Year 2

Week Starting 21 June 2020

Hello Year 2!

How are you all doing? We hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed last week’s home learning activities. We received so many fantastic photos of you creating treasure maps, making treasure chests and doing lots of fantastic learning. It was so hard to choose just a few photos so Miss Rolfe has created a brilliant video of all your home learning photos, take a look below.  Don’t forget to send in your photos this week to

It was great to see so many of your faces during our Year 2 whole year group Google Meet last week. This week we have lots more Class and Year Group Meets taking place, these Meets will have smaller numbers of children in them and will allow more time for the teachers and staff to chat to the children. As we are offering smaller Meets to all children there will be no whole year group Meet on Wednesday. Check out the ‘Extra Activities’ section or the Google Meets page to find out which day your Meet will be held, what the password will be and what you need to bring along with you to the Meet.  Remember you have to log on to Google suites using your child’s .306 log on otherwise you will not be allowed into the Meet. Please click here for instructions on how to log on. Please email if you need your child’s log on details, we kindly ask if you send in queries the day before your Meet at the latest so we can have time to email you back with the correct details.

This week, it is National School Sport Week.  At this time of year we are often enjoying taking part in Sports’ Day.  This year, our celebration of sport will be a bit different but you can find out more about getting involved in NSSW from home here: As part of this week’s whole Trust challenge,  we would like you to get active by building – and using – your very own obstacle course.  Check out Wednesday’s learning for more information.

Also this week, it is National Picnic week. The sun is set to shine this week and what better way to celebrate than by having a picnic in your garden, local park or even on the floor in your home. You could bake something nice to take with you or help your grown up make the sandwiches before you set off. Picnics are a great way to spend quality time together, get some fresh air, play games or listen to music.  Don’t forget to tidy up before you leave and bring you litter home with you if you can’t find a bin.  It will be hot so remember to protect yourself with a sunhat and sun cream. Why don’t you take a photo of your picnic and send it into the year 2 email, we’d love to see them.

We have more fantastic pirate themed activities for you to complete in this week’s learning and you will also be finishing off your pirate chapter stories. We have an exciting soap sculpture lesson planned for art, a science lesson exploring habitats in your local area and a great PSHE lesson all about changes and our feelings. The year 2 teachers have recorded some more pirate stories click on the teacher’s name to watch the video.  Mrs Clapham reading ‘Miranda and the Castaways’ by James Mayhew, Mrs Sullivan reading ‘Tim, Ted and the Pirates’ by Ian Whybrow and Russell Ayto and Mrs Sullivan reading ‘Class Three at Sea’ by Julia Jarmen.

Below is this week’s learning timetable:

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Literacy – Chapter 2 Maths – Describing movement Science – Local Habitats
Tuesday Literacy – Planning your adventure Maths – position and direction Art – Soap Sculptures
Wednesday Literacy – Pirate story writing Maths – position and direction Pegasus Trust Challenge – National School Sports Week Challenge
Thursday Literacy – Pirate story writing Maths – Challenge Thematic – Tourism in Jamaica
Friday Literacy – Pirate story writing ICT – Programming PSHE – Changes and Feelings

We hope you have a lovely week and enjoy time outside in the sunshine. We look forward to seeing lots of you at the Class Meets this week.

Take care, keep safe and be kind to one another.

The Year 2 Team 😊


1. Literacy – Chapter 2 – Arriving at your treasure island.

Imagine you arrive at your treasure island…

Now, watch this video, what can you hear? Remember your ideas from last week? Today, you will write chapter 2 of your pirate adventure and this chapter will be about arriving at your treasure island. Don’t forget to use the wordbank below. You might want to think about these questions when writing:

  • What did you see?
  • What did you hear?
  • What did you smell?
  • What could you feel?
  • How did you feel?

Here is an example of how you chapter might begin:

Suddenly a pirate yelled “LAND AHOY!” I grabbed my telescope and held it up to my good eye, there in the distant I could see Skull Island and I couldn’t believe my eyes. As we got closer, I lowered the anchor and waited till the ship came to a stop.  Slowly, I stepped off the ship and felt the softest, golden sand beneath my feet.  All around me I could see swaying palm trees and monkeys swinging and chattering at us.  I turned to Pirate Pete and said “Pinch me Pete, I can’t believe we are finally here.” Then out of the corner of my eye I saw something sparkling in the blue sea, as I took out my telescope to have a closer look, I saw it was a glass bottle bobbing up and down.  I swam as quick as shark through the warm, blue sea till I reached the bottle and swam back to shore.  Everyone crowded round as I pulled out an old, tattered, brown treasure map.

