Week Starting 31 May 2020

Hello to all our Nursery/2YO Parents, Carers and Children,

We hope you all had a good half-term? What beautiful weather we have had! It seems unbelievable that we are entering another half-term, the last of our academic year, without having seen so many of you for so long. We do hope you are all keeping well, safe and happy.

Welcome back to Summer Term 2, Week 1 of our Nursery/2YO Home Learning, our first week of our new theme. This half-term we will be focusing on Change and Growth and how we deal with change in our lives. We have all had so much change in our lives in the last few months and the activities will focus on change, growth, transition and the range of emotions that accompany this. We do hope you will enjoy what we have planned for you.

We have a weekly Whole Trust Challenge and this time we would love you to focus on flags! All the information you need is in the Extra Activities section.

A particular highlight of these strange times has been seeing the wonderful photos of your home learning you have been sending in to us. To see your lovely faces and how well you’ve coped in these very different times has been incredible to witness. Please keep the photos coming to our dedicated Nursery/2YO email address: 
Here are some of the photos we have received over the past two weeks:
Look at the amazing cards that Larin Ahmed (and his brother Mohamed Ahmed) from Beulah Nursery made. Well done boys! Here is Thomas from Rainbows at Cypress with his house from A Squash and a Squeeze, playdough and farm animals Well done Sathurshan from Thornton Heath Nursery School who sorted objects in to hard and soft. Here is his soft collection. Joraver from Beulah Nursery made this brilliant house after listening to A Squash and a Squeeze. Fantastic work, Joraver! Here is Ida from Cypress Nursery (and her big sister Dotty)swinging on their palm tree on a beautiful Caribbean island! A wonderful entry to our photography competition! Elsie Rae from Thornton Heath Nursery made her bed so beautifully. Well done Elsie Rae!




Phoebe from Cypress Nursery made this incredible dream catcher. I hope you had some lovely dreams since you’ve made it, Phoebe! Adyan from Beulah Nursery and his brother made this amazing rainbow homemade playdough! Well done, boys!

Joravar from Beulah Nursery looks very happy with the name writing he has been practising!

Well done, Joraver!

Dev from Whitehorse Nursery had so much fun with his playdough; lots of squashing and squeezing! Sathurshan from Thornton Heath Nursery School worked really hard on his spider and spider web. Ground control to Major Freddie! Freddie from Cypress Nursery and his amazing photography competition entry!




Alex from Cypress Nursery and his little brother having fun with their paddling pool in the garden! Zahra from Cypress Nursery listening really carefully to the story on the Nursery Home Learning Page and counting so well at the same time! Amber from Cypress Nursery worked really hard on There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly activities! Great work, Amber! Isla from Rainbows at Cypress and her big brother Owen, cloud spotting in the park! That looks really relaxing! Ema from Thornton Heath Nursery froze some natural objects in ice. They really do look wonderful! Ema from Thornton Heath Nursery and her soft toys, all ready for a lovely night’s sleep!


Another beautiful dream catcher from Elsie Rae (Thornton Heath Nursery) Fantastic work, Elsie Rae!

Abinaesh from Whitehorse Nursery did some excellent cutting, sticking and ordering of the farm animals. Kyle from Thornton Heath Nursery has made a wonderful dream catcher. Great work, Kyle! Audra from Cypress Nursery has been making her very own number blocks. You’re concentrating so well on those, Audra! Justinas from Thornton Heath Nursery has been working hard on his colouring at home! Keanna from Beulah Nursery with her photography competition entry! Fabulous, Keanna!


As always, here is a timetable to help you plan your week and see all the activities at a glance. You do not have to do every activity; go with the interests of your child and make sure that you all have fun!

