Week Starting 28 June 2020

Hello to all our Nursery/2YO Parents, Carers and Children,

We hope you all had a lovely weekend and are raring to go with Summer Term 2, Week 5 of our Nursery/2YO Home Learning. This half-term we will be focusing on Change and Growth and how we deal with both change and emotions in our lives. We have all dealt with change whilst the schools have been closed over lockdown and the activities will continue to focus on change, growth, transition and the range of emotions that accompany this. We do hope you will enjoy what we have planned for you.

It was so lovely seeing so many of you at our live Google Meet session for Nursery/2YO across the Trust last Wednesday. We will have another session for Nursery/2YO this Wednesday, 1st July at 9.30am. The meeting nickname is: nurjuly01  Please do not enter the meeting before 9.25am; thank you!  If you do not have login details for your child, please email the Nursery email address (see below).  On Friday, 3rd July, we will also have a Google Meet just for our Rainbows’ children at 10.00am. The meeting nickname is: rainbowscypress

Here is Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery with a few insights in to the week ahead and saying ‘hello’ to you all:

We have a weekly Whole Trust Challenge and this time is is to make a Time Capsule to remember this extraordinary time in Lockdown 2020. All the details are on Thursday, Activity 3.

A particular highlight of these strange times has been seeing the wonderful photos of your home learning you have been sending in to us. To see your lovely faces and how well you’ve coped in these very different times has been incredible to witness. Please keep the photos coming to our dedicated Nursery/2YO email address:
Here are some of the brilliant photos we have received. What amazing things you are doing at home; well done!






This is Luisa from Beulah Nursery with her beautiful rainbow of hope. How beautiful! And here is Kyle again with his fabulous Rainbow Fish. Great work, Kyle! Marcel from Cypress Nursery with his wonderful Rainbow Fish! Well done, Marcel! Joshua from Rainbows at Cypress looks very pleased with his yummy cakes! Here is Thomas from Rainbows at Cypress doing his Skittles and milk experiment! Great pouring, Thomas! Look at Joravar from Beulah Nursery with his emotions from The Color Monster story. You’re looking very happy, Joravar!






Here is Zain from Whitehorse Nursery with his fabulous collage in his favourite colour: blue! Abinaesh from Whitehorse Nursery did a Skittles experiment as well. What a beautiful pattern you’ve created! Freddie from Cypress Nursery did this wonderful rainbow experiment. Look at all those colours! Well done, Freddie! Here is Oliver from Rainbows at Cypress with his brilliant colour sorting! Here is Emily from Thornton Heath Nursery watching her Skittles experiment! Dev from Whitehorse Nursery is carefully colouring in his picture – well done, Dev!


Adyan from Beulah Nursery made an amazing pebble friend. I love the feathers! Ema from Thornton Heath Nursery with her Skittles experiment. Fantastic! And here is George from Cypress Nursery with his Skittles experiment too! Well done George! Zhimran from Cypress Nursery has been working hard on his Home Learning. Well done Zhimran! James from Rainbows at Cypress with his Zambian flag and national football team shirt, reflecting his family links on his mummy’s side Amber from Cypress Nursery focusing so well on her bead threading. Great work Amber!



Here is Ruby from Cypress Nursery with her pink collection after watching Miss Chapman read ‘The Color Monster’. You look so cool, Ruby! And lastly, Ruby’s Skittles experiment! I love the pattern the colours have made!
Please find below a timetable of the activities for the week ahead. Do what you can or what captures the interests of your child. Have a fantastic week!
Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
Activity 1 Cosmic Yoga – The Very Hungry Caterpillar  Cosmic Yoga – Spider Power Yoga Compilation Cosmic Yoga – Popcorn and the Pirates  Cosmic Yoga – Colonel Crockles the Crocodile  Cosmic Yoga – Safeguard the Soap 
Activity 2

Listen to Miss Chapman read the story of:The Koala Who Could

Making a craft koala

Have a listen and look at Miss Redman’s narrated powerpoint about Australia and koalas!