2. Maths – Describing Movement.

Follow Miss McKenzie’s lesson all about describing movements when looking at position and direction. Don’t forget to click the speaker to listen Miss McKenzie’s instructions.  Click here.

3. Science – Local Habitats.

This week in science, you will become nature detectives! You will be exploring habitats and micro-habitats in your local environment. Your task it to draw the habitat and animals you found or you could create your own habitats using leaves, sticks, soil and logs you might have in your garden. See the sheet below named ‘Exploring Local Habitats’ to find out more.


1. Literacy – Planning your adventure.

In today’s lesson you will be planning your adventure on your pirate island.  You will need your treasure map at hand and you will have to pick a few of your favourite places you would like to explore in the story, in the hope of finding treasure.  Watch Miss Rolfe’s lesson below on how plan your adventure.

2. Maths – Position and direction.

Complete the task below which has questions about the position and direction of objects on the grid. Don’t forget to use the mathematical language on the sheet.

Challenge – have a go at the challenges below all about making patterns with shapes using position direction. Click the document below named ‘Making Patterns with Shapes’

3. Art – Soap sculptures.

A few weeks back we looked at some sculptures. Today, you will become sculptors and have a go at making a sculpture out of soap.  Watch this video. Now, have a think about what you would like to make a sculpture of.  Sea creatures are a great idea, you could make a fish, a seahorse, a piece of coral, a starfish or even a turtle. See the sheet below for more information about how to make your soap sculpture. Send in a photo of your soap sculptures to the year 2 email, we would love to see them.



1. Literacy – Pirate writing.

Today, you will be writing about the first place you explore on your treasure island in your quest to find the treasure. Where will you go? What do you see there? How do you feel about being there? Are you scared? What goes wrong? Is it a booby-trap? How will you escape?
Watch Miss Rolfe’s lesson below where she tells you more about describing your adventure.

2. Maths – Position and direction

Have a look at this Powerpoint which talks you through clockwise and anti-clockwise turns. Now have a go at the sheet below named ‘Day 3 – Position and direction’.

3. Pegasus Whole Trust Challenge – National School Sports Week Challenge.

This week, it is National School Sport Week.  At this time of year, we are often enjoying taking part in Sports’ Day and Key Stage 2 children have the opportunity to compete at the Croydon Schools’ Athletics Championship.  This year, our celebration of sport will be a bit different but you can find out more about getting involved in NSSW from home here:

This week, we would like you to get active by building – and using – your very own obstacle course.  Your obstacle course can be indoors or outdoors and there’s lots of ideas here to get you started:

Don’t forget to send us some pictures of your obstacle courses – we can’t wait to see them.  Have fun!


1. Literacy – Pirate writing.

Today, you are writing the next place you will explore on your treasure island.  By now, you have got a brilliant pirate story taking shape but we can’t stop here because we haven’t found the treasure yet. Don’t forget to think of interesting ways to start you sentences.  Watch Miss Rolfe’s video as she takes you through today’s lesson.

2. Maths – Reasoning challenges.

Today, your challenge to have a go at some reasoning problems. All the problems involve things you have learnt this week about position and direction.  Remember the answer may not be obvious to you at first and you might have to try more than one way before you get to the answer. Have a look at the document below named ‘Reasoning challenges’.

3. Thematic – Tourism in Jamaica.

Today we are going to think about tourism.  Tourism is thinking about why people visit places, what do they do when they are there and what do they see.  Read the Powerpoint all about Tourism in Jamaica to find out why people might visit Jamaica for a holiday and what your task is.

Downloads for Thursday


1. Literacy – Pirate writing.

Today, is the last day we will be writing our pirate chapter stories so that means – yes, you’ve guessed it, today you will find the treasure.  You need to chose one last place to search on your treasure island and there you will find the ‘X’ that marks the spot. Don’t forget to describe how you get to the treasure chest and what the treasure looks like.  Watch Miss Rolfe take you through the last chapter below:

2. ICT – Programming.

Start with Course 1 where children can create simple computer programs that will help them learn to develop problem-solving skills, and persist through difficult tasks. By the end of this course, students will create their very own custom game or story that they can share.

The skills that they will learn include; dragging and dropping, maze sequences, creating loops and debugging.

Click here to start.

3. PSHE – Changes and Feelings.

Watch the video of Miss Wenham reading ‘The colour Monster’.

