Year 2

Week Starting 12 July 2020

Hello year 2!

Take a look at photos below to see all the exciting things and brilliant work you got up to last week. Well done if you made to the year 2 work wall of fame! The year 2 team will continue to answer emails this week so please send in any photos of your fantastic learning to

Ruby from Ruby class and Malaika from Violet class at Cypress show off their incredibly detailed sock puppets. Fantastic work girls!

Sam from Turquoise class at Cypress shares his brilliant sea creature poem.  You’re a poet in the making Sam! Franco from Ash class at Brigstock has made an excellent BLM poster promoting equality.  He thought carefully about how he could incorporate different skin tones. Great work!
Divine from Purple class at Whitehorse Manor Infants has written an excellent poem about sea creatures. She has even made it rhyme, how talented! Leah from Turquoise class at Cypress learns about the life cycle of butterflies by watching her caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. What a great experience and a brilliant photo of you releasing your butterflies! Some of the year 2 children who have been attending school at Ecclesbourne have been toasting yummy marshmallows! It looks like so much fun!

Susie from Satellites class at Ecclesbourne has been busy making two brilliant sock puppets. Well done Susie!

Rayyan from Ash class at Brigstock with another fantastic sock puppet. The puppet’s eyes and tongue are great! Brilliant work! Scarlett from Indigo class at Whitehorse Manor Infants shares her brilliant pirate chest and accessories! Scarlett loved the pirate themed weeks and still uses all the props she made! Excellent work!

I cannot believe we have reached the last week of the summer term. There’s no deny it has been a strange year, but I’m sure we have all recently enjoyed spending time with our families and learning new skills. One thing that has been really lovely over the past few weeks, has been seeing all your faces on our Google Meets sessions. You have all been so well behaved, polite and engaged, you have dressed up as pirates and brought along some of the amazing things you have made for show and tell. We have one last Google Meet this week and it will be a special one, not just because you will get to say goodbye to your current teachers but you will also have the opportunity to meet you new year 3 teacher. How exciting! Here are the details for this week’s Google Meets:

Beulah Infants

Wednesday 15th July at 10AMLilac class – Nickname: year2lilac.  Farewell to year 2 teachers and share your favourite year 2 memories.

Wednesday 15th July at 11AMIndigo class – Nickname: year2indigo. Farewell to year 2 teachers and share your favourite year 2 memories.

Cypress Infants

Tuesday 14th July at 11:30AMTurquoise class – Nickname: turquoisecypress. Meet your new year 3 teacher.

Wednesday 15th July at 11AMViolet class – Nickname: violetcypress.  Meet your new year 3 teacher.

Wednesday 15th July at 2PM – Ruby class – Nickname: rubycypress.  Meet your new year 3 teacher and share your favourite year 2 memories.


Friday 17th July at 1:30PMShuttles class. Nickname:  year2shut.  Meet your new year 3 teacher and share your favourite year 2 memories.

Friday 17th July at 1:30PMSatellites class.  Nickname: year2sat. Meet your new year 3 teacher and share your favourite year 2 memories.

Whitehorse Manor Infants 

Wednesday 15th July at 10AMPurple class. Nickname: whinfpurple. Meet your new year 3 teacher and share your favourite year 2 memories.

Wednesday 15th July at 10AMIndigo class. Nickname: whinfindigo. Meet your new year 3 teacher and share your favourite year 2 memories.

Wednesday 15th July at 11AMLilac class. Nickname: whinflilac. Meet your new year 3 teacher and share your favourite year 2 memories.


Wednesday 15th July at 10AMAsh class. Nickname: ash2. Meet your new year 3 teacher

We have put together a week of fun-filled activities for your last week in year 2. We have some activities that will help you to reflect on your time in year 2, some fun maths challenges and some exciting science and DT projects.  We would love to see what you get up to this week, so please send in your photos to Don’t forget to check out our extra activities section this week, as there are lots of brilliant activities to keep you busy throughout the summer holidays. Here is an overview of this week’s activities:

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Class acrostic poems Big Triangle Challenge Art/science – ‘Changes’ investigation
Tuesday  Dr Seuss ‘Oh the places you’ll go!’ The Queen’s Tea Party PSHE – ‘My time in the Infants’
Wednesday Hot air balloons activity for the story ‘Oh the places you’ll go!’ Dartboard Investigation Nature Mandela
Thursday ‘A message in a bottle’ Magic Squares Science – Food Chains
Friday PSHE – Superhero Me! Pegasus Trust Challenge – Big Camp Create your own bug hotel

Just before we sign off for the summer, all the year 2 team wanted to say a massive well done to everyone who has worked hard doing home learning and engaging with school. We have loved reading your emails, looking at your photos and even watching your videos. It has been a pleasure watching you all learn lots at home, create amazing art pieces and watching you all grow and learn new things!

We hope you all have a lovely, relaxing summer and we wish you all the best for year 3. I’m sure your teachers will be pop up to your new class in September to say a long awaited hello!

Take care year 2!

