Week Starting 10 May 2020

Hello to all our Nursery/2YO Parents, Carers and Children,

We hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed your VE Day celebrations? Welcome back to Summer Term, Week 4 of our Nursery/2YO Home Learning, carrying on with our Down on the Farm theme. This week our learning is based around the story Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell.

Each week, a whole Trust challenge will be set for all children from Nursery to Year 6 to complete.  This week’s challenge is to write a letter or draw a picture to someone who lives or works in a care home. All the information is in the ‘Extra Activities’ section of this week. We can’t wait to see your letters and drawings!

We also know how important it is to get our daily exercise, so we will be including some fun workouts as well! We are going to carry on with our fun yoga to get us moving this week.

There are also some activities for you to print out, if you have access to a printer, but these are entirely optional.

Please remember to send any photos of work you are particularly proud of to our new dedicated Nursery email address:
Look at some of the amazing things our Nursery and 2YO children got up to last week. We love seeing what you have been doing at home whilst we can’t see you in person – keep up the brilliant work!


Sathurshan from Thornton Heath Nursery School with his farm and zoo animals

Well done!

Here is Marcel from Cypress, with his wonderful farm!

Fabulous work!

This is Daniel from Beulah Nursery, who was baking doughnuts with his siblings! Yummy!

(And it’s National Doughnut Week!)

Look at Thomas from Rainbows, doing a brilliant yoga pose!

Well done, Thomas!

Naif from Beulah Nursery did this brilliant version of This Little Piggy!

Fantastic work!

Is that Naif behind those Three Little Pigs and one of their houses? Great name writing too!




Well done Ida (and big sister Dotty) from Cypress Nursery for this lovely photo of you both with the Little Pigs puppets! And some more fabulous Three Little Pig puppets from Alicia in Rainbows – well done!



This is Adyan from Beulah making his sandwich and drawing in green sugar! Great work, Adyan! Here is Mateo from Whitehorse Nursery with his wonderful Three Little Pigs’ house! Great work, Mateo!




Ida from Cypress Nursery and her sister Dotty with their VE Day Bunting – wonderful! James from Rainbows with his Three Little Pigs’ houses and puppets – fantastic, James! Isla from Rainbows and her brother Owen, busy with bricks and shaving foam in the sunshine Ema from Thornton Heath Nursery School has been working really hard on the Three Little Pigs theme – fantastic!

Here is a timetable to help you plan your week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday 
Activity 1

Kids’ Yoga


Kids’ Yoga

The Hungry Caterpillar

Kids’ Yoga

Bear Hunt

Kids’ Yoga

Little Red Riding Hood

Kids’ Yoga

Squish the Fish

Activity 2  Drawing/Writing Favourite part of Farmer Duck story Helping out with chores around the house Five Little Ducks song and making puppets Making a list and pictures of your favourite foods Speaking and Listening – questions and answers
Activity 3 

Craft Activity

Handprint Duck

Drawing/writing and sending a letter to someone I love and miss

Find 5 Yellow objects around the house

(or add another 5 to make a collection of 10 objects)

Craft activity

Plate of favourite foods

Chocolate Recipes (Friday Treat!)

Have a good week and hope to see you all soon! All the staff are missing you and hoping you are keeping well, safe and happy.

The Nursery and 2YO Team


Hello Everyone and welcome to Monday!

Activity 1: Firstly, let’s get moving! We are going to try some children’s yoga this morning; some lovely stretching exercises to wake us up with a Frozen theme:

Did you all enjoy that?
Activity 2: This week, we are focusing on the story of Farmer Duck, all about a lazy old farmer who gets his comeuppance at the end. Here’s Mrs Jerman reading the story:

What was your favourite part of the story? Can you tell a grown up? Do you remember the order of the story? Use the sequencing cards below in the downloads to help you. Can you draw a picture of your favourite animal or favourite part of the story? Don’t forget to try and write your name on your work. Can you use your phonics to write the name of the animal/animals you have drawn? eg duck, pig, or sheep? Please send us some photos of your amazing work!

Activity 3: Today you are going to make a handprint duck! Here are some examples below to help give you ideas:




This example used card and a feather Here is a Mallard duck using paint, card, feathers and a googly eye This duck has been made using paints or you could use crayons or felt-tips

What kind of duck or duckling will you be making? Remember to spread your fingers out wide on the paper and a grown-up or older sibling can help you draw around your hand and cut the handprint out! We can’t wait to see your finished ducks!


Hello Everyone and welcome to Tuesday!

