Week Starting 21 June 2020

Hello to all our Nursery/2YO Parents, Carers and Children,

We hope you all had a lovely weekend and are raring to go with Summer Term 2, Week 4 of our Nursery/2YO Home Learning. This half-term we will be focusing on Change and Growth and how we deal with both change and emotions in our lives. We have all dealt with change whilst the schools have been closed over lockdown and the activities will continue to focus on change, growth, transition and the range of emotions that accompany this. We do hope you will enjoy what we have planned for you. It is National School Sport Week this week so see if you can do plenty of exercise this week and put extra effort in to our dancing activities with Oti each morning!

It was so lovely seeing so many of you at our second live Google Meet session for Nursery last Wednesday. We will have another session for Nursery and Rainbows this Wednesday, 24th June at 9.30am. The meeting nickname is: nurjune24  Please do not enter the meeting before 9.25am; thank you! More details about this are in the Extra Activities section. If you do not have login details for your child, please email the Nursery email address (see below).  On Friday, 26th June, we will also have a Google Meet just for our Rainbows’ children at 10.00am. The meeting nickname is: rainbowscypress

Here is Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery with a few insights in to the week ahead and saying ‘hello’ to you all:

We have a weekly Whole Trust Challenge and this time you are going to design an obstacle course for National School Sport Week. All the details are in Friday, Activity 3.

A particular highlight of these strange times has been seeing the wonderful photos of your home learning you have been sending in to us. To see your lovely faces and how well you’ve coped in these very different times has been incredible to witness. Please keep the photos coming to our dedicated Nursery/2YO email address:
Here are some of the brilliant photos we have received. What amazing things you are doing at home; well done!







Joravar from Beulah Nursery and his wonderful Rainbow Fish with the different coloured scales. Well done, Joravar! Here is Alex from Cypress Nursery with his big brother, sorting out the pictures for friendly and unfriendly things to do. We know you are very friendly, Alex! Here is Zain from Whitehorse Nursery with his wonderful picture of his cousin and friend, Fatimah. He even wrote her name. Well done, Zain! Abinaesh from Whitehorse Nursery made this fabulous paper hug. I wonder who he is going to give it to? Well done Sathurshan from Thornton Heath Nursery School, with some lovely pictures of this week’s work! Here’s Freddie from Cypress Nursery listening really carefully to the Nursery Google Meet Story on Wednesday!





This is Amelia from Whitehorse Nursery with her brilliant friendship bracelet. Fantastic work, Amelia! Adyan from Beulah Nursery made this delicious-looking chocolate cake for this week’s Bake-Off. Did it taste as good as it looks? Here is James from Rainbows at Cypress (or should I say Jamie Oliver?) baking his cake with his big sisters! Look how hard Abdul from Cypress Nursery is working! Well done, Abdul! Freddie from Cypress Nursery is concentrating very hard on making cakes for his sister’s second birthday. We hope you all had a lovely day!

Phoebe from Cypress Nursery made this amazing Rainbow Fish. We love the shiny, sparkling scales!






Here is Ema from Thornton Heath Nursery with her sorting activity. Fantastic, Ema! Basil from Cypress Nursery and his sisters made these fabulous jungle masks. Can you see which animals they are? And here Basil has made a friendship bracelet for his best friend and one for his sister. We bet they will love them, Basil! Amber from Cypress Nursery is carefully decorating her gingerbread girl. Did it taste delicious? Louis from Cypress Nursery is doing his Joe Wick’s workout with his daddy and little sister. Go Louis! And lastly, Phoebe from Cypress Nursery with her wonderful paper doll chain.
Please find below a timetable of the activities for the week ahead. Do what you can or what captures the interests of your child. Have a fantastic week!
Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
Activity 1 Boogie Beebies – Up, Down and Around  Boogie Beebies – Upside Down Boogie Beebies – Musical Instrument Jam Boogie Beebies – Monsters Boogie Beebies – Fruit and Vegetables
Activity 2

Listen to Miss Chapman read: ‘The Colour Monster’

Favourite Colour Collage or collection

Listen to Mrs Jerman read: ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance

What are you really good at? What do you find difficult? Writing frame

Nursery/2YO Google Meet at 9.30am – Nickname for meet: nurjune24

Listen to Miss Chapman read:  ‘A Color of his Own’