The Year 2 Team


1. Literacy – Acrostic poems

Watch Mrs Sullivan’s video below as she takes you through today’s acrostic poem challenge!

2. Maths – Big Triangle Challenge

Watch Miss Rolfe’s lesson below which tells you all about today’s ‘Big Triangle’ challenge.

Great, it’s now time to get started. First, let’s get warmed up by having at go at the sheet in the download section below named ‘Introduction to the Big Triangle Challenge.’ Now your brains and fired up and ready to go, it is time to have a go at the Big Triangle challenge. Either print the triangles on the sheet below named ‘Big Triangle Challenge’ or make your own triangles using some paper. Have fun!

3. Art/science – ‘Changes’ investigation

Today we are looking at changes and whether we can reverse them or not.

You will need:
-hair dryer

Watch the video below of Miss Cashmiri to see how to do today’s experiment will work.


1. Story: Dr Seuss ‘Oh the places you’ll go!’

Listen to the story ‘Oh the Places You’ll go!’ by Dr Seuss.

With a grown up or member of your family, talk about these questions:

  • What do you want to do when you grow up? Why?
  • Where would you most like to go? What do you want to see?
  • Would you ever want to go in a hot air balloon? What would it be like?
  • What is the most exciting place you’ve ever been to?
  • What does Dr. Seuss mean when he says, ‘Kid, you’ll move mountains’?
  • What rhyming words can you find?
  • What would you like to learn next year? What are your goals?

2. Maths – The Queen’s Garden Tea Party

Today, your challenge is to imagine the Queen is having a garden tea party and it’s your job to organise the tables. She has 32 guests coming and you need to arrange the tables in certain way and decide how many tables you will need (see the sheet below for more instructions).

If you want to challenge yourself further, have a go at the challenge below:

3. PSHE – ‘My Time in the Infants’

The end of year 2 marks the end of your time in the Infants and the beginning of an exciting journey in the Juniors. For many of us, we belong to an Infants school, so that change is even more special as we say goodbye to our schools and teachers. Some of us will have to enter a whole new building as we move into year 3. I’m sure you are all excited about your new journey and having a brand new playground and classroom, but it’s important to look back and reflect on all the amazing things you have achieved in the Infants.  Watch Miss Rolfe’s video below as she takes you through today’s task.

Download your own reflection of the Infants sheet below.


1. Literacy – ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go!’ Hot Balloon activity

Today we are making hot air balloons or signposts from the story ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go!’ by Dr. Seuss.

You can decorate your hot air balloon or signpost any way you like and answer the questions ‘What would you like to do?’, ‘What are your goals?’ and ‘Where would you like to go?’

If you would like a template of a blank hot air balloon or a signpost, then you can download them below.

2. Maths – Dartboard Investigation

Have a go at at this dartboard challenge.

  • What is the highest total you can score with 3 darts?
  • What is the lowest total you can score with 3 darts?
  • Can you make scores of all the numbers between 24 and 29?
  • How many different totals can you make?


  • What if you had 4 darts?
  • What if you could score doubles (outer ring) and trebles (inner ring)?

3. Nature Mandela 

Have a go a making a nature mandela! See the sheet below named ‘Nature Mandela’ to see examples and instructions on how to make your very own.



1. Literacy – ‘A message in a bottle’

So we’ve had a very strange year… and it’s coming to the end… but I do hope you have so many great memories of everything you have achieved so far. You’re probably feeling all sorts of emotions… you might be missing your teachers and friends… you could be excited to start your new year and meet your new teacher. So we thought it might be nice to send your current teacher in Year 2 a goodbye message in a bottle.

You will need:

  • an empty plastic bottle or tub
  • a piece of string or ribbon
  • a piece of plain or lined paper
  • a pencil

First, think of everything you would like to tell your teacher… Here are some ideas:

  • a memory or more of things you’ve enjoyed – trips, activities or anything you liked about your class
  • a thing you will miss most about your teacher and your classroom
  • a nice goodbye or see you soon message
  • a picture to make your teacher smile
  • anything else you think your teacher might like to know

Once you’ve written your letter you could decorate your bottle or even add in some shells/sand to the inside to make it look like it has just washed up on shore.

Finished? Now roll up your letter tight and think then tie a knot around it with the string or ribbon. Pop it in a bottle and put the lid on – keep it safe ready to deliver to your teacher someday soon…

Want to write another one? Great, why not write one to your new Year 3 teacher with questions you would like to know or even to a friend or family member you’ve missed.

2. Maths – Magic Squares

Today, your challenge to have a look at some ‘Magic Squares’ and try to find the patterns hidden within them.

3. Science – Food Chains

We hope you’ve been enjoying creating and learning about habitats… Next we need to understand what they eat and the food chain process. Watch this short clip here. If you want to read some more about food chains, click here to read through the food chain Powerpoint.

Next download the puzzle pieces (find below in downloads) or create your own to make your own food chain.