There has been a lot of change in the last few months that may have left you feeling like the Colour Monster, all mixed up and a little confused. It is OK to feel these emotions but we need to share how we feel or we get all mixed up inside. Sometimes it might be hard to say how we are feeling or we might not understand why we feel that way.

So your First Challenge to create your own colour monster!
You will need:

  • An empty cardboard box or tissue box is the best! You could even use an egg box or an old shoe box.
  • Scissors
  • Paint or coloured paper
  • White paper
  • A pencil
  • Glue or Tape

If you have a tissue box, shoe box or egg box, great all you need to do is decorate your box however you want! Have a cardboard box instead?  You need to cut a rectangle hole in the middle of your box—get an adult to help you with this bit!

Decorating? Use paint or coloured paper to decorate however you like—look at the pictures below for some ideas.

Finished? Now create 2 eyes and some teeth (cut triangles) that you can stick onto your monster.

Fantastic! You have your Colour Monster—You might have to let him dry for a bit.

So now you’ve made your colour monster… here is your next challenge…

Just like the colour monster we are going to think about each emotion  we feel. For this part watch the video as I do it along with you.
You’ll need paper, a pencil or pen and coloured pens or pencils (if you have them).

Challenge – below are two more sheets that help you to identify how you are feeling and things you are grateful for.






Extra Activities

Check out this week’s extra activities in the downloads sections. We have an I spy Emoji, a twelve letter challenge, a mental maths challenge quiz and a reading comprehension to name a few.

Google Meets – Have a look below to see when your class or year group Meet will be this week. We hope to see lots of your smiley faces there!

Tuesday 23rd June at 11AM – Indigo, Purple, Lilac and Ash classes from Whitehorse Manor Infants and Brigstock. Password – year2whinfbrig. All your teachers are so excited to see all your lovely faces. Over the last two weeks you have been creating lots of pirate themed work, we would like you to bring a piece of work or artwork along with you to the Meet for show and tell.  This could be a drawing, your treasure map or a hat, treasure chest or parrot you’ve made. Your teachers will be dressed as pirates and we hope you will join in and dress up as a pirate for our Class Meet. Remember you could make your own hat, eye patch or even use face paints to give you a piratey look! See you all there me hearties!

Tuesday 23rd June at 1:30PM – Violet and Turquoise classes from Cypress. Password – year2cypvioturq. Mrs Sorensen and Ms Fernandez would like all children who are attending the joint Class Meet to have a piece of work they have done or some news to share during the show and tell session.

Wednesday 24th June at 11AM – Lilac and Indigo from Beulah. Password – year2binf. This will be a joint class Meet. Your teachers would like all children attending to bring along some work they have done for a show and tell session. Miss Cashmiri will also be reading a pirate story book. If you want you can dress up as a pirate.

Thursday 25th June at 2PM – Ruby class from Cypress. Password – rubycypress. Miss Wenham would like all children attending the Class Meet to dress up as a pirate, this could be a whole costume or just a hat and remember you could make your own hat, eye patch or even use face paints to give you a piratey look! She would also like you have a piece of paper and pen/pencil with you ready for her Pirate Quiz. Sounds like so much fun!!

Friday 26th June at 1:30PM – Shuttles and Satellites classes from Ecclesbourne. Password – year2eps. Miss McKenzie and Mr Strutt would like all children attending the joint Class Meet to come prepared with a piece of learning or something they have done at home to show and tell with their class during the session.


Music – Over the last two weeks we have been doing lots of pirate themed activities so here is a pirate song just for you.

Just dance – A pirate you shall be
WALT –  identify the sound of different orchestral instruments
Learn about timbre and how the instruments of the orchestra are grouped with Miss Freeman.
Next, go to the website and log on to the student section using the following details: Username: p697846 Password: robin
Click on the box called ‘Assignments’ then on ‘Unit: Year 2 in Review, Reflect, Rewind Replay – Step 4’ and complete the following tasks.
1. Listen to and identify the instruments you can hear in ‘Feel Like Jumping’.
2. Click on ‘warm up games’ and complete one of the challenges.
3. First Composer – make up your own melody using different pitch notes.
4. Sing ‘I Wanna Play In A Band’. Try to sing along with someone else in your house. Their voice will have a different timbre to yours.Singing Assembly – Pirates!
Don’t forget to check out the JamBus youtube page for more music lessons!
Mrs Quick’s song of the week.

Published on 21st June, 2020

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