Week Starting 20 April 2020

Hello to all our Nursery/2YO Parents, Carers and Children,

We hope you all had a good, albeit very different, Easter break.  Welcome back! We all really miss seeing you and your lovely, happy faces and we are thinking about you so much.

Until we return to school, we will be posting daily activities over each week for the children to have a go at. For many, these may be simply starting points from which other activities may develop. They are not compulsory; do whatever captures the interest of your child and the main point is to make the tasks fun! We will add a new set of activities each Monday.

Each week, a whole Trust challenge will be set for all children from nursery to year 6 to complete.  This week the challenge is to make a 8 page mini book and you will see this as one of the activities to try on Tuesday.

We also know how important it is to get our daily exercise, so we will be including some fun workouts as well!

Our theme for this half-term is Down on the Farm’. We will be learning all about farm animals, learning stories and songs linked to farms, what happens on a farm and how important they are in providing us with food. Have a look at some of the Down on the Farm episodes from BBC iPlayer by following this link:

Please see the daily activities below. There are some printouts for you to use if you have a printer, but they are not essential.

Do send us some photographs of your little farmers to:  We would love to see what you are all up to!

Have a good week and please all stay safe and well.

The Nursery and 2YO Team


Hello Everyone and welcome to Monday!

Activity 1: Firstly, let’s get moving with Andy’s Wild Workout! Have fun……

Activity 2: Now, please watch, listen and sing along to Old MacDonald Had a Farm. 

Can you remember the animals in the song? Which is your favourite? What noise does a cow/pig/duck/sheep make? What other animals might you find on the farm?

Activity 3: Guess Who? Game: Play a game of ‘Guess Who?’ Draw pictures of some farm animals, colour them in and cut them out. You could also use some of the animal masks in the attached downloads, if you have access to a printer. Stick each farm animal to a paper or cardboard strip which will fit around your heads as a headband (or use the masks).  Close your eyes whilst someone puts your headband/mask on so you don’t see which animal you are! Now you have to take it in turns to ask the other players questions to find out who you are eg Do I have four legs? Am I black and white? Do I have wings? and so on, until everyone guesses who they are! You can them swap the headbands around and have a go with another animal.

There are some other activities in the downloads section below for you to try, if you have access to a printer, or if not, you can still look at the images and discuss the farm animals. Have fun!


Hello Everyone and welcome to Tuesday!

Activity 1: Let’s start the day with some exercise again, whilst we find out about some animals that come out at night (nocturnal):

Activity 2: Now, take a look at some live footage of a real, working farm. After you have watched for a little while, talk about some of the animals you have seen. What were they doing? Can you find out some more about one of the farm animals you have seen? When you click on this link, please look for ‘Barn Webcam’…

Activity 3: Try making a mini book of farm animals. Use the link below to show you how to make a simple book (grown-ups will need to help with this). On each page, draw a different farm animal and colour them in. Can you try and write some letters or the first sound of the animal by its picture?

If you would like to: Try some of these interactive farm games on the CBeebies site:
There are also some matching games in the downloads section for you to try, if you’d like.


Hello Everyone and welcome to Wednesday!

Activity 1: I hope you have been enjoying Andy’s Wild Workouts to start the day with some physical activity? Here is today’s workout:

Activity 2: Colour Hunt – today, you’re going to have a go at going for a colour hunt. Draw some pictures of your favourite 4 farm animals and colour them in and try and cut them out (an adult can help you cut them out if you need help). Which colours have you used?  You could also print out pictures of farm animals if you have a printer and cut those out instead. Now you are going to put your 4 farm animals on four separate trays, or 4 separate bags or baskets and you’re going to go on a colour hunt around your house! What can you find that matches your pink pig? Your black and white cow? Your brown horse? Try and find as many items as you can around the house and add to the different trays or baskets/bags. When you have finished your hunt, carefully count out each object, touching each one as you say the number to ensure you are being accurate. Which colour could you find the most objects of? Which colour could you find the least objects for? Could you take some photos of your colour collections and send to:
Activity 3: Shadow Drawing Experiment – this is a fun activity, but you will need a sunny day for it to work well! If you don’t have farm animals or any toy animals, choose some other solid objects to use, such as plastic figures, a doll, a small teddy, fruit, a mug ……
Try This Shadow Drawing Project With Your Kids - Simplemost
This link will give you a step-by-step guide to how to do this:
There is a shadow matching game as an extra activity in the downloads section,  if you want to have a go!

Downloads for Wednesday


Hello Everyone and welcome to Thursday!

Activity 1: Let’s start the day with another of Andy’s Wild Workouts! Today we are visiting the desert to find some more animals!

Activity 2: Rosie’s Walk – The Obstacle Course!
Today we are going to listen to a classic story about a hen on a farm, being chased by a very cheeky and accident-prone fox.
Talk to a grown-up or older brother or sister; what did you like about the story? Did Rosie know the fox was following her? Why didn’t the fox catch Rosie?
Can you set up your own obstacle course around the house, using the positional language used in the story? Using these words, can you go across, around, over, past, through and under obstacles in your house? Get a grown up to guide you by giving you instructions.
Activity 3: Map of the Farm – try and draw a map of the farm from Rosie’s Walk story or a map of a farm that you have in your imagination or use a picture to help you. Can you add some farm animals in different areas? Where will the pigs live? Where will the farmhouse be?
There are some activities related to Rosie’s Walk in the downloads section, if you would like to have a go at any of them.


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Friday!

We hope you have enjoyed doing the activities this week so far; we’ve made it to the end of the week – well done!

Activity 1: Let’s finish the school week with our usual morning workout. Today, Andy is going to visit the beach….

Activity 2: Can you remember the story of Rosie’s Walk from yesterday? What happened? Watch it again on Thursday’s hyperlink to remind you. What can you see on the farm?
Today we are going to try and make a farm out of things you already have in your house. Can you use empty cereal boxes, egg boxes and so on to make a junk modelling farm? You can use felt tips or paints to make the fields such as grass, wheat, vegetables and so on. Can you add plastic containers with real grass or leaves to create different fields? Perhaps one container could have water in it for the animals to drink? Add any farm animals you might have and figures for the farmers or draw and colour your own animals and people, cut out and perhaps stick to the side of cardboard rolls (these could be cut down to make a few out of each roll) to help them stand up.
How many animals will live in each field? How many animals do you have all together? How many people live on your farm?
Activity 3: Let’s finish the school week with a song! Listen to the song on the next hyperlink and then try and join in. When you have finished, try and remember which animals were mentioned in the song.
There is a matching game in the downloads section; farm animals and their babies, if you would like to have a try at it!

Extra Activities

Here are a few extra activities, just in case you finished the other ones!

  • What is your favourite farm animal and why? Talk to a grown up or someone in your house about that animal. Give him or her a name. Talk about his/her family and what they might be called and where they all live on the farm?
  • Can you draw a picture of your favourite farm animal and colour it in?  Try and write your name or some letters from your name on your drawing
  • What would your favourite farm animal feel like? Would it be soft, furry, smooth, fluffy? Does your animal have feathers?

Published on 20th April, 2020

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