Week Starting 12 July 2020

Dear Nursery/2YO Parents, Carers and Children,

Welcome to Summer 2, Week 7 of our Home Learning! I can barely believe I’m writing this; who would have thought that back in March when the schools closed, that this would become our new way of working for the Summer Term of 2020. It has been so sad not seeing the majority of you for these past few months, but heartwarming to see so many of you on our Google Meets, to talk to you and your parents on the telephone and to devise the Home Learning activities for you to keep busy at home. We have loved seeing the photos of your Home Learning and it has made us so happy receiving the emails each day with the images of what you have been doing. Thank you to all of you who took the time to send them in to us. We have marvelled at your resilience in adapting to this ‘new normal’ We are very proud of you all and just sorry that our time with you in Nursery was cut short this year due to Covid-19. You are all truly Pegasus People and we congratulate you all!

It is now a time to say some goodbyes for those children going to their new Reception classes in September. Some will be going to new schools or moving away and starting school in a new area. Some of the younger children will be staying with us in Nursery and we look forward to that exciting new chapter. For all of you, we hope that you will approach your new class or school with a big smile and plenty of excitement for all the new challenges and fun you have ahead of you. Please stay in touch with us; we would love to hear how you are getting on!

It was so lovely seeing so many of you at our live Google Meet session for Nursery/2YO across the Trust last Wednesday. We will have our last session for Nursery/2YO this Wednesday, 15th July at 9.30am. The meeting nickname is: nurjuly15  Please do not enter the meeting before 9.25am; thank you!  If you do not have login details for your child, please email the Nursery email address (see below).  On Friday, 17th July, we will also have a final Google Meet just for our Rainbows’ children at 10.00am. The meeting nickname is: rainbowscypress   Please do join us if you can for these live Google Meets; it is so lovely to see the children and for them to see eachother!
Each week we have a Whole Trust Challenge and this week’s is to create your own camp or den! All the details on Friday, Activity 3.
Here is Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery giving an introduction to your final week of Home Learning:

Here are some of the brilliant photos we have received. What amazing things you are doing at home; well done!



Abinaesh from Whitehorse Nursery has designed some very groovy school shoes! Great design, well done! Joravar from Beulah Nursery has also designed some funky school shoes! They look great, well done! Here is Ted from Cypress Nursery telling his new teacher and friends about some of the things he is good at. Fantastic, Ted! Zhimran from Cypress Nursery has been working very hard at his number formation and counting skills. Well done, Zhimran! Zain from Whitehorse Nursery has designed some very colourful school shoes! They are fabulous Zain! Ida from Cypress Nursery has designed some very snazzy school shoes, as well as her big sister Dotty! I hope to see you wearing some similar in September, Ida!
Joravar from Beulah Nursery made this delicious-looking pizza! Yum yum! Isobel from Cypress Nursery is dancing in the rain! What a great idea, Isobel! I hope you always keep dancing in the rain! Here is JJ from Cypress Nursery with his wonderful collection of objects beginning with ‘P’. great work, JJ! Here is Freddie from Cypress Nursery making his Australian Lamington cakes! Delicious, Freddie! I wish I could try some! Bertie from Cypress Nursery  and his big sister, Lucy, with their cool sunglasses! They are fantastic, well done! Here is James from Rainbows at Cypress and his big sister Malaika doing their rainbow science experiment. You definitely look like real scientists! Keep up the brilliant work!







Here is Ema from Thornton Heath Nursery School with her groovy sunglasses! Super cool, Ema! Joravar from Beulah Nursery has been doing some fantastic counting to 10 using pasta! Zain from Whitehorse Nursery with his wonderful sun safety work! Great work, Zain! Luis from Rainbows at Cypress is busy making some amazing looking pancakes! A future chef, perhaps? Here is Isobel from Cypress Nursery with her rainbow school shoes. Perhaps rainbow shoes could be in the uniform policy? And finally, here is Abdul from Cypress Nursery with his fabulous collage house. Well done, Abdul!


Please find below a timetable of the activities for the week ahead. Do what you can or what captures the interests of your child. Have a fantastic week!

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
Activity 1 Cosmic Yoga – Fairy Floss Cosmic Yoga – Dodgson the Dodo Cosmic Yoga – Outside in the Woods Cosmic Yoga – Babs the Beaver  Cosmic Yoga – Joybob The Polar Bear
Activity 2

Listen to Mrs Enahoro reading: “My First Day at School”

My School Uniform – Drawing

Listen to Mrs Smalley-Nicholson reading: “Ruby’s Worry”

Ruby’s Worry Activity Pack

Listen to Ms Whorms reading: “Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School”

A card for my friend 

Listen to Ms Williams reading:”Perfectly Norman”

Making your own Wings 

Listen to Miss Chapman reading: “Lulu’s First Day”

Game on BBC Bitesize – create your own avatar! 

