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Hello to all our Nursery/2YO Parents, Carers and Children,

We hope you all had a good weekend and welcome back to Summer Term, Week 3 of our Nursery/2YO Home Learning. All the staff are missing you and hoping you are keeping well, safe and happy.  There is some important news in a post from Mr Roberts here about our plans to begin telephoning children at home from this week so please make sure you have read this.

Our theme for this half-term is Down on the Farm’ and we hope you enjoyed some of the activities from last week all about The Little Red Hen. What was your favourite activity? Please remember to send any photos of work you are particularly proud of to our new dedicated Nursery email address:

We have loved seeing some of the work you have been doing at home so far. Here is Ted from Cypress with his painting of Miss Chapman! We can see you’ve written your name beautifully on your fabulous painting, Ted – well done!

The photo below is of George from Cypress Nursery and his big brother Jack, who have been looking after their caterpillars which recently turned in to beautiful butterflies. The boys have named them: Keith, Sammy and Charlie and are going to look after them for a few more days before releasing them.

Until we return to school, we will be posting daily activities over each week for the children to have a go at. For many, these may be simply starting points from which other activities may develop. They are not compulsory; do whatever captures the interest of your child and the main point is to make the tasks fun! We will add a new set of activities each Monday.

There is a timetable below for an overview of the week’s activities at a glance.

Each week, a whole Trust challenge will be set for all children from nursery to Year 6 to complete.  This week’s challenge is to have a go at making the BBC Great British Bunting in honour of the VE Day 75 commemorations and this activity will be on Thursday. 

We also know how important it is to get our daily exercise, so we will be including some fun workouts as well! We are going to try some fun yoga and other things to get us moving this week.

There are also some activities for you to print out, if you have access to a printer, but these are entirely optional.

We all hope you have a good week and remember we are one week closer to seeing each other again.

The Nursery/2YO Team

Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday 
Activity 1

Kids’ Yoga

(The Farm)

Kids’ Yoga

(Three Little Pigs)

Kids’ Yoga 

(Hoppit the Hare)


Kids’ Yoga

(Frank the Frog)


Bank Holiday for

VE Day 75

Activity 2 Watching, re-telling and drawing/writing favourite part of Three Little Pigs story Making houses out of different materials Numberblocks 3 and discussion Collection of pink objects and counting

Bank Holiday for

VE Day 75

 Activity 3  Learning and reciting/counting of This Little Piggy Nursery Rhyme Stick transient art Collections of 3/Counting VE Day 75 Great British Bunting

Bank Holiday for

VE Day 75 



Hello Everyone and welcome to Monday!

Activity 1: Firstly, let’s get moving! We are going to try some children’s yoga this morning; some lovely stretching exercises to wake us up Down on the Farm:

Did you enjoy the yoga? Which stretch did you find the easiest/hardest?
Activity 2: This week, we will be focusing on a story all about some animals you might see on a farm: pigs! The story is The Three Little Pigs and lots of you might already know this story, as it is a traditional tale; one that has been told for many, many years. Let’s start by watching some different versions of it. Here is Miss Chapman reading The Three Little Pigs:

Here is a different version:
Talk about the two different versions of the story to a grown-up or older brother or sister. What was the same in the story? What was different? Can you re-tell the story in the right order? You could draw the three little pigs and the wolf and try and do some writing to label each character. Which sound does ‘pig’ start with? Can you write the letter ‘p’? Can you draw the pigs’ mummy? Can you write the word ‘mummy’ or ‘mum’?
There are some puppets from the story in the downloads section for you to use to re-tell the story below, if you have a printer.  There are also some masks for you to use to really get in to role, if you would like! There are also some cone characters for you to make, to re-tell the story.
Activity 3: This Little Piggy (Nursery rhyme) – do you know the nursery rhyme This Little Piggy went to Market? Traditionally, it is told by touching each toe on one of your feet, starting at the big toe and moving through to the little toe at the end. Have a look at the version below:
Can you remember the nursery rhyme and get someone to recite it with you? Don’t forget the tickle at the end!
When you know the rhyme well, you can substitute some of the words for those of your own e.g. This little piggy went to nursery, this little piggy stayed at home, this little piggy had scrambled eggs, this little piggy had lots of sweets and this little piggy watched Peppa Pig! We would love to hear your versions! Can a grown up record you with your version of This Little Piggy and send it to:


Hello Everyone and welcome to Tuesday!

How are you all feeling today? Tell someone you live with how you are feeling: happy, sad, excited, angry, calm? Can you explain why you are feeling like that today?

