Week Starting 07 June 2020

Hello to all our Nursery/2YO Parents, Carers and Children,

We hope you all had a lovely weekend and are raring to go with Summer Term 2, Week 2 of our Nursery/2YO Home Learning. This half-term we will be focusing on Change and Growth and how we deal with change in our lives. We have all dealt with change whilst the schools have been closed over lockdown and the activities will continue to focus on change, growth, transition and the range of emotions that accompany this. We do hope you will enjoy what we have planned for you.

Here is Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery with a few insights in to the week ahead and saying ‘hello’ to you all:

We have a weekly Whole Trust Challenge and this time you are going to get creative with egg boxes! Have a look at Activity 3 on Friday for all the details.

There is also an exciting addition to this week’s Home Learning. We are offering a Google Meet session on Wednesday, 10th June at 10.30am (Nickname code is: EYFS) when the children will have an opportunity to see an Early Years teacher from the Trust and listen to a story in ‘real time’. There are more specific details regarding the Nursery/2Y0 session in the Extra Activities section of this week’s planning. Please also click on the link below for information:

A particular highlight of these strange times has been seeing the wonderful photos of your home learning you have been sending in to us. To see your lovely faces and how well you’ve coped in these very different times has been incredible to witness. Please keep the photos coming to our dedicated Nursery/2YO email address: 
Here are some of the photos we have received over the past two weeks:











Alex from Cypress Nursery has loved doing his yoga every day! Fantastic yoga pose, Alex! Here is Joravar from Beulah Nursery with his treasure box and his favourite things! Audra from Cypress Nursery is busy working on counting with her numberblocks! Sathurshan from Thornton Heath Nursery has built a house and drawn the members of his family. Fantastic work! Isla from Rainbows at Cypress is practising her fine motor skills. Great work, Isla! Abinaesh from Whitehorse Nursery is thinking carefully about his emotions! Well done, Abinaesh!




Sathurshan from Thornton Heath Nursery has been busy ordering objects according to size and doing his lockdown handprints. Great work! Here is Zain from Whitehorse Nursery with his collage of things that make him happy. You certainly look very happy, Zain! Here is Ida from Cypress Nursery doing her Very Hungry Caterpillar work, alongside her big sister and little brother! Well done, Ida! George from Cypress Nursery made this wonderful Treasure Map! Fantastic work, George! Kian from Cypress Nursery has been doing lots of reading during lockdown. Here he is with one of his favourite books – Hairy Maclary! Here is Ted from Cypress Nursery with his wonderful drawing of his family. I love it, Ted!



Isobel from Cypress Nursery with one of the butterflies which she watched grow from caterpillars. How wonderful! Freddie from Cypress Nursery with his beautiful butterfly. Well done, Freddie! Here’s Louis from Cypress Nursery having a wonderful time in the woods near his home. It looks so peaceful there, Louis! Here is Amanda from Cypress Nursery with her amazing biscuits spelling out her name and age! Well done, Amanda! Look at the gorgeous butterfly Landon from Ecclesbourne Nursery made! Great work, Landon. Ema from Thornton Heath Nursery School has been thinking about different emotions! I’m glad you still look so happy, Ema!




Here is James from Rainbows at Cypress with his wonderful Treasure Map and Treasure Chest. They look amazing, James! This is Amber from Cypress Nursery with her wonderful house. Well done Amber!