Activity 1: It’s time to get our bodies moving again with some fun yoga. This time it is a very familiar story which we all love in nursery:

Activity 2: Let’s look at another version of our story for this week, Farmer Duck. This version is re-told by the fabulous Michael Rosen:
Can you talk to a grown-up or older sibling and tell them about the farmer being so lazy?
  • Why won’t he do any of the work?
  • Is that fair on the duck? How does the duck feel?
  • Can you have a think about why it is important for everyone to help out with chores?
Today you are going help your grown-ups to do some chores around the house! Pegasus children aren’t lazy, are they? What chores will you do? Tidy your room? Make your bed? Help with the hoovering?
We can’t wait to see how you have been helpful! Remember to take a photo and send to:
In the downloads section below, there is an Emotions Chart which might help you to talk about the different emotions you are feeling each day.
Activity 3: It feels good when people are kind to you and help you, doesn’t it? The animals on the farm were kind to the duck because they knew he was sad and tired. Could you do something to make someone feel better? Could you draw a lovely picture and do some writing and send it to someone you love and miss? It might be your grandparents, cousins, auntie and uncle or a friend? Don’t forget to post it during your daily exercise!


Hello Everyone and welcome to Wednesday!

Activity 1: First of all today, we are going to go on a Bear Hunt! I know lots of you will know this story very well….

Did you enjoy that? I hope you all managed to escape the bear! I hope you are all feeling ready to tackle the day!

Activity 2: Do you remember the rhyme 5 Little Ducks? Let’s have a look at a version of it and make sure you sing along!

Can you sing the song to your grown-up or siblings? Use your fingers to take one away each time. Remember to count carefully! Can you make your own 5 Little Ducks puppets? You could use the downloads below (there are some extra ones too!) or make your own by drawing 5 ducklings and their mummy and then cutting them out. Have you got any lolly sticks you could stick them to? Or wooden spoons? You can then re-enact the song with your puppets.

There are also some counting cards to help you and the words to the song, in the downloads section below.

Activity 3: Can you remember how many little ducks there are in the song? That’s right – 5! Let’s watch this episode of Numberblocks, all about the number 5…

  • Can you count your fingers on one hand really carefully? 5!
  • Can you count the toes on one foot really carefully? 5!
Now can you have a treasure hunt around your house? We want to see if you can find 5 things around the house which are yellow, just like the fluffy ducklings! What did you find? We’d love to see your yellow 5 collections! (If you’d like, you could add an extra 5 items to your collection, to make 10)

Can you find 5 yellow objects around the house? What did you manage to find?


Hello Everyone and welcome to Thursday!

Activity 1: Time for our daily exercise to get us moving in the morning! Let’s see which fairy tale we are going to think about today:

Did you enjoy that? We’re sure you are getting really good at all this stretching by now!
Activity 2: Can you remember the story of Farmer Duck? Have another look at Mrs. Jerman reading it to remind you. The farmer is so lazy and stays in bed all day, eating chocolate. We think that chocolate must be his favourite thing to eat! What are your favourite things to eat? Can you make a list and draw a picture by each word of that type of food?

Try and write your own list of favourite foods (you could also draw pictures by each word) Have a good think about your favourite foods! Do you prefer sweet or savoury foods?

Activity 3: Today you are going to try and make a craft plate of your favourite foods. You could use a paper plate is you have one, cut a circle shape from some card or paper or use the plate template in the downloads below. You can cut items of food from magazines or use some of the pictures in the downloads below. You could also draw your favourite foods and cut them out and stick them on your ‘plate’!




What’s your favourite meal or food? Can you make a plate showing the food you like the best? This plate of fruit and vegetables looks very healthy!


Activity 1: Where will our yoga session take us today?

Activity 2: Let’s take a look at a real working farm and see some ducklings!

What did you find out in that episode? Can you think of some of the jobs on a farm that a farmer has to do? Here’s another clip to help you:

Explain to your grown-up or siblings what you remember from the Barnaby Bear clip. Get your grown-up to ask you some questions about it.

Activity 3: It’s Friday afternoon so it’s definitely time for a treat. The lazy farmer in Farmer Duck loved chocolate and so do lots of us! Can you make something made out of chocolate? How about chocolate chip cookies, chocolate muffins or brownies? We have also attached two recipes in the downloads below – Hot Chocolate Granola Bars and Chocolate Crispy Cakes. Please send us your photos of your  chocolate goodies to:

Extra Activities

Here are a few extra activities you might like to have a go at using resources in the downloads section below:

  • Role-play Farmer Duck masks  for you to use for re-telling the story;
  • Practising your pencil control;
  • Writing or drawing a picture for someone who lives or works in a Care Home

Published on 10th May, 2020

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