Rainbow Milk Experiment

Listen to Mrs Jerman read: ‘Lubna and Pebble’ 

Design your own pebble/stone and make a shoebox home for it

Rainbows (2YO) Google Meet at 10.00am – Nickname for meet: rainbowscypress

Listen to Mrs Parker read: ‘Tibble and Grandpa’

Make one of your ‘Top Three’ Sandwiches

Activity 3

Skittles Colour Experiment

Mindfulness Calming Video 

Listen to Miss Redman’s Narrated Powerpoint all about: Giraffes Can’t Dance

Fun Facts about your favourite Jungle Animal – drawing and writing

Rainbow Craft Activity

Countries:  Which countries do your family have links with? What is the flag like from that country/countries?

Find out some fun facts about that country

Design your own obstacle course for National School Sport Week


Hello Everyone and a Big Welcome to Marvellous Monday!

How are you all? How are all feeling today? I hope you’re all feeling happy and energised!

Activity 1: Let’s see which dance Oti is going to teach us today:

Activity 2: Let’s watch Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery reading the story ‘The Colour Monster’:

What was your favourite colour in the story? Can you remember which emotion went with which colour? Can you think of some other colours which were not in the story? How does orange make you feel? Or purple?

We would like you to make a collage of pictures of things which are your favourite colour. So, if your favourite colour is blue, can you make a blue collage? You could cut and stick things from magazines or even paint some things in your favourite colour?

Alternatively, could you make a collection on a tray or in a box of at least 10 objects in your favourite colour that you can find around the house? Make sure you count them carefully when you have collected them all! Can you draw your objects on a piece of paper and try and write their names by each object? Don’t forget to colour them in the right colour!





Activity 3: Let’s try a really fun Science experiment with some Skittles! It works best if you use warm (but not hot) water. Can you arrange your Skittles around the plate in a repeating pattern?

Did you enjoy that? What colours did you see? Can you take a photo of your experiment and send to our Nursery email address?
We thought that watching the colours seep out of the Skittles was really relaxing. Here’s a mindfulness relaxation video to make you feel calm and relaxed. You will need somewhere quiet and comfortable to listen to this, such as your bed or comfy sofa!
There are some colour sorting, cutting and sticking activities in the downloads section below, if you would like to use them.(Colour Posters and Colour Pictures to cut, sort and stick)
There is also a feelings activity where you could draw or write about the things that make you feel the different emotions in the story. (The Colour Monster Activity)


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Terrific Tuesday!

How are you all feeling this morning? I do hope the answer is well and happy!

Activity 1: Let’s use up some energy and enthusiasm by visiting Oti and seeing which dance she will teach us today:

Activity 2: Here’s a fun story from Mrs Jerman with an important message:

What was your favourite part of the story? Can you tell someone at home the things you are good at and the things you are not so good at YET. That means that if you keep trying at something you find tricky, you will get better at it. There is a writing frame in the downloads section below where you can draw or write (or ask someone in your house to help you write) the things you are good at and the things you are not so good at YET/want to get better at. (Writing frame for ‘I am good at..’)
There is an extra sorting activity if you’d like to have a go at this. (Things I like and don’t like sorting activity)
Activity 3: Let’s listen to Miss Redman’s narrated powerpoint all about Giraffes Can’t Dance:

Which jungle animal do you like best from the story? Can you find out some fun facts about your favourite jungle animal and draw/write about it on one of the writing frames below or on any paper you have at home? (Jungle Animal Writing Frame)
There is an extension writing activity for those of you who would like to have a go at writing a little more.(Jungle Writing Activites)
In Extra Activities, there are some different Jungle Animal activities, if you have some extra time to have a go at them!
Here is the animated movie version of ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ for you to watch:


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!

How are you all today? Hopefully bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready for another day of fun activities. Let’s start with our exercise for the morning:

Activity 1: Where will we go with Oti today for our dance?

Activity 2: Are you sitting comfortably ready to listen to Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery reading: ‘A Color of His Own’?(this is an American book and in America they don’t put in a ‘u’ in the word ‘colour’ as we do in Britain)

What did the chameleon want? Which was your favourite colour in the story? We are now going to try an experiment! You will need to collect a few items in order to do this! Here are the instructions below:

Don’t forget to take some photos of you doing the experiment and send them in to us!
Here’s a quick video to see the experiment in action!
There is a Rainbow NHS Poster to colour in the downloads section below, if you would like to do this!
Activity 3: Let’s finish the day with some craft! Can you make a craft item with the Rainbow theme? We’ve been seeing rainbows everywhere during Lockdown, haven’t we? Here are a few ideas to help you:





Hello Everyone and Welcome to Thinking Thursday!

