Year 1

Week Starting 20 April 2020

Good morning Year 1 and welcome to your new home learning pages

This week we are starting to look at the topic of Africa.

In literacy, we are going to be focusing on the ‘Tinga Ting’ tales. We will be using two of the tales – ‘Why Lion Roars’ and ‘Why Elephant has a trunk’ but there are lots of different episodes you can enjoy on the CBeebies iplayer here:

In maths, we are looking at fractions and finding half of a shape or quantity. We have complied a range of teacher videos and corresponding worksheets that you can follow whilst watching.

Our thematic work is linked to both the Tinga Tinga tales in art and finding out about African countries and their flags in geography.

Each week a whole Trust challenge will be set for all children from Nursery to Year 6 to complete.  This week the challenge is to make a 8 page mini book and Year 1 will be doing this challenge as part of Friday’s home learning (see this video on how to make one

Don’t forget to keep reading! The link to Bug Club is on the website. You can also listen to lots of lovely stories being read out loud.

CBeebies have lots of bedtime stories here:

Oliver Jeffers has been reading some of his books aloud here:

Little Angel Theatre are doing a puppet show of  ‘I Want My Hat Back’  by Jon Klassen , which is a story Year 1 studied in the autumn term. This is only available for the next week.


Our music teachers have been working hard to ensure that your child still has the chance to sing along, just like they would in their weekly assemblies. This week’s song is ‘Sing a Rainbow’ with Mrs Quick.

For further songs that the children will know please visit our YouTube channel run by our Pegasus teachers.

If you have not already done so please ensure:

  • That you have seen all the phonics videos that we have made so far.  Please click here;
  • That you have seen our Easter project and completed some or all of the ‘eggsperiments’.  Please click here to see the Easter project;


Literacy – Tinga Tinga tales lesson 1

Watch the video of the Tinga Tinga tale ‘Why Lion Roars’.

Think of some questions you would like to ask either Lion or Crocodile.

Challenge:Try to use a different question word for each question such as Who, What, When, Where, How, Did or Are. Remember to use a question mark (?) at the end.

If you want to: Pretend to be the Lion or Crocodile to answer the questions. Remember to use lots of expression and change your voice for the different characters.

Maths –  Fractions lesson 1

Over the next few weeks we will be learning that a fraction is part of a whole. We will take small steps to discover new ways to find different types of fractions (halves and quarters).

Watch the video tutorials and follow the work attached to the bottom of the article. Feel free to investigate finding fractions by finding things in your house that you can split or share into halves. These can be shapes, quantities or objects.

Geography-learning about Africa lesson 1

We will be learning about the continent of Africa and that it is made of 54 countries.

Ask your child if they can say what Africa is. Explain that it is one of several continents that make up the world. Discuss the meaning of continent e.g. ‘a massive piece of land that is often separated from other areas of land by water or another feature such as mountains’ and show these on a 2D map of the world. See attached document.

Watch overview clips at and

Activities: Draw a mindmap to record what you already know about Africa e.g. weather, countries, landscapes, languages, animals, plants, flags, etc…

Play interactive map puzzles at  and


Literacy warm up – Phonics with Miss King – ‘ph’

Literacy – Tinga Tinga Tales Lesson 2

Why was Lion sad in the story? What happened to make Lion happy?  Watch the story again if you need to:

Complete the speech bubbles to show how Lion was feeling and why. (Sheet saved in ‘Downloads’ below)

Challenge: Try to use the conjunction ‘because’ in your writing. Can you use BOLD writing e.g. I am EXTREMELY upset because . . .  .

If you want to: What might other characters be saying in the story?

Physical activities

Balance agility and coordination skills-

Cosmic Kids Yoga –

Science – Learning about plants Lesson 1

We will be learning about plants e.g.  what a plant is, where we find plants and what common plants there are.



Record your knowledge about plants using a spidergram. See attached document to download a template.

