (H) for human feature and a (P) for physical feature. Remember to include the coastline, pier, cliffs, sea, ice cream vans, boats, sand, shingle etc.

3. Art – Have a go at making a pirate treasure chest or a parrot for this week’s art session.

Treasure chest – Watch this video and see if you can follow along. Remember to email us photos of your finished treasure chests so we can post them on our website. You will need: a cardboard box, scissors, pen, paints/chalk/pastels and glue.

A parrot friend –  Watch this video on how to make your very own piratey parrot friend to help you search for treasure. You will need: a cardboard tube, stickers/card, feathers, pipe cleaner, paints, glue and tape.

Don’t forget to send in a photo of your final creations!


Extra Activities

Take a look at Mrs Clapham’s pirate themed extra activities this week.

Comprehensions – As requested by some we have included some comprehension activities in this week’s extra activities. Each file has three different levels of the same story, so be sure to only do one of the three.


Google Meets 

Whole Year 2 Google Meet with Miss Cashimiri will be held on Wednesday 17th June at 10:30am.  The nickname for this week’s session will be year2june17 (the nickname will take this format ‘year2monthdate’ from now on so it will hopefully be easy to remember).

Ruby (Cypress) class Google Meet with Miss Wenham will be held on Thursday 18th June at 2pm.  The nickname for his session will be year2cypruby. Please have a piece of work or some news to share with Miss Wenham and the rest of Ruby class.

Violet and Turquoise  (Cypress) class Google Meet with Miss Chapman and Miss Mitchell will be held on Friday 19th June at 10:00am.  The nickname for this session will be year2cypvioturq


Music -WALT identify different pitch notes and change the tempo of a song.
Learn about pitch and play the game ‘higher or lower’ with Miss Freeman.

Next, go to the website and log on to the student section using the following details:
Username: p697846 Password: robin
Click on the box called ‘Assignments’ then on ‘Unit: Year 2 in Review, Reflect, Rewind Replay – Step 3’ and complete the following tasks.
1. Listen to and identify the instruments you can hear in ‘We Will Rock You’.
2. Click on ‘Flexible games track’ and complete one of the challenges.
3. First Composer – make up your own melody using different pitch notes.
4. Sing ‘I Wanna Play In A Band’, then try changing the tempo (speed) of the song and see if you can still sing along in time. How fast or slow can you go?Singing Assembly – Lean On Me click here
Ms Quick from Beulah has recorded a video of ‘The Song of the week’ click here to watch and join in!

Published on 14th June, 2020

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