Have you all got your brilliant brains switched on?

Activity 1: Let’s get everything moving by visiting Oti for the latest dance, all about Monsters!:

Activity 2: We’ve got a wonderful new story for you today. We hope you like it! Here’s Mrs Jerman from Cypress Nursery reading ‘Lubna and Pebble’:

Have you got any friends who aren’t people? Perhaps you have pets or soft toys whom you consider to be friends? Lubna’s best friend in the story was her precious pebble. Could you decorate a stone or pebble? You could use Sharpie pens, felt tips or paints. What will your decoration be? A face? A pattern? Perhaps everyone in your house could make a pebble/stone and you could have a pebble family! Here are a few ideas to help you:


There are also some images you can glue to your stone/pebble in the downloads section below, if you would like to use them.
Can you now make a comfy home for your precious pebble? You could use a shoebox or small box and decorate it to make it really special for your new pebble friend. You could make your pebble a bed or even a whole room! Use your imagination! We can’t wait to see some photos of your pebbles in their new homes!



Activity 3: Lubna and her family came from a different country on a big boat and had to live in a tent for a while until they could find a home. People who have to leave their own homes and come to a different country to be safe because of wars in their own country, are called refugees.

Most people have links to other countries in the world. Does your family have links with other countries? Which ones? Can you draw the flag/flags of those countries? There are some posters of flags in the downloads section below to help (Flags of the World)

Can you find out any interesting facts about countries you have links to? We’d love to hear some fun facts – perhaps foods that country is famous for or special tourist attractions?


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Fantastic Friday!

It’s the end of another week of Home Learning. We can hardly believe it! Have you all had a fabulous week? We certainly hope so!

Activity 1: Let’s visit Oti for the final time this week:

Activity 2: Let’s watch Mrs Parker read the wonderful story ‘Tibble and Grandpa’:

What did you think of that story? Which part did you enjoy the most? Can you tell someone in your house about your favourite part? Tibble had lots of ‘Top Threes’ of things he liked the most. Can you think of your favourite three things in the world? Can you draw or write them down?
Now have a think about your ‘Top Three’ sandwiches you like. What type of bread do you like? What fillings would you choose? Now can you have a go at making your TOP sandwich? (your favourite one!) Please tale some photos of you making your sandwich!


Activity 3: For the last activity for this week, we would like you to get energetic in recognition of National School Sport Week and design your own Obstacle Course!
All the instructions you need are in the downloads section below (design your own Obstacle Course). Can you have a go at doing your Obstacle Course once you have made it? Or ask someone in your family to? We would love to see photos!

Extra Activities


Our weekly Google Meets will be as detailed below:

Live story time session – We would like to welcome you and your child to our live session on Wednesday, 24th June at 9.30am. It will be a short story time hosted by Miss Chapman, for the 2Y0/Nursery  across the Trust.

If you do not have your login details please email: with your child’s name, school and class before Wednesday, so we can get those details to you. The nickname for the meeting will be: nurjune24

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces! (NB – At this time, we do not have login details available for children from Thornton Heath Nursery School – apologies for this)

There is also a Google Meet for our Rainbows’ children only on Friday, 26th June at 10.00am. The nickname for the meeting will be: rainbowscypress

Here are some Extra Activites for you to try if you’d like to, linked to this week’s activities:

  • Can you choose their favourite song and do a dance that makes you feel happy?
  • Can you choose your favourite nursery rhyme which makes you feel happy and sing it? Maybe you could make some homemade instruments to use whilst singing, like banging a box or shaking a bottle of rice?
  • Can you draw faces expressing different emotions, happy, sad, angry, calm?  Maybe you could have  go at making the faces yourself, in the mirror?
  • It is supposed to be nice weather this week, can the children go in the garden, park or just on a walk and find 10 stones, 10 flowers, 10 sticks, 10 leaves etc? Could you make a pattern or picture with your found objects?
  • How many different emotions did The Colour Monster feel? Can you list them all?

The downloads below link to Tuesday’s activities, should you wish to do them.


Published on 21st June, 2020

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