Activity 1: Let’s start the day, as usual, by doing some exercise to wake us up and get our bodies moving. We are going to do some more yoga today and we are going to revisit the story of The Three Little Pigs, which we started yesterday:

How do you feel after doing the yoga? Relaxed? Energetic?
Activity 2: Have a look at this different version of The Three Little Pigs to remind you of the story:
If you have a printer, you could sequence the pictures from the story in the downloads for today.
Can you remember which three materials the pigs use to make their houses?

Bricks, sticks and straw.

Can you try and make a house out of these materials? If you have an animal like a guinea-pig or rabbit, you may have some straw. Otherwise, you could use grass. You could collect some sticks on a walk when you go out for daily exercise. And for bricks, do you have any Duplo or Lego or other construction blocks? Which material worked the best? Which was the worst? Can you think of some reasons why the materials did or didn’t work? Please send any photos of your pig homes to:

We would love to see them!

Activity 3: Stick Art – using some of the sticks and grass you have collected, could you make a transient art picture? You can arrange your objects however you like. Could you add some leaves and flower petals? Have you any toy pigs you could add to the picture? We would love to see any photos of your artwork! Here is an example below.


Hello Everyone and welcome to Wednesday!

Have you been enjoying our activities so far this week? Today we are going to be doing lots of maths!

Activity 1: Firstly, let’s start with our yoga for the day:

Did you enjoy meeting Hoppit the Hare? I hope you feel energised and ready to start the day!
Activity 2: How many little pigs were there in the story? How many houses did they build? Lots of the number ‘3’!  Let’s look at Numberblocks to remind us all about this fabulous number:
When you have finished watching this, talk to someone in your family about the episode. What happened? Which number was it all about?
Activity 3: Can you count 3 on your fingers? Can you find 3 of one type of thing: eg 3 pens, 3 blocks, 3 teddies, 3 bananas, 3 toy cars. Make lots of collections of 3 and count them carefully, touching each as you count them and moving them slightly so you can be extra accurate. Can you draw one of your collections eg 3 teddies and write the number 3? How old are you? Are you or any of your friends 3?
There is a number formation in the downloads section if you would like to have a go and you have a printer.

Downloads for Wednesday


Hello Everyone and welcome to Thursday!

This is the last day of activities for this week as tomorrow (Friday, 8th) is a Bank Holiday to commemorate 75 years since VE (Victory in Europe) Day, marking the end of the Second World War for so many.

Activity 1: As usual, let’s start our day by getting active with our yoga! Today we will meet Frank the Frog….

Has that yoga made you feel energised? We hope so!
Activity 2: As we have been focusing on the story The Three Little Pigs, let’s have a look at some real pigs. Here is a short clip, telling us some interesting pig facts:
Can you remember what a mummy pig is called? A daddy pig? A baby pig? A group of pigs?
Not all pigs are pink, but the ones people generally think about tend to be. Can you make a collection on a tray or in a box of pink objects you can find around your house? When you have finished collecting them, carefully count how many you have.
In the downloads section, you can find some extra activities for cutting and pencil control, if you have a printer and would like to have a go.
Activity 3: Tomorrow, Friday, marks 75 Years since Victory In Europe was declared, signalling the end of the Second World War in Europe and the beginning of our present sustained period of peace. Here is a video to help explain the importance of VE Day:  (This video is aimed at older children, but parts will still be relevant to our younger pupils.)
In honour of VE 75 day, the whole Trust challenge is to make your own Great British Bunting and all the instructions you need are in the following link:
We can’t wait to see photos of your finished bunting!


Bank Holiday for VE 75 Day – no activities today!

We hope you all have a good weekend and see you all on Monday for more fun activities!

There are a couple of VE Day activities you could try, if you would like, in the Extra Activities section.

Extra Activities

These activities are entirely optional but just might give you a few extra ideas!

Make your own Three Little Pigs playdough to which you can adds sticks, small lego bricks, leaves and grass, straw and hay, toy pigs and whatever else you can think of!

Please see recipes for playdough below, in the downloads section. You can also textures such as small quantities of sand, different types of flavourings (peppermint, lemon, vanilla..) and colourings, herbs such as Rosemary, flower petals (Lavender is wonderful).

VE DAY 75 – There is some alternative VE Day Union Jack bunting for you to print out and colour, to decorate your home! If you haven’t got a printer, you could draw, colour and cut out your own bunting and decorate however you like. Also, see Thursday’s whole Trust challenge.

Published on 3rd May, 2020

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