Year 5

Week Starting 21 June 2020

Welcome to YR 5 Home learning Summer term Week 4
Good morning year 5😀! It has been a wonderful ‘return to school’ for some of you in the last 2 weeks. The teachers have had such a lovely time teaching and working with you all. For those of you at home who are still accessing our online learning, we are happy to see all the work that you continue to send in every week.

This past week, we were fortunate to have seen many of you on our Year 5 Google Meets as well as your own class meets- a whopping 79 pupils from across all the schools joined in to listen to our Science lesson presented by Mrs Rose. I hope that you were also able to join in your to catch up with your teacher and classmates.

This week we will no longer be having a Whole Trust Meet but instead, you can check the Google Meets timetable here to see when your class will next be meeting LIVE!

Remember to post on your class blogs as we still check them regularly- Year 5 class blogs-
to catch up with all that you have been doing at home.
You or your parents can also email questions and work to

Overview of the week




Activity 1: English- Le Petit Cordonnier
In a timeless Parisian street there is ‘Le Petit Cordonnier’ – The Little Shoemaker, called Mr Botte. He makes and sells a special kind of shoe and business is good. However, the little shoemaker’s life is about to change…a new shoe seller is in town and he will do anything to gain business.  Mr Botte’s business starts to fail. How will he cope? Will there be any help from him on the horizon? Follow the PowerPoint directions  and watch the start of the movie before pausing to answer some inference questions. Make your own prediction about what will happen in the end, before watching the film to completion!
Click here:The Little Shoemaker Click her to watch the video: The Little Shoemaker

Activity 2: Maths- Translation and Reflection
Welcome to reflection and translation. Let’s start with some questions…what are coordinates? What is a quadrant? Click on videos below to find out more.
You may also wish to a play the game and work though the challenges in the downloads below to apply what you have learned. Have Fun!

What are coordinates?

Coordinates- Alien Game

Activity 3: Religious Education- Judaism
Today for RE, we will be looking at the place where Jews go to worship – The Synagogue.
At the end of the narrated power-point presentation you will be asked to design the inside of your own Synagogue.
We have given you an example of the outside of a synagogue that a child designed – note how colourful it is!





Activity 1: English- The Little Shoemaker
Today we will continue to be inspired in our work by the short film, ‘Le Petit Cordonnier’ – The Little Shoemaker. How does ‘show not tell’ play a part in the stories we read and watch?  Work through the PowerPoint presentation to learn more before designing your own shoe and creating show not tell sentences for it.
Use the English resources in the downloads below to support you. Remember to send in some of your designs.

Activity 2: Maths- Translation and Reflection
Today we will be reflecting using lines in a 2-D grid and coordinates in the first quadrant.
Watch the video: How to transform a shape
to gain better understanding of the transformation in shapes, especially reflection. Then download the worksheet below to practise your skills.
Activity 3: Science- Life Cycle of Humans
This week we will be learning about the Human Life Cycle!
By the end of the session you will understand the different gestation periods of a foetus, the different stages of a Human Beings life and you will learn about Puberty and Hygiene.
At the end of the presentation you will see an example of the task you will need to complete.




Activity1: English
Today it is National Writing Day!  As we gently emerge from ‘lockdown’, the power of words to give voice to our stories couldn’t be more important.

This National Writing Day we are following in the footsteps of the organisation ‘First Story’. Helping kids to realise that their own lives are interesting.
Children should not overlook the stories, characters, voices, wit and drama in their own worlds. First Story are launching the simple writing call to action: the #247challenge. The challenge is intended as a moment of unity, of freedom and – most importantly – of fun where students, teachers – and anyone who wants to be involved – can enjoy writing together and take a moment to express themselves.  So we would like you to:

  • Write a 24-word story on a piece of paper (or record on video) starting with ‘One day…’
  • Take a photo of your story or take a photo of yourself with your writing
  • Share your original pieces of writing via our Class Blogs using #24challenge. Then tag three friends!

Now for those of your who need more of a challenge than 24 words.  Please complete our 200 Word Challenge.
Use the picture inspiration to write a 200 word story.
Be as imaginative as possible!

Activity 2: Maths- Translation and Reflection
Today we will be exploring the coordinates on 2D reflected shapes.
You can use a plain piece of paper, in place of tracing paper to support you in reflecting the shapes and finding the coordinates. Use the worksheets in the download below.
Activity 3: Thematic:Victorian Crime and Punishment
For Crime and Punishment, we will be looking at some of the different punishments that fitted a particular crime.  We will then look at an actual crime report from the Victorian era.
After listening to the Prosecutions argument and witness statements, you will have to decide whether the person is guilty or not guilty!








Activity 1: English
Following on from Tuesday’s lesson, you are going to be writing a character description for one of our main characters – Mr Botte or The Competitor from ‘The Little Shoemaker’.
Go through this power point The Little Shoemaker before choosing a template to write your character description on.
Perhaps you would like to create your own template!
Either way, please enjoy and remember to share your good work with your class teachers.
Activity 2: Maths
Today we will be moving on to translation- this is when our 2D shapes move into a different position on a grid.
Use the worksheets below to find out more about this.
PSHE-Healthy Minds
Children and young people’s sleep is an increasingly important issue. Poor quality and insufficient sleep can be both the cause and effect of wider health problems.
All pupils should understand ‘the importance of sufficient good quality sleep for good health and how a lack of sleep can affect weight, mood and ability to learn’.
During the covid-19 crisis many of us have developed poor sleep habits.
So, do follow this lesson called:The Sleep Factor, on developing healthy sleep habits and see how it may change things for you or someone you know.






Activity 1: English- Reading
To complete our hard work this week, today we would like you to spend some time reading.
Perhaps you fancy exploring the setting of our visual text this week – Paris. If so, read the information on these links below.

On Oxford Owls please choose class login and enter the details:
username: patyear5                                                                     password: Logon5

Activity 2: Maths
Finally, today we will be ending the week with the translation of the shapes and its coordinates. We hope you have learnt a lot of new skills this week. Why not try a few of the activities in the downloads below and challenge yourself.
Or you can log on to your TTRS/Mathletics , BBCBitesize and do some activities there.

Activity 3: ART/DT
On Sunday 28th June will be Parma Violet day!
Do you know what Parma Violets are?  Of course you do! They are the little round violet (or some say purple) fizzy sweets!
Go through the presentation by clicking the link below and design your own packaging for Parma Violets.
Or why not be adventurous and design your own purple sweet and packaging!  Have a look at what we have designed!
Are you inspired to make your own sweet and packaging?

Design Advert Poster For Sweet!


Downloads for Friday

Extra Activities

If you have time this week then try some of these extra activities to keep you busy:

  1. Maths Summer Starters
  2. Mindful Breathing Dot To Dot
  3. The Sleep Factor KS2
  4. Sleep Buster Solutions Grid
  5. Windrush Day


Pegasus Whole Trust Challenge!

National School Sport Week Challenge


Published on 21st June, 2020

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