Year 1

Week Starting 21 June 2020

Hello Year One!

It was lovely to see some of you in school this week and catch up on all your news! We hope that more of you will join us next week. Remember to continue with the home learning on the days you are not at school.

This week, we thought we would try something different for our Google Meets. Every class in year 1 is going to hold their own meet, just for their class. We hope this will make it a more personal experience. Please see below for which day your child’s class will be holding their meet. There is also a timetable for the whole Trust on the website.

Whitehorse Manor Infants

Yellow class – Wednesday 24th June at 11:00a.m Password: yellow1

Green class – Thursday 25th June at 11:00a.m


Jade class – Thursday 25th June at 1:00p.m


Brigstock Rowan class – Wednesday 24th June at 12:00p.m Password: rowan1

Astronaut class – Tuesday 23rd June at 11:00a.m

Password: astronaut1

Shooting Stars class – Wednesday 24th June at 11:00a.m Password: shootingstars1

Cypress Lower

Blue Class – Monday 22nd June at 2p.m Password: bluecypress

Green Class-Tuesday 23rd June at 2.15 p.m Password: greencypress

Indigo Class-Thursday 25th June at 11 a.m Password: indigocypress

Beulah Infants

Purple Class-Wednesday 24th June at 11 a.m Password: purpleclassmeet

Green Class-Friday 26th June at 11 a.m. Password: greenclassmeet

You will need to be logged into Google in order to access the Google Meeting, please click here for instructions on how sign in. In order to sign in you will need your child’s .306 LGFL log on details.  If you would like to attend the live session and do not have those details please email us at with your child’s full name, class and school and we will email you back with their log on details and possibly even a video to show you how to get into the meetings on Google.  We will be recording the sessions for safety purposes and do ask that an adult is present with all children during these sessions.

When you are not at school, keep doing your fantastic home learning. We LOVE seeing your work so please keep sending photos into We had so many lovely examples this week, we put them all into a video for you to enjoy!


This week the whole trust challenge involves building and using your very own obstacle course, as part of celebrating National School Sport Week!

  • In literacy, we will continue with our story from Kenya ‘Mama Panya’s pancakes’. We will learn to make inferences based on what was read, understand the features of a recipe and write a recipe.
  • If you need to recap any sounds  you can access  the DfE Letters and Sounds YouTube videos to support you;
  • In maths, we are learning how to count in multiples of 10;
  • In science, we are learning all about amphibians;
  • In history, we are learning to use artefacts to find out about the past;
  • In art, we are learning about the Ndebele artist Esther Mahlangu and how to create some mini houses inspired by her art.
Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3
Monday Literacy -making inferences Maths – count in groups of 10 Science- All about amphibians
Tuesday Literacy -understanding the features of a recipe Maths – count and make groups of 10 Art -Ndbele mini houses
Wednesday D&T-cooking pancakes Whole Trust Challenge-National School Sport Week Music – identify the sound of different orchestral instruments


Literacy -writing a recipe


Maths – use repeated addition to count in multiples of 10 History-looking at African artefacts
Friday Literacy – Poster about sharing Maths- use multiples of 10 in arrays RE – The importance of Purim to Jewish people

We are missing you! Enjoy your learning this week!

The Year One Team



1.Literacy warm up – sentence doctor

Mama Panya’s pancakes

Lesson 4 Making inferences based on what was read

Watch  the story again on YouTube.

What happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the story?

Use one of the attached documents to answer some questions about the story.

Challenge: Can you find some clues in the illustrations or in the text that show you that it is a funny story?

2. Maths – count in groups of 10


To download, click the link below.

3. Science – All about amphibians

Over this half term we are going to be identifying and classifying different types of animals. This week we are looking at amphibians. Use the power point below to help you develop your knowledge of amphibians and then there are some fun suggestions for activities you can do relating to them. (You don’t have to do them all!)


1.Literacy warm up – phonics revision

This half term in our phonics sessions we are going to be recapping different ways to make the same sound. Today, we are focusing on the ‘igh’ sound. The three most common ways of representing this sound are igh, ie and split digraph i_e. However, y (as in dry), i (as in find), and eye (as in eyes) can also be used.

Your first challenge is to read the sheet below and identify as many different words with the igh sound as you can. This is also in the downloads if you wanted a printable copy.

Printables Altspellings Igh Phoneme Spotter

After that, we have a sorting activity for you to complete. There is a grid with all the different ways of making the ‘igh’ sound listed at the top and then some examples of words for you to cut and stick/ write in the correct column. This can also be done just using a piece of paper and a pencil. You can choose to do as many as you like but make sure you have at least 3 words in each column (apart from eye which only has one)!

Printables Altspellings Igh Sorting Grid

Printables Altspellings Igh Sorting Words

Lesson 5 Understanding the features of a recipe.

In our story, Mama Panya cooks some pancakes. To help with cooking, we use a special form of writing, which is called a recipe. Recipes are part of instructional writing. Have a look at some recipes at home in books, online and/or in the attached document. What do you notice about their layout? Can you recall the features of a recipe and write down your ideas as a list? Look at our checklist. How many features did you remember?

Now look again at our selection of recipes. Choose a couple of recipes. Can you highlight using a marker pen or a colouring pencil all the features that make a good recipe e.g. title, list of equipment and ingredients, pictures, numbers to show the order, bossy verbs, a new instruction on each line, one step per instruction, clear language.

To help you with this lesson, please watch our video below.

Challenge: Which features are missing from your chosen recipes? How could you improve them?