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
Activity 1

Cosmic Yoga

The Twits 

Cosmic Yoga

Pedro the Penguin goes to the Fun Fair

Cosmic Yoga

Calypso the Flamingo 

Cosmic Yoga

Marv the Metal Detective 


Cosmic Yoga

Kickapoo the Kangaroo 


Activity 2 Listen to Mrs Jerman reading ‘Everybody’s Welcome’, discuss the story and then make your own house

Listen to Miss Chapman reading ‘Once There Were Giants’, then

Drawing and height ordering your family


Lockdown Handprints Craft 

Listen to Miss Chapman reading ‘All My Treasures – A Book of Joy’

What brings you joy? Make a collage/drawing/painting of the things that make you happy


If you’re happy and you know it! – Song

Making a Treasure Map

Listen to Miss Redman’s narrated Powerpoint of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and join in the counting activities

Sorting Activity – Days of the Week 

Activity 3 Write a list of the people or animals you want to invite in to your house and draw them or make puppets Ordering a collection of objects in size order Making a treasure box/chest for your precious things Doing a Good Deed to make someone else feel happy Design and make your own butterfly

Have a fantastic week everyone and keep well, safe and happy!

The Nursery Team


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Monday!

It’s wonderful to have you all back after the half-term break! We hope you all had a fabulous break and are ready to do lots of fun activities? Let’s start with our physical exercise, in the form of some yoga!

Activity 1:

Activity 2: Now it’s time to watch Mrs Jerman from Cypress Nursery, reading the book ‘Everybody’s Welcome’ by Patricia Hegarty.

Once you have listened to the story, can you remember which animals were in it? Where do these animals live? We would like you to try and build your own house; this could be made from lego bricks, duplo, lollypop sticks, sticks you might find on a walk, big or small cardboard boxes or anything else you can think of. You can either build a model of a house or draw one or colour one in. You choose! Once you have built/drawn your house, who are you going to welcome in to it?



Let’s move on to Activity 3 for the next part!

Who will you invite to your house? Why do you think it is kind to make everyone feel welcome? Can you try and make a list of your friends or family who you would like to welcome to your house? Try and use your phonics to sound out the names and you could draw a picture of each person by their name?

You could also invite from of the forest/woodland creatures from the story! We have attached images of them in the downloads section below for you to use if you wish or to make in to puppets by sticking on lolly sticks/wooden spoons or even cutlery. How many people or animals are you inviting to your house? There are also woodland creatures that you can make in to story stones and make up your own stories!

What will you do when you have invited everybody over to your house? Have a party? A picnic? A disco? We can’t wait to see your photos of what your houses look like and who you have invited in!


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Tuesday!

How are you are feeling this morning? Hoepfully raring to go with lots of energy? Let’s see what Pedro the Penguin is getting up to in our yoga session:

Activity 1:

Activity 2: Today let’s watch Miss Chapman, from Cypress Nursery, reading ‘Once There Were Giants’:

Did you enjoy that story? Can you remember what happened it it? Were there real giants in the story? Can you draw a picture of everyone in your family (some might live with you in your house but some may not, such as grandparents and aunties, uncles and cousins), in height order? The tallest person could go first, down to the shortest or the other way around! How many people are in your family whom you have drawn? Can you write a number under each person and try and write their name as well?

There are families in the downloads section below for you to cut out and put in height order, if you would like to.


Could you make some lockdown handprints of the hands of everyone in your family, again in size order, as a keepsake of your time in lockdown and whom you spent this extraordinary time with. You will need paper, scissors and a pencil or pen. You could use coloured paper or colour/paint the handprints yourself. Don’t forget to write the name of each person on their handprint! Here are some examples to help you:



Activity 3: Can you find some objects around the house (between 5 and 10 objects) and put them in height order? Use language such as shorter, taller and smaller, bigger. You could lay them on the floor or put them on a tray or table, depending on the size of the objects. Count them carefully at the end. How many objects do you have?


There are some numbers in the downloads section to help you if you’d like to use them.




Hello Everyone and Welcome to Wednesday!

The week seems to be rushing by. Let’s slow things down by doing some yoga:

Activity 1: 

Did you enjoy that? We hope so!

Activity 2: How are you feeling today? We really hope you are feeling happy and joyful! Can you listen to this lovely story all about things that make people happy. Here is Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery reading All My Treasures – A Book of Joy:


Can you think of the things that make you happy? Can you draw or paint a picture or cut pictures from magazines to make a collage of things that make you happy? You could try and write the names of the things that make you happy by them or in a list? It might be rainbows, puppies, kittens, being with your family, your favourite toys, your friends…….

There are also some resources in the downloads section below so that you can discuss how you are feeling with your family.

