Year 3

Week Starting 31 May 2020

Welcome to the final half term of year 3!

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Despite current conditions, the year seems to have flown by.

The home learning email: was very busy learning from the last 2 weeks. Well done to all who sent pictures in.

Elousie in Holly class and her created 3D shapes.

Iqra in Birch class has worked hard on her French.

Harry in Cedar class has been busy making pasta.

Ashan in Asteroids class and this beautiful piece of science.

Lorenzo in Meteors class and his Stonehenge fact file.


Claudia in Shetlands showing off her amazing model.

Jaiyana in New Forest and her Stonehenge Model.

Grigore in Elm working hard on his maths.

Remember next week is a new week so continue to post pictures on your class blogs and send them to the email above. We look forward to hearing from you.

Below you will find the tasks for this week along with extra activities for you to try. There is also the weekly trust challenge, which can be found in extra activities as well.

MONDAY  Maths –  What do you know about time? Literacy – Character description Science – Plants
TUESDAY Literacy – Diary entry RE – Wesak Maths – o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter  to.
WEDNESDAY Reading – New words Maths – 5 minute intervals PSHE – Teamwork
THURSDAY Maths – 1 minute intervals French – Numbers Reading – Inference
FRIDAY PE – Name exercises Reading – Predictions Music – Bringing us together

Have another fabulous week and stay safe.

You are all stars!

The Year 3 team.


MATHS – What do you think of when someone says time? If you think clocks, minutes, months, years, then you are on the right track. This week we will be looking at lots of different aspects of time. Start off by using the prompt question on the powerpoint to write down what you already know. Use the websites to find out a little more information and then answer the questions for today. (See downloads below)

LITERACY – Our final book of the year ‘Edward Tulane’ sees us discover the emotions behind what it’s like to love, lose and change. Join Ms Stewart for the introduction to chapter 1. Once you have listened to it, create a character description for Edward following the second video below..

Chapter 1 task video.

SCIENCE – We know that plants need water to live but does the type of liquid matter? Carry out today’s activity and see what you find out.


LITERACY – Ms Stewart is back with the second installment of ‘Edward Tulane’. Listen to the chapter and think about how Edward is feeling after the events he has experienced at the house. Today’s task is to write a diary entry to show this.

RE – Thursday 7th May was Buddha’s birthday and the most important celebration for Buddhist. Click the link to find out more about Wesak. – What usually happens on this day, how it is celebrated and then have a go at making your own Wesak lantern.

MATHS – Follow the powerpoint (see dowloads below) to remember how to tell o’clocks on an analogue clock then see if you can recall quarter past, half past and quarter to.


READING – There have been some new words introduced in our latest book. Try today’s activity to see if you can work out their meanings then, listen to chapters 3 and 4 and makes some brief notes on the book so far.

 Chapter 3


Chapter 4

MATHS – Time’s ticking- follow the powerpoint to help you tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. We will only focus on ‘minutes past’ for now. Once you have finished, answer the questions for today.

PSHE – Why is teamwork important? Talk to other people at home and think about what makes a great team, and what are the parts of a great team? Use the Amazing Teamwork Balloons sheet (or create your own) to think about what makes you amazing, and how that has helped you be part of a great team.


MATHS – Following on from yesterday, today we begin to tell the time to the nearest minute past the hour. Follow the powerpoint and then answers today’s questions (see downloads below)

FRENCH – Are you ready to count in French? Today, you will be learning to count from 0-20 in French. First, you can listen to a song that will be linked in the PowerPoint to get you started. You will finish off by completing some fun number activities.

READING – Can you remember what inference is? Click this link for a quick reminder and then read today’s extract and answer the inference questions.


PE – Work out with you name. Write each letter of our name as though you were going to write an acrostic poem. Next to each letter, write down the corresponding exercise from the document below (see downloads). Complete the exercises that spell out your name. Once you have done this, take a 30 second break and repeat it. Try and see of you can complete the exercises for your name 4 times.

READING – Find out what happens to Edward Tulane as he sets off overseas on an adventure to England. Use your inference skills to explain chapter 5 and predict what will happen next.

MUSIC – Log in to Chranga (see downloads below for details) Start off by listening to  ‘Bringing us together’. and then complete the activities outlined on the download sheet.

Extra Activities

MATHS –  As you know we have started to look at time this week in maths. Why not have a go at making your very own clock using either a paper plate or an old CD?

LITERACY – Recap the chapters of Edward Tulane by answering these comprehension questions.

FRENCH -How did you get on with this week’s French tasks? Here is one final activity for you to have a go at if you wish.

Pegasus Weekly Trust Task – Get creative with the Flag challenge. Dig out the lego, counters, pencils etc and see what you can create with this week’s task.

Published on 31st May, 2020

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