Watch Aboriginal Art Video

Have a go at some Aboriginal Art 

Trust Live Google Meet for Nursery/2Y0 at 9.30am. Nickname: nurjuly01

Listen to Mrs Jerman read the story of:The Lion Inside

Making a craft lion

Making a mouse puppet

Live Google Meet for Rainbows at 10.00am. Nickname: rainbowscypress

Listen to Mrs Parker read the story of:The Squirrels Who Squabbled

Make a pine-cone or other craft squirrel

Activity 3 Fun Facts about your favourite Australian Animal – draw/write on writing frame of choice Make some Lamingtons Making and playing with Jungle Playdough  Whole Trust Challenge – making a Lockdown 2020 Time Capsule 

Watch Numberjacks – Fair Share

Sharing activites



Good Morning Everyone and Welcome to Miraculous Monday!

Activity 1: This week we are returning to Cosmic Yoga. Let’s start with The Very Hungry Caterpillar; a story you all know very well! Don’t forget to listen carefully and join in all the moves:

Activity 2: Today, our story is taking us to a huge country on the other side of the world called Australia. Let’s visit Andy from CBeebies to tell us some more about Australian animals:

Now let’s listen to a story from Miss Chapman at Cypress Nursery, which is all about one of the best-loved Australian animals; the koala bear!

Can you tell someone in your house all about the story? What was Kevin the koala so scared about? Is there anything that you are worried about doing? How do you make yourself do that thing you are scared of? Who helps you?

For the next activity today, you are going to make your own koala bear. There is a template in the downloads section below for you to use if you’d like to make the newspaper koala, or it could be useful to make any type of koala! Here are some ideas for koala crafts:






Newspaper koala with the template in the downloads section below Handprint koala using grey and black paint Paper plate and grey paint koala and joey Paper plate and newspaper collage koala Koala on a tree using a paper plate and other card shapes

Which one will you try? We can’t wait to see your finished koalas!

Activity 3: Can you choose your favourite Australian animal and find out some fun facts about it? There are some fact files in the Downloads section below (Australian Animals Facts) which you could use on the writing frame of your choice (Australian Animals Writing Frame) to write and draw about your favourite animal.

There is also a cutting and sorting activity (Australian Animals Sorting), where you can choose which way you will sort the animals, by using whichever criteria you prefer (or you could try them all – just don’t stick them down yet if you are going to sort them in lots of different ways).

Lastly, there are some colouring sheets you could colour and cut out to make a collection of Australian animals (Australian Animals Colouring) and some masks if you’d like to re-enact the story.(Australian Animals Masks)


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Talkative Tuesday!

How are you all feeling this lovely morning? Really good we hope! And energetic? Let’s hope so, all ready for today’s exercise!

Activity 1: Let’s do some more Cosmic Yoga, spider style!

Let’s have a look and listen to Miss Redman’s narrated powerpoint all about Australia and koala bears:

Activity 2: We are going to have a look at some Aboriginal Art which dates backs thousands of years and belongs to the indigenous people of Australia. This type of art often uses a ‘dot’ method. Take a look at the video:

Can you try and do a similar painting to the one in the video? You could also use the template in the downloads section below, along with the instructions. (Aboriginal Dot Painting)

Here are some other examples of Aboriginal Art that you might like to have a go at instead or as well as the activities above.



Activity 3: Let’s do some baking today! We are going to have a go at making Lamingtons, a traditional Australian sweet treat. The origins of Lamingtons are as follows:

Lamingtons were named after either Lord Lamington, who served as Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901, or his wife, Lady Lamington. Most sources incline to the former. The earliest known reference to the naming of the lamington, from June 1927, links the cake to Lord Lamington.The identity of the recipe’s inventor has also been debated. Most stories attribute its creation to Lord Lamington’s chef, the French-born Armand Galland, who was called upon at short notice to feed unexpected guests. Using only the limited ingredients available, Galland cut up some left-over French vanilla sponge cake baked the day before, dipped the slices in chocolate and set them in coconut. Impressed by Galland’s creation, Lamington’s guests were said to have later asked for the recipe. This version of events is supported by Lady Lamington’s memoirs.


Please send us some photos of your Lamingtons when you have made them!

There is also an Australian flag for you to colour in, in the downloads section (Australian Flag to colour) and an example flag if you’d like to copy the colours. (Australian Flag example)


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Wacky Wednesday!

