Week Starting 14 June 2020

Hello to all our Nursery/2YO Parents, Carers and Children,

We hope you all had a lovely weekend and are raring to go with Summer Term 2, Week 3 of our Nursery/2YO Home Learning. This half-term we will be focusing on Change and Growth and how we deal with change in our lives. We have all dealt with change whilst the schools have been closed over lockdown and the activities will continue to focus on change, growth, transition and the range of emotions that accompany this. We do hope you will enjoy what we have planned for you.

It was so lovely seeing so many of you at our first live Google Meet session for Nursery and Reception last Wednesday. We will have another session for Nursery and Rainbows this Wednesday, 17th June at 9.30am. The meeting nickname is: nurjune17  Please do not enter the meeting before 9.25am; thank you! More details about this are in the Extra Activities section. If you do not have login details for your child, please email the Nursery email address (see below).

Here is Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery with a few insights in to the week ahead and saying ‘hello’ to you all:

We have a weekly Whole Trust Challenge and this time you are going to create your own quiz! This is something you could do with your siblings or grown-ups and you will find all the details on Activity 3 on Friday.

A particular highlight of these strange times has been seeing the wonderful photos of your home learning you have been sending in to us. To see your lovely faces and how well you’ve coped in these very different times has been incredible to witness. Please keep the photos coming to our dedicated Nursery/2YO email address:
Here are some of the brilliant photos we have received. What amazing things you are doing at home; well done!


Here is Emily from Thornton Heath Nursery School with her wonderful ‘Lockdown Family Handprints’ What a lovely keepsake you have made, Emily!

Here is Oliver from Rainbows at Cypress, working hard on his Hungry Caterpillar Days of the Week ordering. Well done, Oliver! Some more ‘Lockdown Family Handprints’ from Oliver in Rainbows at Cypress  Here is Amber from Cypress Nursery watching her Home Learning story and joining in the counting. Can you see how many fingers Amber is holding up? Here is Thomas from Rainbows at Cypress with his homemade smoothie! Umm, it looks delicious, Thomas! Dev from Whitehorse Nursery has been so busy practising counting all the way to 100! Well done, Dev!


Abinaesh from Whitehorse Nursery doing his Hungry Caterpillar cutting and sticking. Well done!

Here is Widad from Cypress Nursery with her memory jar. It looks brilliant, Widad! Here is Audra from Cypress Nursery with a duck egg she found in Richmond Park. It is such a beautiful colour, Audra! Joravar from Beulah Nursery has made a fantastic photo frame to hold a photograph of his family Adyan from Beulah Nursery with his homemade lava lamp. Fantastic work, Adyan! Zain from Whitehorse Nursery has drawn a beautiful picture of the people who make him happy. Great writing as well, Zain!  You certainly look very happy



Here is Louis from Cypress Nursery with his wonderful memory jar. I wonder which memories you have put in your jar, Louis? From your expression, it looks as if they are happy ones!

Emily from Thornton Heath Nursery School has been carefully watching her caterpillars grow! Thomas from Rainbows at Cypress loved making his Paper Dolls’ chain after listening to the story Here is Ema from Thornton Heath Nursery with her wonderful Paper Dolls! Freddie from Cypress Nursery looks mesmerised by his lava lamp! Well done, Freddie! Here is Ruby from Cypress Nursery with her wonderful photo frame. We love it, Ruby!
Please find below a timetable of the activities for the week ahead. Do what you can or what captures the interests of your child. Have a fantastic week!
Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
Activity 1

Boogie Beebies –

Full Steam Ahead 


Boogie Beebies –

All Things Red 


Boogie Beebies –

Sport Star

Boogie Beebies –

Favourite Place 

Boogie Beebies –

The Jungle 

Activity 2 

Watch and listen to the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’

Paper Plate Art Activity – making a Rainbow Fish

Draw/paint and write about your good friend and what their best qualities are

Watch and listen to the story ‘Friends Together’

Make a Stick Creation 

Making a Friendship Bracelet for a friend

Watch and listen to the story ‘Monkey Words’

Jungle Animal Masks

Activity 3 

Sing along with Rainbow Fish Powerpoint Song

Make Rainbow Fish Playdough

Making a ‘Paper Hug’ for your friend Work together with someone to make a cake/some fairy cakes for The Great Nursery Bake-Off

CBeebies ‘Everyone’s Welcome’ video – talking about difference

All About Me Drawing/Writing 

Whole Trust Challenge – create your own Quiz

If possible, buy a big bag of Skittles for an activity on Monday!


