Week Starting 17 May 2020

Hello to all our Nursery/2YO Parents, Carers and Children,

We hope you all had a good weekend? It has been so lovely speaking to so many of you on the phone over the past two weeks and hearing about how well you’ve been getting on with your home learning, as well as enjoying spending time with your families.

Welcome back to Summer Term 1, Week 5 of our Nursery/2YO Home Learning, our final week of our Down on the Farm theme. This week our learning is based around the well known rhyming story A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson and some other rhymes and stories featuring farm animals. This is also the final week of our Home Learning for this half-term.

Each week, a Whole Trust Challenge is set for all children from Nursery to Year 6 to complete.  This week’s challenge is a photographic competition. All the instructions are in the PowerPoint below and the entries will be judged by Mr Roberts. We look forward to receiving your amazing work!

We always love seeing the work you have been doing at home, so please keep sending us your photos of Home Learning to:

Here are the wonderful photos we have received showing the children across the Trust working hard at home. Please keep them coming; all the Nursery and 2YO Staff love seeing all of you and what you have been doing whilst we can’t see you in person:

Here is Alex from Cypress Nursery, doing an amazing Rainbow banner. Amazing art work, Alex, well done!

This is Ruby, from Cypress Nursery with her amazing Three Little Pigs’ houses. Great work, Ruby! Marcel from Cypress Nursery, working hard on his pencil control. Great focus, Marcel! Niamh and her big brother Ezra from Cypress  with their mummy and daddy  on VE Day. Niamh is doing her best Winston Churchill impression! A very special VE Day afternoon tea for Niamh and Ezra. That looks so yummy and you both look brilliant in your 1940s outfits! Isobel from Cypress Nursery made and decorated the ‘I’ from her name. Great work, Isobel!


This is Joraver from Beulah Nursery and his amazing model. Well done!


Naif from Beulah Nursery has been working really hard on his work all about Farmer Duck!

Here is Amber from Cypress Nursery (and big sister Zoe!) doing Andy’s Wild Workout.

Excellent work, girls!

Here is Bertie from Rainbows and his big sister Lucy with their brilliant duck handprint craft!

Wonderful ducks!

This is Elsie-Rae from Thornton Heath Nursery School and her gorgeous duck handprint – well done! Well done Landon from Ecclesbourne Nursery for sending in this amazing farm work!







Wow! Sathurshan from Thornton Heath Nursery School has been helping with the chores at home. We are very impressed! Look at Sathurshan’s (THNS) wonderful duck and how beautifully he has written his name! Here is Dev from Whitehorse Nursery counting his ducks and colouring them in so carefully. Well done, Dev! Amber from Cypress and her big sister made these brilliant pig masks! Is that Joraver from Beulah Nursery behind the cow mask? Here is Audra from Cypress Nursery with her daddy, making her worm farm. Great work, Audra!



Isobel from Cypress Nursery with the delicious wrap she made! Here is Ted from Cypress with his sisters, Eira and Meredith, at their VE Day front garden party Look how happy Zahra from Cypress Nursery looks with her yellow collection of 5 objects! Here is Freddie from Cypress making his chocolate cakes! Bet they are delicious, Freddie! Here is Louis from Cypress with his wonderful letter to our NHS workers. Great writing, Louis! Look how busy Caitlin from Cypress has been with all her hard work about the farm! Well done, Caitlin!





Look at Emily from Thornton Heath Nursery School  (and her little brother Ethan) working so hard on their duck handprints! Fantastic work! Emily from THNS also did some amazing counting and collecting of yellow objects around the house. Did you find 10 objects, Emily? Well done! Audra from Cypress Nursery counted out the blocks of chocolate when making some chocolate mousse. How delicious!

Lastly, here is Ema from Thornton Heath Nursery School,  working so hard on her amazing duck handprint craft! Great work, Ema!

Here is a timetable of this week’s activities, to help you to plan your work. Go with the interests of your child and there are extra activities and print outs for you to use, if you would like. If you don’t have a printer, please don’t worry – they are entirely optional!

