Week Starting 27 April 2020

Hello to all our Nursery/2YO Parents, Carers and Children,

We hope you all had a good weekend and welcome back to Summer Term, Week 2  of our Nursery/2YO Home Learning. All the staff are missing you all and hoping you are keeping well, safe and happy.

Our theme for this half-term is Down on the Farm’ and we hope you enjoyed some of the activities from last week. What was your favourite activity? Please remember to send any photos of work you are particularly proud of to:

We have loved seeing some of the work the children have been doing so far. Here is Freddie from Cypress doing some of the farm activities from last week. Well done, Freddie!

Here is Isobel from Cypress, who made an amazing small world farm in her garden! Well done, Isobel!

Until we return to school, we will be posting daily activities over each week for the children to have a go at. For many, these may be simply starting points from which other activities may develop. They are not compulsory; do whatever captures the interest of your child and the main point is to make the tasks fun! We will add a new set of activities each Monday.

Each week, a whole Trust challenge will be set for all children from nursery to Year 6 to complete.  This week the challenge is to take a ‘virtual’ visit to one of the suggested sites; there are museums, famous tourist destinations, zoos and animal parks. This challenge is one of the activities on Friday this week.

We also know how important it is to get our daily exercise, so we will be including some fun workouts as well! Did you all enjoy discovering the animals in Andy’s Wild Workouts?  There are also some activities for you to print out, if you have access to a printer, but these are entirely optional.

The Government have posted some guidance regarding young children and learning at home during this pandemic:

Help children aged 2 to 4 to learn at home during Coronavirus – click here

Finally, do have a look on the Government website Hungry Little Minds for some great ideas to do with children 0-5. This also includes some recommended websites to try for further activities such as phonics:

Enjoy your week ‘Down on the Farm’ and have fun!

The Nursery/2YO Team


Hello Everyone and welcome to Monday!

Activity 1: Firstly, let’s get moving in our usual way with Andy’s Wild Workout! Have fun as you explore The Arctic…:

Activity 2: This week, we are going to be focusing on the story of The Little Red Hen.
There are lots of different versions of the story of The Little Red Hen, but you could start by watching this one of Miss Chapman from Cypress reading a version of it:

Here is a different version:
After you have watched the story, have a think about some of these questions and discuss with a grown-up or older brother or sister.
  • Which animals were in the story?
  • What did the Little Red Hen want to make?
  • Would the animals help the Little Red Hen?
Activity 3: Can you draw the animals in the story and colour them in? When you have done this, cut them out (get a grown-up to help you if you need to). Can you tape them to spoons or cardboard tubes to make puppets? You could also print out the versions in the downloads for today if you have access to a computer?
Using your puppets, can you re-tell the story of The Little Red Hen? Get some people from your family to join in and be the other characters.


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Tuesday!

Activity 1: You must be getting very fit with all these workouts! Let’s visit Andy and see where he is today and which animals we are going to meet:

Activity 2: Can you remember the story of The Little Red Hen from yesterday? What happened? Which animals are in the story? Have another look and listen to the story from yesterday.
  • What was The Little Red Hen trying to make from the flour?
  • How does wheat turn in to flour?
  • Talk about windmills. Have you seen a windmill before?
  • Look together at some images of windmills.
Can you have a go at making your own pinwheel? This link below will show you how to make one:
Remember to blow on your pinwheel to make it turn around! Can you put it in your garden or on your balcony and see it turn around when the wind blows?
Activity 3: All this hard work must be making you very hungry! For our final activity of the day, you are going to make a sandwich for your lunch or snack. The Little Red Hen made herself a lovely loaf of bread to eat. Which type of bread will you use to make your sandwich? Can you spread the butter/margarine yourself? What shape is your slice of bread? Is is square or do you have a wrap or flatbread or roll which is round (a circle)? What filling are you going to put in your sandwich?
When it is made, the final thing you need to do is eat it – just like the Little Red Hen did!  We can’t wait to see what your sandwiches look like! Please remember to take a photo before you tuck in!


Hello Everyone and welcome to Wednesday!

Activity 1: Where will Andy visit today for his Wild Workout?….