2.Maths – count and make groups of 10

To download, click the link below.

3. Art-making mini houses inspired by the art of Esther Mahlangu

Today we will be learning

  • about  Ndebele culture and
  • how to create our own Esther Mahlangu-inspired art work.

Watch the art presentation below to find out more about this South African artist and her work.

Follow the instructions on the attached pdf document to create your own mini house decorated with a traditional Ndbele design. You can use either a recycled cardboard box or one of our net templates as a base for your house.


1.D&T Cooking pancakes

In preparation for tomorrow’s literacy lesson, follow our attached pancake recipe to make pancakes at home. You may wish to adapt it, adding ingredients or fillings of your choice!

2. Whole Trust Challenge

National School Sport Week Challenge

This week, it is National School Sport Week.  At this time of year, we are often enjoying taking part in Sports’ Day and Key Stage 2 children have the opportunity to compete at the Croydon Schools’ Athletics Championship.  This year, our celebration of sport will be a bit different but you can find out more about getting involved in NSSW from home here:

This week, we would like you to get active by building – and using your very own obstacle course.  Your obstacle course can be indoors or outdoors and there’s lots of ideas here to get you started:





3. Music – identify the sound of different orchestral instruments

Learn about timbre and how the instruments of the orchestra are grouped with Miss Freeman.


Next, go to the website and log onto the student section using the following details: Username: p697849 Password: brown
Click on the box called ‘Assignments’ then on ‘Unit: Year 1 in Review, Reflect, Rewind Replay – Step 4’ and complete the following tasks.
1. Listen to Oye Como Va by Santana and try to identify the instruments you can hear.
2. Click on ‘warm up games’ and complete one of the challenges.
3. Go to ‘first composer’ and try making up your own melody using different pitch notes.
4. Sing the song ‘Rhythm in the Way we Walk’. Try to sing along with someone else in your house. Their voice will have a different timbre to yours.

Downloads for Wednesday


1.Literacy warm up – key word reading and spelling

Lesson 6 Writing instructions for a pancake recipe

Today we are going to write a recipe to make pancakes.

Watch the following video on YouTube to help you remember the steps.

Look at the recipe check list. What title will you have for your recipe? What equipment and ingredients did you use? What did you do first/then/later/last? Use one of the attached writing templates to record your instructions. There is also a word mat to support with spelling.

Challenge: Use adverbs in instructions i.e slowly, carefully, gently etc.

2. Maths – use repeated addition to count in multiples of 10


To download, click the link below.

3. History-looking at artefacts

Lesson 2

We are learning to compare the similarities and differences between objects from the past and the present, using common words and phrases relating to the passing of time.

Recap on previous lesson and the meaning of artefact. Say that today we are going to look at some objects made for a particular use and compare them with similar objects from the present. Watch bbc clips about Ancient Egypt, showing how some artefacts were used in the life of their people at and Can you recall some of the objects you saw and what they were used for?

Activity: Contrast a range of old and recent objects using the ‘Now and then’ document. What is the same about the objects? What is different? How do you know which one is old? Look carefully at the shapes and materials used.

For a narrated lesson, please watch the presentation below.


1. Literacy warm up – grammar -ing suffix

Literacy – Mama Panya’s Pancakes lesson 7

This story is all about people making things better by sharing. Today we would like you to make a poster all about how good it is to share! Start with a heading. This may be something like ‘Sharing is caring!’ or ‘It’s great to share!’ Then we would like you to think of at least 4 ways you can help people by sharing. Examples may include sharing a book, sharing some chores, sharing toys, sharing treats equally, sharing a hug, sharing prayers or songs, sharing food with people who need it etc. You could draw a picture to show each way you can think of to share.

Challenge: Write a caption under each picture to explain what people are sharing, how it is helping or how it makes people feel.

2. Maths- use multiples of 10 in arrays


To download, click the link below.

3. RE – The importance of Purim to Jewish people

Listen to Miss Bannister as she explains the importance of the festival of Purim to the Jewish people and how they celebrate it.

Here is the link to the newsround clip in the power point

Here is the story of Queen Esther and how she saved the Jewish people

Now there are 2 activities you can choose from:

  1. Retell the story of Esther using the puppets in the downloads
  2. On a piece of paper draw a happy face on one side to represent Esther and an evil, angry face on the other side to represent Haman. You can attach it to a stick/pencil/lolly stick if you want. Then, re-watch the story of Esther and every time you hear her name mentioned you cheer and wave the happy face in the air and every time you hear Haman’s name mentioned you boo and wave the evil face in the air!

Extra Activities

Story time with Miss King

Join in with Miss King as she reads ‘Room on the broom’ by Julia Donaldson

Physical Activities

Following from Miss King’s reading, join in with Justin Fletcher on bbc sounds for some dancing based on the popular story.

You can register on the National School Sport Week at Home website for additional materials to plan your week of activities and celebrate the importance of physical education in children’s wellbeing.

Singing Assembly – Pirates!

Mindfulness colouring

Please see our attached colouring sheets with a sporty theme.

Outdoor creative activity

This week we would like you to design your own miniature raft using sticks, leaves and string. Watch the clip below from the Scouts Organisation for a quick introduction. You can find more details by clicking on this link.

You may find the diagram below useful too!

French taster

We are learning to say the names of different pets.

Listen to the presentation below to find out  how to say the name of your favourite pet.

You can consolidate your learning by singing this simple song and trying out the pet wordsearch.




Published on 21st June, 2020

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