Activity 3: In the story, All My Treasures, the little girl in the story is given a treasure box to put her treasures in. We are going to try and make our own treasure box or treasure chest to keep your treasures in. If your treasure box/chest is quite small you might not be able to fit much in it, but a grown up or older sibling might be able to help you write the things you treasure on little pieces of paper and keep them in the box. Or you might want to keep your list or drawing from Activity 2 in there. You could also write down anything that you can’t actually touch or have as a physical object, such as cuddles from your grandma or running in the park. Photos could be kept in your box as well.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking of what you could use to make your treasure box or chest:





You could use an egg box for your treasure chest


You could use a box – big or small and decorate it with chalks, paints, felt-tips or crayons, sequins, stickers…. How will you decorate your treasure box? I wonder what you will keep inside it?

There is also a treasure chest template if you don’t have any boxes to use, in the downloads section below.


Hello and Welcome to Thursday!

How are you all today? It’s almost the end of the week already! Let’s start the day with some relaxing yoga to make us appreciate the day ahead:

Activity 1: 

Activity 2: Do you remember the story yesterday about All My Treasures – A Book of Joy? Which things did the little girl want to put in her treasure box? These treasures all brought her happiness. Let’s sing this song together and join in the actions to make us feel happy:



As you made a treasure box/chest yesterday, you need to create a treasure map so that you don’t lose where you have kept your precious things!

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Tea bags
  • Water
  • Felt-tip pens/pencils/wax crayons

Soak a few tea bags in water, squeeze some of the water out and then rub them on to your paper (make sure you keep the paper on a tray or do this outside). Rip the edges of the paper, screw the paper in to a ball, flatten it out again and leave to dry. Once dry, it should look like a time-aged map. You can then draw your map features on the paper, including an X marking the spot of where your treasure is kept. You could do a map of your local area including roads, trees and buildings and your house/flat being where the treasure is or an inside map of objects in your house or room such as the sofa, bed, chairs, TV and wherever you keep your treasure box/chest. We can’t wait to see the finished maps!

Here is Mister Maker showing you a way to make a treasure map:


There is also a treasure map template in the downloads below if you’d like to use this instead or as well!

Activity 3: Do you know the kind of things that make the people you love happy? You are going to do a good deed for someone in your family or for one of your friends to make them feel happy. What could you do? Make a phonecall to someone you haven’t seen in a while? Send a painting or a card to someone who might be feeling lonely? Tidy your bedroom? Help with some chores around the house? Make some cakes for an elderly neighbour? We would love to see some photos of your good deeds!



Downloads for Thursday


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Friday!

We’ve made it! Another week of Home Learning and I know you’ve all done such lovely work! Please don’t forget to email us any photos of work you are particularly proud of so that we can publish it on next week’s front page.

Let’s do our final yoga of the week and today we are travelling all the way to Australia! Can you find Australia on the map of the world?

Activity 1: 

Activity 2: We have all dealt with a lot of change in the past weeks and caterpillars go through a huge change to become butterflies. Let’s have a look at the narrated powerpoint below by Miss Redman from Beulah Nursery and join in with her as goes through the story. We will carry on with activities from this story next week as we continue the theme of Change:

Did you enjoy listening to that story? Can you retell the story to someone in your house? Try and remember what the Hungry Caterpillar ate on each day of the week. There is a sorting activity below to do this.

Activity 3: 

Have a look and listen to this short clip about butterflies, whilst listening to some beautiful classical music:

The last activity for the week is making your own beautiful butterfly. You can use a paper plate for this or paper/cardboard. Butterflies’ wings are symmetrical; they are the same of either side. When you are making your butterfly, can you make sure each wing is the same? If you have paints you can do this more easily by painting on just one side and then carefully folding the plate or paper over and rubbing gently. When you open the wings, they should be the same on either side. There are some example below of what your butterfly might look like.



There is a butterfly template in the downloads section below if you would like to use that instead (or as well!)

Extra Activities

Why don’t you have a go at our Whole Trust Challenge this week? The focus is on flags and creating flags from Lego or drawing or painting them! Good luck and please send any photos in to:
All the details you need are in the downloads section below.

Published on 31st May, 2020

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