How are you feeling today? Ready to go on a Pirate Adventure?…

Activity 1: Let’s start with our Cosmic Yoga:

Activity 2: Let’s have a listen to the wonderful story for the day, ‘The Lion Inside’, from Mrs Jerman at Cypress Nursery:


Did you enjoy that story? Was Lion as scary as he seemed at the start of the story? What did we find out he was scared of?

Let’s have a go at making your own lion. Here are a few ideas to help you:





Look at this lion’s mane made with curled paper Could you use pasta as a mane? Or put your photo in the middle? These footprints made lovely lions! A paper doily is used for the mane here You could try punching holes around the edge and threading wool through those holes

There are some lion and mouse colouring sheets in the downloads section below. (Lion and Mouse Colouring Sheets). You could also retell the story using the puppets below. (Lion and Mouse Stick Puppets)

Activity 3: Let’s get creative today with some Jungle Playdough. You could use this to knead and manipulate to strengthen your hands and your muscles or you could add things to it to make a small world jungle to play with and imagine you are down in the jungle….

There are some playdough recipes in the downloads section below. (Playdough Recipe Cards and Aromatherapy Recipe Card) For jungle playdough, you could use green and blue food colouring to make 3/4 of your batch green and a 1/4 greeny blue, but you decide!

Here are a few ideas to help you:



Have you got any jungle animals to add to your playdough? Could you add some broccoli florets for trees and some herbs? What could you add to your playdough to enhance it? Little twigs, stones, herbs and animals.. You could add a surprise flavour to your playdough; a few drops of lavender, lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus, mint perhaps? Use your imagination to make a wonderful small world jungle!

Lastly for today, there are some jungle themed pencil control sheets, if you would like to have a go at them, in the downloads section below. (Jungle Themed Pencil Control Worksheets)


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Thankful Thursday!

How are you all today? Tell someone you live with how you are feeling; we hope it is something positive! If not, let’s turn that frown around!

Activity 1: Where will our Cosmic Yoga take us today?

Activity 2: Have another look at the story ‘The Lion Inside’, read by Mrs Jerman yesterday. 

Can you remember who the lion was scared of in the story yesterday? That’s right – a mouse! What do you know about mice? Can you make a little mouse puppet? Even better; can everyone in your house make one so that you can make a family of mice? How many have you made all together? Can you give your mouse/mice names?



Have you ever tried a sugar mouse? Why don’t you try and make some, if you have the ingredients? There is a recipe in the downloads section below. (Sugar Mice Recipe)


Activity 3: Our last activity for the day is our Whole Trust Challenge and you will need some help from your older siblings or grown-ups with this activity. You are going to make your own Time Capsule so that in years to come you can remember this extraordinary time in history. All the details you need are in the downloads section below. (Time Capsule Challenge)


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Fun Friday!

How are you all today? Have you had a good week so far? Let’s see what happening in the land of Cosmic Yoga….

Activity 1: Let’s learn how to wash our hands really well in this new episode:

Activity 2: Now we are going to listen to Mrs Parker from Cypress reading a fabulous story called ‘The Squirrels Who Squabbled’:

What did you think of that story? Why were the squirrels squabbling? Have you ever squabbled/argued with anyone? What did you squabble about?

Let’s try and make our own squirrel today. Here are a few ideas to help you:



How about using a cardboard roll and some coloured card to make your squirrel? Have you got a paper plate you could make in to a squirrel? Your handprints could form the squirrel’s bushy tail? You could make the separate parts of the body and use split pins to join them together Have you got plasticine to make the body and pine or fir cones for the tail?

Activity 3: The squirrels had problems sharing at the start of this story, didn’t they? Can you watch the Numberjacks having a go at sharing:

Can you have a go at sharing something equally with someone in your household? Could you share some lego bricks equally? Or some raisins? Count them out really carefully so that each person gets the same amount by the end: one for me, one for you, one for me, one for you….
There is a sharing activity in the downloads section below for you to try, if you’d like to. (Sharing Sweets Activity) 

Extra Activities

Published on 28th June, 2020

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