Year 1

Week Starting 31 May 2020

Hello Year One!

Welcome back after half term. Wasn’t the weather lovely? We hope you managed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

The teachers have really enjoyed seeing the fantastic learning you have been doing. Please keep sending us your photos to Thank you to those who have already done so.

Here are some excellent examples of home learning that has been sent to us:

Thank you Evangeline  (Rowan class WH Brigstock) for sharing this sweet letter to a resident in the care home, where your nanny works.






Dharun sai prakash (Shooting stars class, Ecclesbourne) has made a cracking model of a giraffe.






This is a lovely example of Kente cloth by Luca (Green class, Cypress).








Another fabulous model of a gazelle by Daisy (Blue Class, Cypress)








Skandhesh (Rowan class, Brigstock) has enjoyed being a mathematician, using natural materials.







This week the whole trust challenge involves creating as many flags as possible using Lego!

  • In literacy, we will are focusing on a traditional story from the Ashanti people of Ghana.  We will be using the story ‘Anansi the Spider’ but there are lots of different tales you can enjoy on YouTube;
  • In addition to Miss King’s fabulous phonics videos, you can also access  the DfE Letters and Sounds YouTube videos to recap any sounds you are not sure about;
  • In maths, we are learning how to understand place value to 100 .
  • In science, we are learning about animals;
  • In history we are learning about the life of Nelson Mandela;
  • In art, we are using different materials to create African masks ;
Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3
Monday Literacy -Anansi  story retelling Maths  – Counting forwards and backwards from 100 Science- All about pets
Tuesday Literacy -Anansi describing a setting Maths to count tens and one to 100 Art – African masks
Wednesday Physical Activities Whole Trust Challenge Music – read, play and write graphic scores


Literacy -Anansi describing a special talent


Maths – to partition numbers within 100 History-Nelson Mandela
Friday Grammar Maths-Problem solving-revising o’clock and half past times PSHE – Living in the wider world

We are missing you! Enjoy your learning this week!

The Year One Team


1.Literacy warm up – sentence doctor

1. Literacy-Anansi the Spider, a tale from the Ashanti people

Lesson 1: Retelling the story using actions.

Watch the video ‘Anansi the Spider – A tale from the Ashanti’

Can you remember the names of Anansi’s six sons? Sometimes when there are lots of characters or things to remember in a story it helps to tell it with actions.

Assign an action for each of the sons and other characters to help you remember.  For example, you could pretend you are looking into the distance for the son ‘See Trouble’, flap your wings for the Falcon and wiggle your hand up and down to mimic the water.  Once you have assigned actions try and retell the story with the help of your family (see attached pdf document for picture cues).

Challenge: With the help from an adult, you could video your story or parts of it and upload it onto an email for us to see.

2.Maths-  Counting forwards and backwards from 100

To download click this link

3. Science – All about pets

This term in science, we will be investigating and looking at the features of different animals. We are going to start by thinking about animals that may be familiar to some of us – pets!

Read the Power Point below that gives you lots of information about different types of pets.

How To Look After Pets

After that, it’s your turn! We would like you to draw/write an information poster telling people how to look after a pet animal. You might choose one type of animal or think about things that all pets need, There is a sheet to use in downloads if you want to use it.


1. Literacy warm up – phonics revision

This half term in our phonics sessions we are going to be recapping different ways to make the same sound. For example the ‘oy’ sound can be represented by both the digraphs ‘oy’ and ‘oi’. Each session there will be something for you to read and identify the sound we are focusing on in that session. This is also in the downloads if you wanted a printable copy.

Printables Altspellings Oi Phoneme Spotter

After that, we have a sorting activity for you to complete. There will be a grid with all the different ways of making the sound listed at the top and then some examples of words for you to cut and stick/ write in the correct column. This can also be done just using a piece of paper and a pencil. You can choose to do as many as you like but make sure you have at least 3 words in each column!

Printables Altspellings Oi Sorting Grid

Printables Altspellings Oi Sorting Words

1.Literacy-Anansi the Spider, a tale from the Ashanti

Lesson 2: Describing the setting using adjectives

 Do you remember the story? Who was the main character? Watch the narrated PowerPoint below to refresh your memory.


In the story Anansi wandered off away from home and you don’t see what Anansi’s home is like until the end of the story.

 Where do you think Anansi lives?  What is it like?  The Anansi stories originate from Ghana which is a very hot country but what do you think Anansi sees when he is at home, sitting on his spider’s web, with his sons?  Use your imagination and draw what he sees.  After, use adjectives to describe the setting. If you need some help to imagine, please have a look at some photographs of landscapes from Ghana.

Challenge: Can you use some of your other senses e.g. hearing, smell, touch to describe the setting?

2. Maths-  to count tens and one to 100

to download, click this link:

3. Art – African masks

African masks are a key part of African history and culture and art. They are used widely among different African cultures for many different reasons. Some traditional masks are pictured below:


We would like you to create your own African mask. One way of doing it is suggested below:

You will need:





Felt pens or markers

Your task:

Your task is to create your own version of traditional African masks. Use an old cardboard box as a base for the structure and cut out your mask shape as pictured below.  Then add different layers of cardboard, with different shapes and sizes to add detail, pattern and shape to your mask (as in the second picture).  Finish your mask by painting to add a bold design and colour to your mask.