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday   Friday 
Activity 1  

Cosmic Yoga

Lulu the Lioness


Cosmic Yoga

Enzo the Bee


Cosmic Yoga

Tiny the T-Rex


Cosmic Yoga

Betsy the Banana


Cosmic Yoga

Unicorn of Dreams 

Activity 2 Watch the rhyming story: A Squash and a Squeeze and listen to the narrated powerpoint then make a house and the animals from the story Watch the rhyme: There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly, then draw, colour, cut out and order the animals according to size Watch clip of rhyme, clip about spiders and then make a craft spider and web  Watch ‘Snore’ – make your bed and arrange your favourite toys on it, ready for bed tonight! Watch Sleep clip – make your own Dream Catcher 
 Activity 3 

Hard and Soft Collections of Objects


Frozen ‘Treasures’ – freezing items 

Numberblocks – Number 8 Song

Number 8 Monster Drawing/Painting and number writing to 8

Draw your favourite toy and write its name and your name Rhyming words – finding and matching

We hope you enjoy this week’s activities.

We miss seeing you all and hope you are all staying well, safe and happy. Have a good half-term!

The Nursery/2YO Team


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Monday!

We hope you will enjoy the activities for this week. Let’s start in our usual way by keeping active:

Activity 1: 

Activity 2:
Let’s start the week by listening to this fun rhyming story, read by Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery:

Narrated Powerpoint: Here is Miss Redman from Beulah Nursery reading the story A Squash and a Squeeze and asking questions about it so watch and listen really carefully!


  • Can you re-tell the story to someone in your house? Which order did the animals go in to the house?
  • Could you draw a house (or cut out a house shape from cardboard, such as from a cereal packet) and draw the animals, Old Lady and the Wise Old Man to go in your house? If you draw, colour and cut them out separately, you can move them in and out of the house as you tell the story. There is a house template for you to use in the downloads section, if you would like. There are also some animal cards you could use to find the animals in the story.
  • There are lots of animal picture cards so you sort them in to farm animals, wild animals or however you like, after you have done the above activity.

Activity 3: Squashing and Squeezing: Let’s have a think about some materials which feel ‘squashy’ or ‘squeezy’. Can you find some around your house?

  • Have you got a squashy ball?
  • What can you squash or squeeze with your hands? Clothing? Tissues? Paper? Marshmallows? Wool Make a collection on a tray or in a container.
  • Can you also make a collection of things that you can not squash or squeeze? Many hard or rigid objects can’t be squashed or squeezed. Think of objects such as pens, many plastic toys, cutlery, plates, saucepans etc.

We might also think of the objects we have collected as ‘hard’ and ‘soft’.

We’d love to see your collections of objects – please send us some photos!

Something that so many of us love to do at nursery is play with playdough! That is definitely something that can be ‘squashed’ and ‘squeezed’! Please find a recipe in the downloads section below tp make your own playdough and have fun squashing and squeezing. Can you help your grown-up to make your playdough?


Hello and Welcome to Tuesday!

Activity 1:

Let’s start our week by doing our usual exercise!

Has that made you energised and ready for the day?
Activity 2: 
This week, we are focusing on the rhyme There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly and today it will be read by Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery:

Remember that it is only pretend and she didn’t really swallow all those animals – that would be impossible!
Once you have listened to the rhyme try these activities:
  • Can you tell an older brother or sister or grown-up which animals were in the story?
  • Which order did the Old Lady swallow them in?
  • Can you try and draw the animals from the story, colour them, cut them out and then line them up in order of size from smallest to largest?
  • How many animals are there in the story all together?
You could also use the animals in the downloads section below to colour and cut out instead of drawing of your own, if you have a printer.
Activity 3: In both A Squash and a Squeeze and There was an Old Lady, lots of animals are being squashed in to something too small! We wondered if you can find some treasures – maybe during your daily outside exercise, such as leaves, flower petals, grass or around your house such as tiny plastic animals or other little toys and freeze them in water?  You can use any container to freeze your objects in: ice-cube trays, little plastic containers, balloons that you can fill with water and the items, tie the end and then remove the plastic coating once frozen. If you use cool, boiled water from the kettle, the frozen item tends to be less cloudy.