Here is the timetable to give you an overview of the week ahead and to plan your days:

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
Activity 1

Get moving with Boogie Beebies

Zoom to the Moon

Get moving with Boogie Beebies

Get Dancing

Get moving with Boogie Beebies

Shine like the Sun 

Get moving with Boogie Beebies

Sea Creatures

Get Moving with Boogie Beebies 

Feeling Good 

Activity 2

Watch and listen to  Miss Chapman reading ‘Memory Bottles’

Making a Memory Bottle/Jar

Watch and listen to Mrs Jerman reading ‘Memory Bottles’

Make your own photo frame for your favourite photo

Watch and listen to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar with Miss Redman

Cutting, counting and ordering activity

Watch and listen to the story ‘Paper Dolls’

Making your own paper doll chain


Watching clip about caterpillars turning in to butterflies

Butterfly cutting and  matching activity

Activity 3 Making your own Lava Lamp Thinking about someone in your family or someone you know who makes you think of happy times. Draw and write about that person Making a fruit smoothie

Listening to the narrated Powerpoint by Mrs Jerman and Miss Chapman all about ‘Paper Dolls’ and counting

Make your own collection of similar sized objects (up to 10)

Whole Trust Challenge – Egg Box Art Craft Activity



Hello Everyone and Welcome to Monday!

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to start the week with plenty of energy!

Activity 1: Let’s begin with Oti’s Boogie Beebies and let’s Zoom to the Moon:

Did you enjoy that? It was fun, wasn’t it?
Activity 2: We are going to start this week with a lovely story called ‘Memory Bottles’, read by Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery:

Did you see Miss Chapman’s cheeky cat make an appearance? What colour was he? He’s called Prince Indigo Blue or PIB for short!

Can you remember what happened in the story? What were the memories that Mr McAllistair kept in his memory bottles? What is your favourite memory? Can you remember some fun things about nursery?

Activity 1: Talk to your grown-ups about your favourite memories. You are going to make your own memory bottle/jar. Can you draw pictures of them or try and write them on pieces of paper? You could draw/write them on the outline of a bottle if you’d like – there are some templates in the downloads section below.

Have you got an empty, clean plastic or glass bottle or jar you could use to add your memories to? This could be a soft drink bottle, a fabric softener bottle, a cordial bottle or whatever you have in the house. Fold/roll the pieces of paper or roll up the bottle template and pop them/it in your bottle/jar so you have your own memory bottle full of your favourite memories.

You could use different coloured paper or post-it notes and make your own label (try and use your sounds to write the words if you can) for the bottle or jar. Each time you or someone in your family does something lovely that you want to remember, you could draw or write about it and pop it in your memory bottle/jar. If ever you are feeling sad, you can have a look at all these lovely memories!


In the Extra Activities section, there are some more ideas for memory jars if you’d like to have a look!

Activity 3: We are going to do some Science in this next activity! We would like you to make your own lava lamp in a bottle! Once this has been made, it is so relaxing to sit and watch and should help you to feel calm. Here are some instructions as to how to make one:

Here are some examples of what your lava lamp might look like:



We would love to see photos of your lava lamps and memory bottles/jars!



Hello Everyone and Welcome to Tuesday!

How are you all this morning? Please remember, if you wish to join our ‘Google Meet’ to hear a live story with Miss Chapman tomorrow, Wednesday 10th June, at 10am, you will need to email to request individual login details for this. Please include your child’s name and school in your email:

Activity 1: Let’s visit Oti at Boogie Beebies for today’s dance to get us moving:

Activity 2: Here’s Mrs Jerman from Cypress Nursery reading ‘Memory Bottles’. Can you remember any of the story from yesterday when Miss Chapman read it?

Have you got a favourite photo of you or your family that reminds you of some favourite memories? Let’s try and make a photo frame to put your photo in. You will need an adult to help you with this:

How will you decorate it? Here are a few ideas:



When you have made your photo frame, pop your favourite photo in it and keep it somewhere where you can look at it often.

Activity 3: The story ‘Memory Bottles’ is all about memories and what people and occasions mean to everyone. Can you think of someone in your family or one of your friends or neighbours who makes you feel happy and you share some happy memories with? Can you draw or paint a picture of that person and write a few words (you can get an adult to help you) about how they make you feel or write a happy memory you have? Perhaps if you don’t live with the person you have drawn and written about, you could send them the picture in the post?

There are some writing frames which you could use to draw your picture and write your words on in the downloads section below. There is also a writing frame for you to write any special memories, if you would like.