Here are some other ideas to inspire you!



1. Physical activities

Have a go at

2.Whole Trust Challenge

Flag Challenge!

Do something extraordinary this week and see how many flags you are able to create with any Lego that you may have at home. If you don’t have any Lego, try painting, drawing or making collage flags?

You could design a flag quiz – as a PowerPoint slide show or using printed images – and test your friends and family.

How many flags and capital cities do you know?  How many can you learn before the end of the week?  Use the attached Twinkl poster to help you.

Don’t forget to send your flag challenge creations to your home learning email address.

3. Music – Read, play and write graphic scores

Learn about graphic scores with Miss Freeman, then make your own:
Next, go to the website and log onto the student section using the following details: Username: p697849 Password: brown
Click on the box called ‘Assignments’ then on ‘Unit: Year 1 in Review, Reflect, Rewind Replay – Step 1’.
Listen to ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ and try to identify the instruments you can hear.
Finally, sing the song ‘Hey You’ the whole way through.


1.Literacy warm up – key word spelling

Join in with Mrs Ellis to learn to read and spell some of the Year One key words correctly

1. Literacy-Anansi the Spider, a tale from the Ashanti

Lesson 3: Describing your special talents, using the conjunction ‘so’

Anansi had six spider sons in the story and each one had a special talent.  Everyone has something they are good at.  Think about what your special talent is and how it could be used to help your family.  If your special talent was running fast it could help you get your chores done really quickly.  Draw a picture of your special talent and write a paragraph describing how you would use your talent to help your family. Use a conjunction such as so to link your ideas.

Challenge: Can you think of 3 different ideas?

2. Maths – to partition numbers within 100

To download, click the link below

3. History-Learning about Nelson Mandela

Lesson 1


 This lesson plan supports the KS1 requirement: Pupils should be taught about: the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements.


Watch this BBC clip about Nelson Mandela.

Complete the game that follows the clip.

Read through one of the reading comprehensions (or maybe someone could read it to you and ask the questions that follow) and answer the questions. Parents, there are 3 levels of difficulty in the given comprehensions – encourage your child to read the one that is most suitable for them.

Use this information to create a Nelson Mandela fact file. You choose how you display the information. There is a format included you could use or you could create your own poster to display the information. Try and include the following.

Who was Nelson Mandela?

Where was he born?

Why did he go to prison?

How long was he in prison for?

When did he become President of South Africa?

Listen to this famous song about Mandela and have a good dance!



1.Literacy – plurals; adding s 

Join in with Miss Nwosu as she explains how a plural works. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil for this.

Literacy – plurals; adding es

Join in with Miss Nwosu as she explains when you would add ‘es’ at the end of a word to make the plural.

2. Maths problem solving

Do you remember how to tell o’clock time and half-past time?

Yes, you need to look at the position of the big hand on the clock face. If it points to 12, it is o’clock. If it points to 6, it is half past time.

The little hand will tell you what hour it is.

Now, we have 3 sets of word problems for you to try out with increasing difficulty. Maybe better to start with the easy ones first…

3. PSHE – Living in the wider world

So far in PSHE, you have learned about your personal responsibilities and ways to help the wider world. Today you will begin to understand how some people have responsibilities within the community. Community means the people where you live.

To learn more about helping the wider community watch BBC Bitesize ‘My identity – Being a sea cadet.’

In the video, Jacob showed you some important things he does as part of the cadets.

Do you know someone like Jacob who helps/helped lots of people, like a vet, nurse or priest?

Do you belong to a clubs or group like ‘Brownies’?

Draw a picture of you or someone who has or had an important role in the wider community. Write some sentences explaining their responsibilities.

If you are unsure of someone maybe ask your grown up how they help you everyday? Grownups have very important jobs looking after children.

Maybe think about Captain Tom Moore and what he did for the community?

Challenge: Try and complete a ‘good deed’ today; maybe help your parents with a task?

Extra Activities

1. Engineering challenges

For those who like designing and making things and would like to be inventors, here is a great website for you from the James Dyson foundation.

Why not try one of the two challenges below? You can ask your grown-up or your sibling for help! We have attached some guidance for you and you can also watch the corresponding clips on the website.

Spaghetti Bridges

Can you build a spaghetti bridge that’s strong enough to hold a bag of sugar?

Balloon Car Race

Make and race a balloon-powered car using just a balloon, a plastic cup, straws, thread and rubber bands.

2. French taster-Learn the names of the colours in French

Listen to the presentation below.

Which colours do you remember? Practise saying what your favourite colour is, using the French sentence starter:

‘Ma couleur préférée est le ….’

Listen to two simple songs on YouTube: la chanson des couleurs et arc-en-ciel. Did you recognise any colour names?


Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 31st May, 2020

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