Year 5

Week Starting 31 May 2020


Good morning all of year 5 pupils and a huge welcome back to our online learning page. I trust that you had a most enjoyable ‘half term’. Did you even notice it was half term?😉 Can you believe that it’s been over 2 months since you have been away from school; even longer than your summer vacation.😃

The year 5 team and other staff are getting ready to welcome some of you back to school next week and we are very excited to see some familiar faces again. The online learning pages will still be updated every week for this half term so please continue to access your weekly work there. Remember to check our year 5 blogs as well- we always have some wonderful and exciting things to share with each other. Here’s a look at some of the activities that you and your peers in year 5 have been up to during the last week. We are all so proud of your determination and independence!

Visiting exciting places…or are they?

Science,   poetry, art,   and even a   game of   table pool   are just   some of the ways you have been spending your time!










Comics and graphic novels, magical underwater creations, Maths and PSHE were also some of the great work we saw. So proud of this effort!







Rangoli patterns in a unique way is shown here as well as an exquisite piece of comic design based on the book Flotsum.

Some pupils also continue to receive certificates in the mail for being good bloggers- I’m sure yours will arrive soon.




The photo competition was on last week as well. Here are some splendid and quite thoughtful ways of using perspective to create these images. Well done guys!

Pegasus Whole Trust Challenge:
This week’s challenge is fun and enjoyable as well so let’s see what you can do here using the worksheets below:
Flag Challenge
Flags Of The World



Activity 1. English
The Island
In the build up to Refugee Week (15th-21st June) we will be studying a new book that deals with the themes of injustice, invisibility and the refugee experience. Today we will begin to learn what it means to be a refugee. What do you think a refugee is?  Why might living as a refugee be difficult?  Please watch this video about the life of one child living in a refugee camp to find out more by clicking here: Refugee Camp Niroz. Then go through the PowerPoint A New Home Refugees below for more stories and examples of famous refugees.  Finally, please attempt either the 1, 2 or 3 star reading comprehension about why we recognise refugee week.  Or perhaps you would like to think about what it might be like living as a refugee, in that case, try the empathy tasks below.

Activity 2. Maths
Identifying Angles

We are kick-starting this term off with Angles. Listen to what Mr St Aimee has to say and watch the PPT The Angles Family carefully!

Do you know your Obtuse to your Acute? Have a go at labeling the angles now using the worksheet below.

Activity 3. PSHE
Random Acts of Kindness!
It’s Parents Day! So we thought it would be amazing if you do something nice for your parents.

a) Play a game of Skitt-do!  Just remember you need a bag of Skittels beforehand for this!
Follow the instructions by clicking SKIT DO

b) If you have no skittles then no need to worry- try this activity instead!
make you very own  SKIT DO Colour Spinner.





Activity 1. English
Today Ms Sewell, from WHJUN, will be reading our new book –
‘The Island’ by Armin Greder.
Look carefully at the illustrations, how do you think they add meaning to the story?  Please be aware that the ‘stranger’ is naked. This is to illustrate the lack of resources, freedom and choice experienced by many refugees and the innocence of the man who appeared on the island in contrast to the hostility that he is confronted with by the islanders.
Once you have read and listened to the book, you can now complete one, some or all of the Reading Worksheets to demonstrate what you have learnt from the story.



Activity 2. Maths
Comparing and ordering angles
Now that we are more confident with the different types of angles, today we will be diving into comparing and ordering them in terms of size.

Have a go at the different levels of questions in the download below. Start with the EXTRA MILD and move on to the SPICY. Can you handle that heat?

Check your answers when you have completed the activity. No peeking!


Activity 3. Religious Education
Continuing with Judaism we will be learning about their Main Beliefs which is The Ten Commandments.
Listen to the video below and hear what Mrs Dyges from WHJUN has to share with you today.

Task:  Design and illustrate a picture or model of The Ten Commandments.
Your finished work can include Moses, Mount Sanai, the Israelites, but must include The Ten Commandments – these rules must be clearly visible to read.


Activity 1. English
The Island
In our story, ‘The Island’ there is a subtle but definite use of inflammatory language used and today we will be using it to plan a newspaper article for the islanders.  Please go through the PowerPoint presentation to help gather ideas before using one of the Planning Templates to plan your own Island newspaper article.

Listen to the presentation then begin to plan your newspaper article after listening.
Activity 2. Maths
Estimating Angles
Following on from the previous two days, you will be deepening your angles skills by estimating the degrees in the given angles.
Use the worksheet below- either print or write the answers down in your workbook.
We would like you to try them all in the Estimating Angles  worksheet.

Activity 3.Thematic/Art
This week for art we will be exploring 3 graffiti artist styles. We will then be using their styles of graffiti to create a mural that you would like to see on the side of Fairfield Halls building in Croydon.

Have a look at these spectacular graffiti murals in the video below. Do you recognise any of them? Can you think of a place where you have seen graffiti art in Croydon or anywhere else? Then complete the task set there.



Activity 1. English
The Island
Following on from yesterday, today we will be using our plans which we created to write a newspaper article. But before we write our articles, let’s recap the Features Of A Newspaper Report by clicking on this link.
When you are ready to write, you can use one of the templates below or even create your own on paper or use your pc/laptop to compose the article.
Activity 2. Maths
Estimating and comparing angles
Today we will be mixing it up and bit. We will be estimating and comparing angles. We will dive a bit deeper with some reasoning questions to see if we really know our stuff on angles!
So, here we go!
Use the Comparing And Ordering Angles sheet below to demonstrate your skills.

Activity 3. Science
1) All Living Things: Life Cycles of Animals
Last term you learnt about life cycles of different living things. This week not only will you be revisiting some of what you learnt last term, you will also be looking at the life cycles of animals, insects and mammals. Go through this presentation Science Animal Life Cycle, with its colourful diagrams, and note how different living things have different gestation periods!

Task: Your task is to answer these questions in the Science Task in full sentences using scientific vocabulary.







Activity 1. Read or Listen- it’s your choice!
a) Listen
Perhaps you fancy capturing your inner younger child and being read to, if that is the case, please enjoy listening to:
Tiana Eat Up is a children’s story book written by one of our very own Year 5 teachers from WHJUN- Ms Sunday.
Here is a clip of it being read by the Ex Eastenders’ star:
Bunmi Mojekwu on Tata Storytime.b) Read
Remember you can also find a range of books on Oxford Owl
Choose class login and enter the details:
username: patyear5 
password: Logon
Activity 2. Maths
In order to consolidate your learning this week, there are two Angles games for you to have a go at:
1. Interactive protractor
2. Guess the angle Have a turn- get it?
Activity 3. Art
Graffiti Mural
Welcome to the 2nd part of our Graffiti lesson which we began on Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed that lesson as it was one of my favourite.
Task: Complete the Graffiti task by creating a piece that can be displayed on the side of the Fairfields Hall in Croydon.
Use the template below to support your ideas.

Extra Activities

Activity 1.  Have a go at this week’s Trust Challenge- I’ve tried it with the lego I’ve got at home and found in quite enjoyable. Flag Challenge (1).
use the download below to help you decide which flags you can make.
Activity 2. Maybe you might like to rehearse using a protractor- then have a go with this activity:
Reading A Protractor T
Activity 3.Try a game of family fun with this activity: Silly Skittles Family Edition.
Activity 4. It’s Child Safety Week and we would like you to remember how to stay safe at home around electrical equipment. Visit the website ‘Switched on kids’ here and then complete the task below.

Published on 31st May, 2020

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