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Monday!

How was your weekend? We hope you are all feeling well and ready to get dancing:

Activity 1: Let’s see which dance Oti is going to be teaching us today:

Activity 2: Let’s listen to the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister. Today it is read by Mrs Jerman from Cypress Nursery:

Can you remember what happened in the story? Tell a grown-up the story. What did The Rainbow Fish share? How did he feel once he had shared his scales? How many scales did the Rainbow Fish have at the start of the story? There are some masks you could use in the downloads section below to re-tell the story and also a matching game. If you would like, there are also some handwriting patterns you could have a go at!
Let’s make our own Rainbow Fish using a paper plate or cardboard/paper if you don’t have any paper plates. Use what you have to decorate; crayons, paints, sequins or foil for the scales…. See below for a few ideas; one uses old CDs and another uses celery for the scale printing!


Activity 3: Let’s sing along with the Rainbow Fish to the tune of ‘Five Little Ducks’:

Let’s make some sparkly Rainbow fish playdough! Please find the recipe in the link below:

What will you make with your playdough? What does it feel like? Tell someone in your house some different words to describe the texture and feel of the playdough. Can you add anything to your playdough? Do you have any plastic fish or sea creatures?


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Tuesday!

Activity 1: How are you all feeling this morning? Energetic? Tired? Let’s wake you all up with Oti’s latest dance:

Activity 2: Let’s listen to the narrated powerpoint with Mrs Jerman from Cypress Nursery. Join in the counting with her!

How much do you remember from the story The Rainbow Fish from yesterday? How did The Rainbow Fish become a good friend? Can you think of someone who is a good friend to you? Is it someone in your class at Nursery or is it someone in your family? Tell someone in your house why they are a good friend. What do they do that is kind?

For the next activity we would like you to draw or paint a picture of your friend and write their name. Can you write any words to describe them? Are they funny, kind, generous, a good listener, cheerful, understanding?  There is a template in the downloads section for you to use as a frame for your picture if you’d like to use it.


Who is your best friend?



There is also a cutting and sorting game about friendly and unfriendly behaviour, if you’d like to have a go at it.

Activity 3: I know lots of you are missing your friends so much. Can you make them a ‘paper hug’ to send to them in the post or ask your grown up to take a photo of your paper hug and send it to your friend’s parents/carer, to show your friend, if they have their number? You could even save the paper hug for when you next see them. Here are some ideas to help you:


You could draw and cut out a cardboard or paper heart, colour it in and add concertina (fold the paper backwards and forwards) ‘arms’ with mini love heart hands You could do some painted handprints of your hands, cut them out and then join them with pretty ribbon or string to make your ‘hug’ How about sticking a photo of yourself in a folded piece of paper and then adding oversized arms and hands? You could then write to your friend and send as a card to them


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Wednesday,

Activity 1: Another day, another dance! Let’s see which wonderful dance Oti is going to teach us today:

Activity 2: Listen to the story ‘Friends Together’, read by Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery. Can you tell a grown-up what happens in the story? How do the friends learn to work together?

The friends in the story use sticks for lots of different activities in the story; can you remember what they use the sticks for? On your next walk, can you collect some sticks to make in to something? You could make a stick person or have a look at some of these other ideas. Can you work together like the friends in the story to make a stick creation? We can’t wait to see what you have made!