Activity 3 Drawing a map of your route to school  Make your own Worry Doll  My Favourite Dinosaur  Make some Butterfly Cakes

Whole Trust Challenge

Big Camp Challenge 

We do hope you have enjoyed all the Home Learning this term and a big WELL DONE to you all for joining in with such enthusiasm!  We can’t wait to see most of you when you return in September. Have a wonderful summer and stay safe!
Miss Chapman and the Nursery Team


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Monday!

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and let’s get busy this morning with our Cosmic Yoga!

Activity 1: 

Activity 2: You all have such an exciting time ahead of you; moving in to your new class is such a big step and one which we know you will all be both excited and perhaps slightly apprehensive about. Let’s watch Ms Enahoro, the Red Class teacher in Reception at Cypress read a story all about starting school:


Can you remember the name of your new class and teacher? Some of you are moving up to Nursery from Rainbows and most of you will be joining your new Reception Class in September. Do you know what your uniform will look like? Can you draw a picture of you wearing your new uniform? You could use the template in the downloads section below if you would like (uniform templates) There are also some templates for colouring and cutting out (Getting Dressed for School).
Activity 3: How will get to school in September? Will you walk? Come on your scooter or bike? Drive in the car? Get the bus? Can you draw a map to show your route to school? Don’t forget any landmarks you might pass – a church, a lake or a park?  Here are some examples of some maps:



Hello Everyone and Welcome to Tuesday!

How are you all today? Let’s start with our usual exercise…

Activity 1: Where will our Cosmic Yoga take us today?

Activity 2: Do you ever worry about things? There’s a little girl in the story today who has a worry. Her name is Ruby and her story is going to be read by Mrs Smalley-Nicholson from Red Class at Cypress Primary:

Hopefully you all now know that if you share something you are worried about with someone you know, that worry doesn’t seem so big! There is an activity pack in the downloads section for you to fill in, including a wonderful dot to dot! (Ruby’s Worry Activity Pack)

Activity 3: It’s great to speak to someone if you are worried about anything.

Worry dolls (also called trouble dolls; in Spanish, Muñeca quitapena) are small, hand-made dolls that originate from Guatemala. According to legend, Guatemalan children tell their worries to the Worry Dolls, placing them under their pillow when they go to bed at night. By morning the dolls have gifted them with the wisdom and knowledge to eliminate their worries.

Let’s try and make our own worry doll! There are a few ideas below to help you, as well as instructions (Worry Doll Instructions). There are also templates in the downloads section below if you would prefer to use them. (Worry Doll Template)




Hello and Welcome to Wednesday!

Let’s start today with our yoga activity…

Activity 1: Let’s see what adventure is in store today…

Activity 2: Let’s watch Ms Whorms from Orange Class at Cypress reading a book all about starting school:

Harry and Jack made friends in this book. Can you think of someone who is your friend? It may be someone at nursery with you now or someone who will be in your new class with you in September or even a family friend who is not at school with you. Can you write that friend a card and send it to them? You might like to write about what you like about them and why you are so glad that they are your friend! You could the templates below if you would like, or make your own! (Templates for Friendship Cards) 

Activity 3: Harry’s favourite things in the world are dinosaurs! Do you like dinosaurs? I know some of the children in Nursery and Rainbows LOVE them! Can you find out some fun facts about your favourite dinosaur and draw a picture or do a painting of it? There are some sheets to help you in the downloads section below.


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Thursday!

Are you all happy and raring to go today?

Activity 1: Let’s see where we are off to today…

Activity 2: Let’s listen to Miss Williams from Yellow Class at Cypress reading the fantastic story of: ‘Perfectly Norman’:

This story teaches us that everyone is special and everyone is different. Can you tell someone in your house why you are special? Norman had his own beautiful pair of wings. Can you think of any creatures who have wings? For this next activity you are going to make your own pair of unique and special wings. You can design and make them yourself from scratch, or embellish dressing-up wings you already have or use the templates in the downloads section below. We can’t wait to see the finished products! Please send us some photos!


Activity 3: Today we are going to make some delicious butterfly cakes as we have been thinking about wings and butterflies have the most beautiful wings!  There is a recipe in the downloads section below and we can’t wait to see your butterfly cake photos! Happy cooking everyone!




Hello Everyone and Welcome to Friday!

We’ve done it! The end of the week, the term and the school year! We can’t believe it! Let’s finish on a high!

Activity 1:  Where will our final Cosmic Yoga take us?

Activity 2: To finish off our term of Home Learning, Miss Chapman from Cypress Nursery is going to read you the story of: ‘Lulu’s First day’.

For our next activity, can you create your own avatar by playing this game?:

Activity 3: And to finish our term and school year off with a bang, our final Whole Trust Challenge is to create your own camp! Wow! This is so exciting! All the details are in the downloads section below. (Big Camp Challenge)  Here are a few photos to give you some inspiration:



Downloads for Friday

Extra Activities

Published on 12th July, 2020

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