Hello Everyone and Welcome to Wednesday!

We hope you are all feeling well and happy this morning!

Activity 1: Let’s visit Oti and get dancing:

Activity 2: Let’s listen to Miss Redman from Beulah Nursery reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

Do you remember the story from last week? What are the stages that a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly?

Can you remember and say the days of the week in the right order? We are now going to try a cutting, sticking and ordering numbers activity, based on the story. Please find the sheet to use in the downloads section below.

Activity 3: Do you like drinking fruit smoothies? Today we are going to have a go at making some smoothies using different fruit. There are some recipes in the downloads section below to help you or you could make up a smoothie of your own. Please send us your photos of the fruit smoothies and what you put in them! Were they delicious?




Hello Everyone and Welcome Thursday!

We hope you are all feeling well and energetic this morning?

Activity 1: Let’s visit Oti and get dancing:

Activity 2: Let’s listen to the story ‘Paper Dolls’ by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb:
Did you enjoy that story? Do you remember the names of any of the paper dolls? They had some funny names which rhymed, didn’t they? Can you make your own paper dolls? Here is a short video to show you how to make them:

There are also some templates in the downloads section below to use if you would prefer. Who will your paper dolls be? Your family or your friends? We can’t wait to see who you make. Can you write the name of each person on their doll?

Activity 3: Here is a narrated Powerpoint by Mrs Jerman and Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery where we are going to practise our counting:

How did you get on with the counting?

How many paper dolls have you made? Can you count them really carefully?  All the paper dolls are the same size, aren’t they? Can you find a collection of objects of the same number and roughly the same size of paper dolls as you have made? So if you have made 5 paper dolls, find 5 objects.  All the paper dolls are the same size, aren’t they? Can you draw the items in your collection? Write a number by each one, if you can (there are some numbers in the downloads section to help you) See if you can add some more objects to make 10 all together.
There is also a booklet in the downloads section for you to practise your number formation and counting, if you would like.


There are also lots of wonderful resources and ideas to do with Paper Dolls on the Polka Theatre Website. Please click on the link below for details:


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Friday!

We have made it through another week of fun activities!

Activity 1: Let’s keep active with a visit to Oti’s dance lesson:

Activity 2: Let’s watch this short clip all about caterpillars turning in to butterflies:

Let’s have a go at cutting up some images of butterflies and then muddling them up and trying to match them together again. The sheets are in the downloads section below.

Activity 3: Whole Trust Challenge – let’s get creative with egg boxes! All the information is in the downloads section below. We can’t wait to see all your amazing creations! Perhaps you could try making an egg box butterfly?


Extra Activities

Extra Activities Planned for this week:

Live story time session – We would like to welcome you and your child to our first live session on Wednesday, 10th June at 10.30am. It will be a short story time hosted by Miss Chapman, for the 2Y0/Nursery and Reception children across the Trust. We have included instructions on how to log onto GSuite and Google Meet on the front page of this week’s planning. If you do not have your login details please email: with your child’s name, school and class before Wednesday, so we can get those details to you. The nickname for the meeting will be EYFS. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces! (NB – At this time, we do not have login details available for children from Thornton Heath Nursery School – apologies for this)

Other Activities: 

  • The memory bottles from the story this week reminded us of magic potion bottles. Could you make your own magic potion using leaves, petals and so on? Could you write a recipe for your magic potion?  Here are some ideas for making a fizzing fairy potion:


There are some templates in the downloads section below..

  • Can you make your own memory jars with memories of something you have done or a place that you love? Have a look at some of the memory jars to give you inspiration:


What could you put in your memory jar/bottle? Can you remember a favourite holiday or day trip? You could add photos, shells, sand…. You might collect flowers or leaves from your walk?
  • Perhaps you could make some story stones to re-tell the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar? The cut outs you need are in the downloads section below to stick on the stones

Published on 7th June, 2020

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