Year 5

Week Starting 12 July 2020

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after this week of course!
Good morning year 5- what a wonderful morning it is! For the final week of online learning, we have packed in some fun activities to get you through. This final week of school will be like none other! All the teachers would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and safe summer holidays. We will see most of you back next year as the ‘new year 6s’!
Get ready for the final Pegasus Whole Trust Challenge!
⛺Big Camp Challenge!⛺
What have you completed this week?
When is your GOOGLE MEET?
This week will be your final meeting on Google Meet and you will have a chance to meet your new year 6 teacher! I know that most of you are very excited by this so be sure to join in and say thank you and goodbye to each other!



Activity 1 English
This week we are entering the often scary world of a mystery story, filled with tension and suspense. To get the week off to a suitable creepy start we have a story for you to read and respond to. As you are reading, think about the techniques that the author has used in order to make the story mysterious and even a little bit scary. Can you find examples of good writing?  There are questions on most pages, so feel free to write your answers down or if you prefer then just respond verbally.  I must warn you, this story is designed to be scary!  For those of you who are sensitive, please complete one of the differentiated reading comprehensions which do not delve so deep into the story.  For everyone else – prepare to be spooked 👀
The Curse Of Cogston House Short Story Ebook
Activity 2 Maths
Monday Colour By Calculation Warm
Watch this page come alive, by calculating the correct answers and using the correct colours!
Can you see what the finished calculation is?  Try not to scroll down and take a sneaky peek at the answers.
If you can handle it – try the calculations code breaker too!  Can you multiply and divide any number…

Activity 3- RE- Judaism

Welcome to this week’s lesson :The Jewish Rabbi
Follow the links to find out exactly what it means to be a Rabbi and their role in the Jewish Community!  Concentrate very carefully!  How detailed can you make your fact file?

Challenge:  Using the information you have gathered can you create a fact file for a visitor, who might be visiting your home town!









Activity 1 English
Today we will continue to be inspired in our work by our reading yesterday as we begin to plan our own mystery story. Follow along with the PowerPoint presentation while using the planning template to generate ideas for your spooky story.
Mystery Plan Presentation

Activity 2 Maths
Code Breaking – Mild
Can you work out the answers to this code breakers?  Using your knowledge, that you have learnt in class, break these codes!

Number Cross – Warm-Hot
Why not be adventurous and try this Number Cross Code Breaker instead of the Code Breaking task!  Can you complete it with the correct answers?

Activity 3-Science
Try this investigation at home- make sure your adult is aware of what you are doing to do and always ask permission before carrying out any experiments.
Red Cabbage PH Indicator Guidance Sheet



Activity 1- English
Today we will be writing the beginning of our mystery, spooky story using our writing plans from yesterday.  But before you all get stuck in, have a look at the PowerPoint presentation that looks at excitingly different ways to write the opening of your story.  Which technique will you use?
Mystery Opening

Activity 2- Maths
Interpreting Pictograms- Mild
Using your knowledge of the line graphs tasks, you were doing last week, can you interpret this scaled pictogram tasks?

Murder Mystery Game – Warm-Hot
Those of you that enjoy more of a challenge, can you find out, Who Dunnit?  Who is the murderer?  Can you crack the code to find the clues!

Activity 3- Thematic- Crime and Punishment
Today in line with Crime and Punishment, we will be looking at fingerprints. In your activities, we are asking you to find out top 3 facts about fingerprinting (you can go the extra mile and find out about the history of fingerprinting too!) and then finally getting you to analyse your own fingerprints. All you will need for this is some sellotape and a pencil. We are looking forward to hearing what you find out.

Fingerprint Analysis Activity



Activity 1 English
Following on from Wednesday’s lesson, you are going to be writing the middle of the story.  For this part of the story it is imperative that you build tension and suspense.  When used correctly this technique will have the reader on the edge of their seat as you withhold the resolution.  To help you master this technique to go through the PowerPoint before continuing to write your story.
Mystery Middle presentation 

Activity 2 Maths
 Math Activity Mild
Now how much do you remember from your learning in class!  Try this mixed maths activity mat!  Can you remember your Roman Numerals?  Do you know how to add fractions?  What is an obtuse angle?  Good luck! (You can check your answers on page 2).

The Mystery Of The Missing Pirate Treasure Warm Hot
For those of you that want to be more adventurous, can you help Oly Eyepatch and his crew to solve the clues and find the treasure!

Activity 3- PSHE
Today we would like you reflect on you time in year 5 and think ahead to your goals for year 6. Listen to Ms Rose in the presentation below.




Activity 1: English-Writing a story ending
Today children all of your hard work will come to a satisfying end as you write the last sections of your story.  To help you formulate the most perfect ending, check out the PowerPoint presentation to help guide your ideas and happy writing!  Remember to send your finished products to the Year 5 mailbox – your teachers cannot wait to read your brilliant work 👌
Click Here: Mystery Ending Presentation

Activity 2: Maths
Sponsored Walk activity. Here is another colour by calculation!  Can you add and subtract three and a two-digit numbers? Using your answers what can you see after colouring the sections with the correct colour!
Remember to try your best and check your answers on the second page.

Use this link:The Mystery Of The Unspinning Fidget Spinners Game
For all those that love fidget spinners!  Can you find out who dumped all the Year 5 fidget spinners in a tub of paint so they no longer spin?  Was it one of the children or was it a teacher!  Put the clues together and find out who the culprit is!

Activity 3: Art/Craft

To coincide with out ‘summer reading challenge’ we thought it would be a great idea to show you how to make some fun bookmarks to inspire you with your reading. Click here to use this video for:
EMOJI BOOKMARKS; a fun way to be creative and show your inner reader. All you need is paper!
Have Fun!


Extra Activities

Pegasus Whole Trust Challenge
Big Camp Challenge
Activity 1: Challah Recipe
Activity 2: Riddle Me This
Activity 3: Perspective drawing
What is perspective? Today, we will be learning about drawing and painting pictures perspective to add depth and realism to your pictures.  Watch the BBC clip to find out about this interesting technique.  We have included an image to get you started and then you can find your own to draw and show off your new skills.

Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 12th July, 2020

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