First, choose your favourite animal and find out what they like to eat. Then research who likes to eat them! Draw a picture of each animal/food under the correct heading on the puzzle piece. Can you figure out what order they need to go in? That’s right! First comes the producer, next comes the consumer/prey and then comes the consumer/predator.

If you’re feeling up for a challenge complete the food chain sheet, can you complete the stem sentence?


1. PSHE – Superhero Me!

We all poses superhero qualities just like Captain America or Wonderwoman! What do you think are your superhero qualities? Are you a really good friend, who always listens and helps their friends feel better when they are sad? Are you super quick at helping your grown up around the house and tidying up your room? Maybe, you are super clever and work really hard to increase your brain power? Today’s challenge is to draw a picture of yourself as a superhero. What will you wear? Will you have a cape or a mask? What colours will you suit have on it? Will you have a special logo or sign so everyone will know who are? Once you have drawn yourself as a superhero, write down 5 things that you think are your superhero powers (or things you are super good at). You can use the template below if you want to!

2. Pegasus Trust Challenge – Big Camp

This is the last whole Trust challenge before we ‘break up’ for the summer holiday so we thought we would make it super fun and go out with a bang!

Your challenge this week is to build a camp!  Your camp or den can be indoors or outdoors and made out of whatever you like.  You might choose to build a den in your bedroom from blankets, duvets and sheets or you could make one under your dining table.  You could make a den out of branches if you have a woodland nearby or you could pitch a tent in your back garden.  Apparently, a den is only a den if you can sit in it so make sure you can squeeze in.  If you haven’t got enough space to build a human-sized den, how about making a den for a teddy or doll?  You could even make a tiny den for a Lego man or small world figure.

Maybe you could have a picnic or snack in your den or play a game in there.  We would love to see all of the amazing dens you build so please send any photos to your year group home learning email address.

Have fun! ­

3. DT/Science – Make your own Bug Hotel

I hope you’ve enjoyed your week of learning so far! Today we are going to use all of the different materials you’ve collected to create a bug hotel. When you’ve finished you can place your bug hotel in your garden, somewhere hidden near some bushes at the park, outside in a plant pot, or hang it from a tree/outdoor railing or you could even give it as a gift to someone you know!

How to create a Bug hotel:

You will need any of the below:

  • Glue or masking tape if you wanted to secure things in place
  • Scissors
  • Junk modelling
  • Twigs/sticks
  • Grass/flowers
  • Old bits of bamboo or tubes (kitchen/toilet/foil rolls)
  • A cardboard box or plastic milk carton or old/broken plant pot or plastic bottle or even an old mug or old bit of unwanted furniture – use as a frame
  • Stones
  • Pinecones or acorn shells
  • Paper or card
  • Moss
  • String
  • Leaves
  • Feathers
  • Bricks
  • Newspaper
  • Old bits of wood
  • Tiles
  • Straws
  • Elastic bands to hold things together

Watch Miss Wenham take you through the steps on how to make a brilliant bug hotel.

First you need a cardboard box or a milk carton or old/broken plant pot or a plastic bottle, big or small it is your choice, this will act as the frame of your bug hotel. Next you need to create either one large hole or lots of small holes with some scissors so that the bugs will be able to creep inside. Then get filling with all the different types of materials you have! Take a look at the pictures on the next page for some ideas… Have fun creating your bug hotel! Remember to get creative! There is no wrong or right way to create a bug hotel.

Still unsure of what to do? Here is a basic guide to create a simple bug hotel

Finished creating? You may want to design some signs for your bug hotel and give it a name! You could even create an enchanted forest around it.

We would love to see your amazing creations! So please send some pictures into us at Y2!

Here are some examples:

Extra Activities

We have got together a great selection of activities to keep you busy not just this week, but over the summer holidays too. If you get stuck for something to do over the summer, then come back here and try some of these activities. We’ve got exciting science experiments to mindfulness colouring in.  We hope you enjoy having a go at the challenges set below!

Guided reading – The BFG ‘The Dream Jar’

Watch this video from the film The BFG.

Have a go at the activity below named ‘The BFG Dream Jar activity’ where two of The BFG’s dreams have been mixed together and you have to decide what will happen.

Music – In music this week, we are learning to read staff notation.

Watch the video to learn about notation in the treble clef with Miss Freeman.

Next, go to the website and log on to the student section using the following details: Username: p697846 Password: robin

Click on the box called ‘Assignments’ then on ‘Unit: Year 2 in Review, Reflect, Rewind Replay – Step 6’ and complete the following tasks.
1. Listen to ‘The Robots’ by Kraftwerk and discuss the music using the questions on screen.
2. Click on ‘warm up games’ and complete one of the challenges.
1. Go to ‘first composer’ and try making up your own melody using different pitch notes.
2. Review and sing ‘Friendship Song’. Add some actions to the song too, then try singing different parts of the song using different dynamics (loud and soft).

For a bit of extra rhythmic fun, play the game ‘Don’t Clap it Back’ with Miss Freeman.

Singing Assembly – Jambo Bwana – Click here

Song of the week with Ms Quick.

Published on 12th July, 2020

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