Year 5

Week Starting 05 July 2020

A pleasant good morning to all our year 5 pupils and parents! The summer holidays is nearly here and we are continuing with our online work till the end of the term. The year 5 teachers have planned another week of learning for you to indulge in.

Pegasus Trust Challenge
This week’s whole Trust Challenge is linked to:
Black Lives Matter
Create a poster or a poem that expresses how you feel about Black Lives Matter, Diversity and Equality.  There are some ideas in the extra activities downloads.
Remember your poem doesn’t have to rhyme.   Your posters should be eye-catching and stand out.
Please email your work to the Year 5 email address –

Remember to check out your Google Meets here!


Activity 1: English
This week is our final week on the Little Shoemaker. You will be creating your own sequel for the Little Shoemaker by the end of the week. Today, your task is to plan your sequel. Recap the ending, by watching the clip here: The Little Shoemaker. Use the power point and planning sheet below to help you.
Lesson 1 Powerpoint 

Activity 2: Math- Reading and interpreting line graphs:
Begin by watching Mr Kelly’s video where he explains why we use line graphs and offers some tips on how best to read them and gives an introduction to today’s learning. Download the worksheet below use the answer sheet to check your work – be sure to work through incorrect answers so you understand better next time.


Activity 3: Thematic- Research the Galapagos Islands
Today we want you to begin some research that will carry on into Tuesday’s work.
Using your PCs and laptops, work through these Explore The Galapagos Islands  to create a fact file on The Galapagos Islands. Your fact file could be on any theme eg:
Animals found there
Location of the islands
Plants in the Galapagos
Charles Darwin ideas about the islands

You may choose to use the fact file templates below or present your work however you choose. Make sure to make notes today while researching.



Activity 1: Reading (Social Media Day)
Last Tuesday it was Social Media Day. Social Media has become a part of our everyday lives and I am sure most people would find it hard to spend time away from our screens! Watch the video Social Media today and complete the questions to find out how social media begun.

Activity 2 : Maths
Today’s work follows on from yesterday’s learning and you’ll be applying the same principle of reading across from the x or y axis and meeting the line to determine the information. Yesterday’s video included a little introduction to today’s work. Good luck!

Complete the worksheet and then check your answers (both are in the download section below).

If you’ve enjoyed this work on line graphs, check the “Extra Activities” for this week where there are some worksheets on creating your own line graphs as well as some challenges on creating your own graphs.

Activity 3:Thematic- Geography
Continue and complete work from yesterday’s research on the Galapagos Islands.




Activity 1: English Writing
Today you will begin writing your sequel. Use your plan to write the beginning of your sequel – our focus today will be using D. A. D. Use your imagination and get creative! Who does that new shoe cart belong to? What will Mr Botte do?

Activity 2 : Maths- Reading and interpreting tables.

Start with the video explainer from Mr Kelly if you’re less confident but if you mastered the line graphs you should have the skills to complete the worksheet on tables (below in the downloads section, alongside the answer sheet). Today we look at tables with just one set of data.

Activity 3: Science
It’s always a great idea to investigate and experiment with different things in Science. Here are some investigations that you should try at home. Choose a science investigation to do and write it up using the recording sheet below.



Activity 1:Reading (4th July)
Take time to enjoy reading your new favourite book, or have a browse on Oxford Owl. Alternatively, read this month’s copy of National Geographic Magazine here:
National Geographic Magazin
Activity 2 : Maths- two way tables.
Today we’re going to be looking at tables with multiple sets of data. This shouldn’t be too tricky if you’ve ever used a multiplication grid – just find the information in the header (top) row and then the information in the left column and look to where the row and column intersect. Check yesterday’s video for some tips and an introduction to the worksheet (which is in the downloads below, alongside the answers)
Activity 3: PSHE: Responsibilities


Activity 1: English –Writing
Today is your final day on the Little Shoemaker. Your task is to continue writing your sequel to the story. You need to complete the middle and ending to your sequel story. Your challenge today is to use ISPACE at the beginning of your sentences to engage the reader. We can’t wait to read your fantastic stories! I wonder what happens to Mr Botte…
Activity 2: Maths
It’s Friday! Don’t be late! In just over a year you’ll be heading off to secondary school. Perhaps you’ll need to take a bus or train. You’ll certainly need to know where you need to be as you move around to your teachers’ rooms. What time is Double Maths on Tuesday? Where is PE on Friday? Watch Mr Kelly’s explanation video for some guidance and an introduction to the worksheet (in the downloads below, alongside the answers).
Activity 3 Art – The Natural world
Today you can have a go at some art using some natural resources. You will need to collects some resources before you begin.
Art Week The Natural World




Extra Activities

Pegasus Whole School Challenge


Published on 5th July, 2020

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