Week Starting 27 April 2020

Hello reception and welcome to week two of our year group home learning page.

We hope you are all keeping safe and well and that you enjoyed last week’s home learning challenges. We would really love to show some of the fantastic work you have been doing on our home page so please continue to send  your photos and updates to

This week the whole trust challenge is to make a virtual visit to one of the attractions in the list attached under the ‘extra activities’ section. After visiting your chosen attraction, you could make a poster advertising it to other people. Why should they go? What will they see?

Here is a timetable of what is to come this week:

Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
Activity 1 Literacy – Augustus and his Smile by Catherine Rayner Phonics – Recap phase 2 and 3 sounds Literacy – Finding out tiger facts Phonics – Recap of tricky words from phase 2 and 3 Literacy – Augustus and his Smile thought bubble activity
Activity 2 Mathematics –Number 12 Number Blocks video Mathematics –Number 12 workout Mathematics –Number 12 task Mathematics – How many different ways can you make 12? Mathematics – Writing the numeral 12
Activity 3 Understanding the World – virtual tour of Edinburgh Zoo Personal, Social and Emotional – Emotions board game Physical Development (Fine Motor)- Making a tiger mask Physical Development (Gross Motor)- Simba’s jungle skills activity Expressive Arts and Design – Self portrait

We miss you all. Stay safe and we hope you have a good week.

The Reception Team


Literacy – Augustus and his Smile by Catherine Rayner

Watch Miss Edwards from Ecclesbourne Primary read the book Augustus and his Smile by Catherine Rayner.

How was Augustus feeling? What made him happy? What makes you happy? Discuss this with your family members. Can you draw Augustus with his smile?

Mathematics – Number 12

Watch the Number Blocks episode 12.

Can you find 12 things in the house? Can you find 12 small things?Can you find 12 Big things?

Understanding the World

Today, take a virtual tour of Edinburgh Zoo. Do you know where Edinburgh is? The zoo may be closed at the moment however they have live webcams for you to watch the animals. Click on this link to view the tiger cam! Can you see them? They can be tricky to find. Why do you think that is? Do you know the special word used when animals disguise by blending in with their environment?


Phonics – Recap of Phase 2 and 3 Sounds

Watch Miss Whorms teach phonics. Repeat the sounds carefully after her. Can you remember them all? Were there any that you had forgotten? If so head on over to BBC Bitesize and watch the videos for the sounds you found tricky.

Mathematics – Number 12

Watch the Number 12 Number Blocks episode again. What can you remember from the episode?
Let’s do a number 12 work out!

  • Can you do 12 star jumps?
  • Now 12 hops;
  • Next 12 jumps followed by 12 high knees;
  • Finally 12 air punches.

Can you and your family add more exercises?

Speaking and Listening/Personal, Social and Emotional

Download the emotions board game below. With a grown up, take it in turns to roll a dice and move a counter that amount of spaces. What emotion did you land on? Can you think of a time when you have felt this way?


Downloads for Tuesday


Literacy – Augustus and his Smile by Catherine Rayner

Find out some facts about tigers using these websites:

With the help of a grown up, and their permission, film yourself reporting facts about tigers.

Mathematics – Number 12

This week we have been working on the number 12. Can you draw the number 12 Number block? What colour is he and what does he look like?

  • Turn to your family member and say ’10 and 2 more makes 12′.
  • Can you show this using things you can find around you home?
  • Group 10 things together e.g 10 straws, 10 pencils, 10 sticks, 10 cars. In a separate pile, show 2 more? That is how we make 12.
  • Say the number equation 10+2=12

Physical Development

Today’s challenge is to make a tiger mask using items you have at home. You could use card, a paper plate or something from your recycling box such as a cereal box. With the help of a grown up, carefully draw the tiger face template and then cut it out. What colour should it be? Join your mask at the sides with string or stick on to a lolly-stick or straw so that you can wear your mask. Click on this link for a template and decoration suggestion. 



Phonics – Tricky Words

Today we rejoin Miss Whorms as she helps us to remember all of our tricky words. What makes a word tricky? Well done, it is because it cannot be sounded out using phonics.

After watching Miss Whorms, click on the below links to sing along with the tricky words songs used in class. We know how much you enjoy them!

Phase 2 tricky word song

Phase 3 tricky word song

Phase 4 tricky word song

Mathematics – Number 12

Find 12 things from around your house, it can be the same things or different from yesterday. Can you split them into 2 groups?

  • How many different ways can you split 12?
  • What can you see? Can you say the equation? E.g. I can see 6 there and 6 there
    6+6= 12

Use the part, part, whole diagram below to find the equations.

Physical Development – Gross Motor Skills

Join members of the women’s England football team as they show us some moves to build up our strength, agility and stamina. They even help us find our ROAR!

NHS Change for Life 10 Minute Shake Up


Literacy – Augustus and his Smile by Catherine Rayner

In the story, Augustus discovered what made him happy. What things make you happy? Tell a family member and ask them what makes them happy? Complete the what makes me happy worksheet by drawing and labelling each thought bubble with something that makes you happy. Remember to use your phonics to help you write the words!

Mathematics – Number 12

Practise writing the numeral 12. Write it in the air, on paper or with your finger on the ground. How many times can you write it in one minute? Use this song (sung to the tune If You’re Happy and You know It) to help you…

‘Write 12 in the air, in the air,
Write 12 in the air, in the air
Write 12 in the air and leave it hanging there
Write 12 in the air, in the air’  🎹🎸

Expressive Arts and Design 

Happiness is everywhere around you. Sit in front of a mirror and look for your smile. Draw a self-portrait of yourself smiling. Then pass on your smile to your family today to make them happy too. When drawing your self portrait, look closely at the shapes you need to draw and the size of features such as your eyes and mouth.

Extra Activities

Don’t forget to visit some of the attractions from the whole Trust challenge and draw a poster to advertise it to others.

Please continue to read your Bug Club books and contact your school if you need more books to be added.

Music makes us feel good and I’m sure you’ve all been missing singing along with Miss Freeman. Head on over to Out of the Ark for a daily sing-a-long.

Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 27th April, 2020

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