Activity 3: Can you work together with someone else who lives in your house to bake a cake or some smaller fairy/cup cakes? You can use any recipe you like but you do need to communicate with each other and decide who is doing which part of the recipe or whether you will do it all together? We can’t wait to see the results of this amazing Great Nursery Bake-Off! Please email us your photos of your finished cakes!

Here are a couple of recipes in case you would like to use them:





Hello Everyone and Welcome to Thursday!

Activity 1: Another day, another dance! Let’s see what Oti is up to today…

Activity 2: What can you remember from the story ‘Friends Together’ from yesterday? What makes a good friend? Today you are going to make a Friendship Bracelet for your friend/ Who will choose to give the bracelet to? There are lots of things you can make a friendship bracelet from. Here are a few ideas for you:




Could you use a pipe cleaner, string, wool or thread and thread some pieces of straw? In this version, pasta has been threaded on to a pipe cleaner Is there any cereal such as Cheerios you could use? You could use hair beads and make a repeating pattern

Activity 3: Have a watch and listen to the CBeebies clip ‘Everyone’s Welcome’:

Talk to your grown-up about you and your friends. What makes them different to you? What makes them the same?  Can you draw or paint a picture of yourself and try and write some words around the picture about what makes you special?

There are some templates below that you can use if you would like.


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Friday!

I can’t quite believe another week has flown by. Let’s finish the week with another dance from Oti:

Activity 1: Let’s go down to the Jungle today…

Activity 2: Let’s sit back, relax and listen carefully to the story ‘Monkey Words’, read by Mrs Parker.

What did Monkey keep doing to the other animals? What was the word he learned at the end of the story? Can you think of some kind words to say to people?

Can you cut out and wear one of the Jungle Animal Masks in the downloads section and pretend to be that animal? Are you going to be a kind animal or are you going say silly things as the monkey did? You might prefer to make your own mask instead.

There is also some animal counting if you would like to have a go at that!

Activity 3: The last activity for this week is the Whole Trust Challenge of creating your own Quiz! All the details are in the downloads section below. Happy Quizzing everyone and have a wonderful weekend. See you all on Monday.

If possible, please buy a big bag of Skittles over the weekend for an activity on Monday!

Extra Activities

Here are a few Extra Activities for you to do, linked with the theme this week and co-operation, kindness and friendship:

  • Tallest Tower Challenge: Children to work together with an adult or sibling to see how tall they can build a tower if they work together. They could use building blocks or any other resources such as junk modelling boxes or plastic cups
  • Try completing puzzles together with siblings or an adult to understand that all the different pieces fit together to make one picture
  • Can you fish for numbers? Fill a bowl with water and add numbered bottle lids or building blocks to the water. Can the children identify which numbers they have ‘fished’ (use a net or a sieve or a big serving spoon) from the water? (could use numerals or dots, depending on the stage of your child) There are some numbered fish in the downloads section below for you to use, if you would like
  • Have a go at the pencil control Rainbow Fish in the downloads section
  • Have a three legged race with a sibling or adult. See how you can work as a team to ensure the race is a success and no one falls over!
  • Use a balloon or a beach ball and work with someone else to try and keep the ball/balloon in the air for as long as you can
  • Board Games: can you play a board game with your family? It is a great way to learn to share, take turns and wait for your own turn. Please send in some photos of you playing some board games. I wonder which one is your favourite?
  • Obstacle Course with your eyes shut or wearing a blindfold. Work with a sibling or adult and guide eachother around a simple obstacle course. You will need to give some very clear instructions! This helps to build trust and the understand the importance of working together


Live story time session – We would like to welcome you and your child to our live session on Wednesday, 17th June at 9.30am. It will be a short story time hosted by Miss Chapman, for the 2Y0/Nursery  across the Trust.

If you do not have your login details please email: with your child’s name, school and class before Wednesday, so we can get those details to you. The nickname for the meeting will be nurjune17

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces! (NB – At this time, we do not have login details available for children from Thornton Heath Nursery School – apologies for this)

Instructions as to how to join a Google Meet are in the Downloads section below.


Published on 14th June, 2020

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