Can you remember which animals Andy met today?
Activity 2: Farmyard sensory tray 
You will need a shallow tray or box and some salt, flour or even rice or sand. You can dye the salt and rice (not flour) to look like grass by pouring in to a zip lock bag, adding a few drops of green colouring, shaking it around and then leaving it to dry for a little while. This can then be poured in to your tray or box/container. Add some farm animals and try counting them – remember to touch each animal as you count to ensure accuracy. Can you write some numbers with your fingers in the salt/rice/flour/sand? Use some of the number cards below in the downloads to help you if you need to. You could also write your name or some letters/sounds of the animals in the tray: ‘p..i..g’, ‘h…e..n’.
If you don’t have any farm animals, just have a go at mark-making/writing, or you can make different patterns in the tray.  You can also use the tray afterwards as a field for your farm animals.
Activity 3: Little Bo Peep – do you remember the nursery rhyme, Little Bo Peep?
Here’s a reminder in case you have forgotten:
Discuss the nursery rhyme with someone in your house.
  • Where do you think the sheep might have gone when Bo Peep thinks they are lost?
  • What do sheep have as a coat?
  • Can you think of anything you wear that might be made out of wool?
Cotton wool feels soft and fluffy, like a sheep’s wool. If you have any paints, have a go at some cotton wool printing, by grasping the cotton wool balls with a clothes’ peg and dipping them into paint. What patterns and marks can you make?


Hello everyone and welcome to Thursday,

Activity 1: Let’s start the day in our usual way by seeing where Andy is today for his Wild Workout!

Which creatures did you discover today? Did you enjoy going ‘Under the Sea’?

Activity 2: Craft Farm Animals – can you make your own Little Red Hen or favourite farm animal? For the hen, try using a paper plate for the face and  then draw around your hand and then cut out the hand shape (see image below)? You could use cotton wool to make a fluffy sheep or think of your own ideas. Give your animal a name. What noise does it make? Who is he/she friends with on the farm?


Activity 3: Ordering according to size – For this last activity today, we are going to work on ordering objects. For this, you could use a selection of farm animals you might have in the house (or any animals). If you don’t have any animals, you could use some soft toys or even items in the kitchen or around the house. First try with four or five objects and put them in order with the smallest first, to the biggest. Which one is the tallest? The shortest?

There are some downloads below to have a go at if you would like and a slide show (Powerpoint) to help understand the concept.


Hello and welcome to Friday!

Activity 1: We’ve made it; the last day of the school week! How are you feeling today? I hope you’re all feeling happy and full of energy, ready for our final workout of the week. Where is Andy off to today?…

Activity 2: Whole Trust Challenge: the challenge today is to take a virtual tour of one of the attractions in the downloads section below. As we have been talking about animals this week, a trip to the zoo might be a good idea? After you have taken your virtual ‘tour’, can you talk to a grown-up about what you enjoyed seeing the most. Can you draw a picture of what you enjoyed seeing? Perhaps your favourite animal? Can you write your name on your drawing or some letters from your name? Please let us know which site you enjoyed visiting and email, along with any pictures, to:
Activity 3: Five Little Ducks: Let’s finish the week with a song! Have a look at this version of ‘5 Little Ducks’ and sing along. Can you count the fingers on one of your hands really carefully to get to 5? Now sing the song again and take away 1 duck (finger!) each time.
We hope you enjoyed your week ‘Down on the Farm’ and hope you all have a lovely weekend! See you all on Monday for more fun activities.

Extra Activities

Try some of these extra activities if you have time:

Learn some nursery rhymes about the farm and farm animals: 5 Little Ducks, Old MacDonald (could you change the lyrics to Old MacDonald had a Zoo and add some different animals such as tigers, elephants, lions and so on. Have a look at the hyperlink below to get some ideas as which songs to sing:

Can you make some bread rolls? We know at the moment some people are finding it difficult to get hold of flour and yeast, but, if you have some, give it a go – they are really delicious. The recipe is in the Downloads section below.  If you can’t get yeast, could you try and make chapatis or flatbread? Here are some links:

The Patron of Reading at Cypress, Margaret Bateson-Hill, has written some lovely isolation poems with some of her friends and fellow authors. Have a look in the Downloads section below and perhaps read a couple out loud to the children.

Published on 27th April, 2020

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