Freezing beads or small objects such as sequins Freezing plastic toys such as dinosaurs Freezing flowers/grasses or petals Freezing toy insects such as spiders
When your items are frozen (leave overnight for best results), take them out of the freezer and put on a tray. How will you get your objects out? What could you use? Salt will speed up the melting process. Remember to take photos of your freezing and melting and send to us!
There is also some pencil control work in the downloads section below, if you have a printer.



Hello and Welcome to Wednesday!

How are you all feeling this morning? Are you ready to get active?

Activity 1: Here’s another episode of yoga:

I know some of you love dinosaurs so I hope that was fun!
Activity 2: Let’s watch a different version of the rhyme from yesterday:
How many creatures did the Old Lady swallow? I think in this version I counted 8! Can you carefully count out 8 objects? In Miss Chapman’s version yesterday there were 7 so which animal featured in one rhyme but not the other?  Don’t forget to touch each object as you count it and moving each object as you count can help with accuracy too. I know a creature with 8 legs that the Old Lady swallowed – do you? Yes, that’s right – the spider! Let’s have a little look at the video all about spiders:
Can you make your own craft spider? Here are a few ideas to help you:
Paper plate web with weaving and handprint spiders Paper plate web, paper cutting web and chalk on black paper web Pom-poms and folded paper for legs Handprint spider with googly eyes
We can’t wait to see your finished spiders and spider webs! Don’t forget to send us photos! We really love seeing them.
Activity 3: Let’s watch the Numberblocks Number 8 song:

Can you draw or paint your own monster with 8 legs or arms? It can any size or colour you like but it must have 8 legs or arms!

Can you write the numbers by each leg/arm: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and don’t forget your name! what will you call your monster?
There are also some number 8 activities in the downloads section below if you have a printer.


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Thursday!

Let’s start the day with stretching and stories….

Activity 1:

Activity 2: Today we are going to listen to Mrs Jerman, from Cypress Nursery, reading ‘Snore’ by Michael Rosen. This is another story set on a farm and the animals are having trouble sleeping because someone is snoring……

Once you have watched the video clip, can you remember what happened in the story? Which animals were in the story? Tell the story to a grown-up or someone in your house.

Narrated Powerpoint: Here is Mrs Jerman doing some counting all about the story ‘Snore’!:

For this activity, you are going to make your bed and arrange some of your favourite toys on it, all ready for a good night’s sleep tonight! Which toys will you choose to sleep with you tonight? Can you take a photo of your beautifully made bed and the toys on it so we can all see? How many toys have you chosen? Count them all carefully.

Activity 3: Choose just ONE of your favourite toys and draw a picture of it. Can you try and write your name and the name of your favourite toy on the piece of paper too? Does your toy make any noises? If it is a dog, can you try and write ‘woof’, for example?

In the downloads section below, there are some instructions to follow to make a hot chocolate at bedtime, if you would like to! Don’t forget to brush your teeth after you have drunk it! Sweet dreams! zzz….

There is also a dairy-free, vegan recipe in the downloads as well.



Hello Everyone and Welcome to Friday!

We’ve reached the end of another week and, can you believe, another half-term! Let’s do one last yoga session before our half-term break:

Activity 1: 

Activity 2: Can you remember the story Snore, read by Mrs Jerman yesterday? It was all about sleep wasn’t it? Let’s look at this short clip to see why sleeping is so important:

Can you ever remember any of your dreams? Our second activity for today is to make a Dream Catcher to hang above your bed. I wonder if it will help ‘catch’ your lovely dreams so that you can remember them? Dream Catchers originated in the Native Amercian culture, a long, long time ago. There are some instructions in the downloads section below to help you make your Dream Catcher, but you could also use any other items you might have around the house, including old CDs! Have a look at some of the pictures below to give you some ideas. We can’t wait to see your finished Dream Catchers – please email them in to:


Activity 3: For our final activity of the week, we are going to think of some words which rhyme. Our stories from the beginning of the week, A Squash and a Squeeze and There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly both had lots of rhyming words in them. Have another look at them from Monday and Tuesday to remind you. Can you find the words which rhyme and talk to someone in your house about them?

There are some activities in the downloads section to try, if you have a printer.

Extra Activities

These are some extra activities for you to try, if you would like:

  • Cutting, matching and sticking animals and their young on the farm
  • Cutting skills – from the rhyme ‘There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly’

Published on 17th May, 2020

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