Draw 3 types of plants you may find in the garden, in a meadow and in a forest. See attached photo packs (plants and deciduous and evergreen trees).


Literacy warm up – phonics with Miss King -wh

Literacy  -Tinga Tinga Tales Lesson 3

Now that Lion is King of Tinga Tinga land, he needs to make some rules to keep everyone safe and happy. Can you help him? Write/ draw or record some rules to help Lion rule Tinga Tinga land.

Challenge:Try to use bossy words such as ‘Never, Always, Do, Don’t, Remember.’ Can you use an exclamation mark (!) in your writing?

Maths – finding half of a shape

This lesson focuses on how shapes can be split into two equal parts (half) in many different ways. This is a chance to experiment, cut out some shapes, draw them and investigate different ways of splitting shapes into two equal parts.

Follow the video and the work is attached below.

Art – Tinga Tinga animals

The art pictured below is in the style of Tinga Tinga. Originally from Tanzania, the genre is named after its founder, Tanzanian painter Edward Said Tingatinga. It then spread across Africa and the world and even inspired stories of the same name. If you would like to find out a little more information there is a powerpoint in the Downloads. Some art is pictured below. The art style uses bold colours, geometric shapes and circles in its design. It would be a pleasure to see children create their own versions, which they could hand sketch themselves or use the templates enclosed! Decorate using paint, pencils or scrap paper to create the art. Make them as bold, colourful and unusual as possible!


Physical Activities

Zumba Dance Party –

Cosmic Kids Yoga –

Maths- finding half of a quantity

Moving on from their learning of half being two equal parts, today the new learning explores how to halve a quantity. Using the familiar bar model, the children will make the whole and share them into two equal parts. This activity does involve cutting.

Geography-Learning about Africa lesson 2

We will be learning about the diversity in African physical and human features.

Recall what physical features e.g. naturally-created and human features e.g. man-made are. Watch cbeebies presentation (see attached document) and introduce the word landmark e.g. ‘something that stands out in an area. It could be a building, a bridge, a lake or river, a sculpture or something else’.

Activities: Open the landscapes of Africa presentation (see attached document) and try to find the localisation of these landscapes on Google Earth at,-0.57573241,-1057.00204278a,8047476.57714486d,35y,-0.00011955h,0.39858118t,-0r.

Research African flags at and match a range of African flags on the map of Africa (see attached documents).


Literacy- phonics with Miss king warm up – au

Literacy – Tinga Tinga Tales Lesson 4

Now you have created your own Tinga Tinga animal, can you describe it using adjectives? Write a brief description of your Tinga Tinga animal.

Challenge:Try to use a range of adjectives such as colourful, magnificent, dazzling, enormous, spotty, bright.

PSHE – Pegasus Values 

One of our Pegasus Values is ‘We Care’. Can you think of ways you can show the people around you that you care about them?

Write/draw/record ways you could show you care.

How could you show your mummy/daddy that you care about them?

If you have a brother or sister, how could you show them that you care?

Challenge: At least once a day,for the next week, do or say something to show that you care.

Geography-learning about Africa lesson 3

We will be learning about the diversity in African physical and human features.

Review what we have learned about Africa so far e.g. it is a continent formed of lots of different countries, with a wide range of landscapes.

Watch clips about life in different African countries at e.g. Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbawe. Look at the map of Africa (see attached document) and try to localise these countries on the map.


Make an 8 page mini book following the tutorial at

Choose 8 African countries and draw their flags. You can use the flags of Africa document to help you. You can also label each flag with the name of the corresponding country.

Challenge: Write a caption to describe each flag or to include a fact about the country (e.g. landscape, weather, famous landmark).

Extra Activities

Baking – 

Taste some of the flavours of Africa with this simple cookie recipe from West Africa: Kwanzaa Benne cakes.

Music – 

Make your own shaker

Once you have made your shaker, click on the link to ‘Out of the Ark’ for a mood lifting singalong with your new shaker.

Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 20th April, 2020

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