Year 5

Week Starting 10 May 2020

Dear Year 5 children,

A huge welcome back to all of you! It’s been a exciting week as the teachers have been busy making calls and talking to many of you. Have you heard from your teacher this week?

I must admit it was lovely to talk to the children in my class and the other teachers felt the same way.  Good to see so many of you are working hard at the tasks set too. 😊  Remember to check out the Pegasus shutdown blog to keep up to date with what’s happening.

Thank you to all those who have gotten in touch with us on the new email, we have saved all your work and your teachers have totally enjoyed looking at it.

Remember you can always contact your own class teacher via the class blogs where you can catch up with your friends and show us some of the things that you’ve been up to at home.

Here are some of the photos from this week’s learning- do you recognise anyone? Have a look at some of the wonderful work that you have been sending in this week.


Whole trust activity – Last week many of you took part in the whole trust bunting making activity to celebrate VE Day! This week we are turning our heads and minds to some of the most vulnerable people in our society- the elderly.

Visit: PAT Whole Trust Activity to read more and see how you too can do your part to support those who might need a friendly hello and let them know ‘we care’. You can use the templates below to help support your writing.

Here is this week’s overview.


1. English click for message
Our first activity this week is to read/ look at the wordless book: Flotsum

by David Wiesner. Flotsum is a picture book that can have different interpretations; after having a look at the pictures what do you think? Have a stab at one, some or all of the fun Flotsam Activities to demonstrate what you have learnt from the picture story.

2. Maths
This week we are going to move onto units of measurements. I’m sure you remember some of what you have already learnt.You will find out about imperial and metric measurements. Use these links:Introduction To Measurement
Converting Units Of Measurement to help you. Some of you may recognise the voice here – who is it?

3. RE
During this term, we will be continuing to look at  Judaism . By the end of this presentation, you will know what the TaNaCH, Torah and Yad are! Have a look through each slide and try to answer the questions on each page. Remember to read the information carefully. when you have completed this then it’s fun time!

TaskMake a scroll!  Can you add a message in Hebrew?  Give it a go! Remember that you can use any resources at home for example dowels can be sticks or pencils> send your pictures in; we would love to see how they look.


1. English
Everybody needs a bit of silliness in their lives from time to time and National Limerick Day provides the perfect annual opportunity. Celebrated each year on the 12th May the familiar five-line verse is famous for its humorous  themes.  Instantly recognisable from the rhythm of the verse they are cleverly constructed to put a smile on your face.  Listen to this limerick here.  Then go through the Limericks Powerpoint to learn a little bit more before Writing Your Own Limerick.

Challenge – Can you include some of the other features of poetry from the Poetry Tools Poster below.

2. Maths
Hope you had fun yesterday with the games. Today, it’s time to put what you have learnt into practice; converting weight measurements. Remember to pick the appropriate challenge and use the Converting Units Of Measurement to help you. If you need more help then go back to yesterdays video or speak to your teacher on the blog.

3. Science
This week, it’s all about growing your own potato or ‘grass head’. Have a go at either of or both activities here: Science Grow Your Own.

Use these links to help you:



1. English
Today we would like you to channel your inner creativity and draw an underwater scene missed by the camera found in Flotsam.  Once you have completed your masterpiece drawing,  describe the scene using a mixture of nouns, adjectives, and adverbs.  Use the word mats provided below to help bring your descriptions to life. Write at least 2 paragraphs describing your scene.
2. Maths
Today, you will be comparing and ordering length measurements. Remember to use the Conversion charts and pick the appropriate challenge that you would like to do from the download sheet below. We are here for you, so feel free to email us on the home learning email or drop us a message on the class blog. We are here for you…You may want to use the answer sheet attached below to correct your work.


3. Thematic
In Crime and Punishment this week, we will be looking at the Gun Powder Plot! Have a look and read more details about it here: Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot Where and when did it take place? Who was involved?

You can also find out more by watching the BBC Bitesize video on this link.

Task: Create an acrostic poem using the worksheet below.


1. Reading
Today we would like you to visit Oxford Owls reading website or your own personal book collection and read a book of your choice. If you’ve enjoyed it, complete a book review and post it onto your class blog or email it to your teacher. Remember you can also save it in a book or folder at home till you return to school. On Oxford Owls please choose class login and enter the details:
username: patyear5
password: Logon5
2. Maths
Can it be contained? Yesterday’s learning takes us nicely into capacity today. You will have to compare and convert between millilitres and litres. Use the Converting Units Of Measurement  table and do your worksheet below. You may be able to do some or all of them. Have a go then check your answers below.

3. PE
Today, for Physical Education, we will be trying something slightly different! I must admit I had a lot of fun researching the dance for PE!  Especially Oti Mabuse!  But this link is my favourite!  I hope you all try it and enjoy it as much as I have! You can have at least 3 sessions of this. You will also find lots of PE activities to do in the extra activities folder below.
Oti Mabuse & Marius Lepure

I LIKE TO MOVE IT – Madagascar – 12 mins


1. National Children’s Day 2020
It’s your day (yes, you) to use your voice.
Grab a mic, podium, script, camera, make a video or podcast.
Tell the adults about your passion or something you have learnt in 2020.
You might be passionate about climate change (like Greta Thunberg) or passionate about lego- like me! Have a go using one of these templates to record your ideas. Send us some photos so we too can see what your passion is.
2. Maths Investigation fun
Today have fun gaining points on Mathletics and TTRS. Remember to check out some of the other fun activities whilst you’re there.
3. Art
Today WHJUN’s Ms Smith has a special Art Project for us to try.  Follow the video instructions from a familiar face to make a 3D hand.  We’d love to see all your creations so why not upload your efforts to either your class blog or the year 5 email address
Can you recognise this familiar face in the video? Yes – it’s Ms Smith from WHJUN!

Downloads for Friday

Extra Activities


Try these extra activities if you want more fun and challenging work to do.

Maths: Addition Game, Venn Diagram Puzzle

Reading Comprehensions: Layer Of The Ocean, Penguin Comprehension 

PE: PE Challenge to choose from

Published on 10th May, 2020

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