Year 3

Week Starting 07 June 2020

Hello Year 3 children and families,

We’ve had lots of sunny days – summer is here! What have you been doing now that it’s much warmer outside?

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All teachers in Year 3 are still making phone calls home so please remember if you get a call from an ‘unknown’ number it may be your teacher.  We love speaking to you all.

Here are some amazing photos of your that we received to the home learning email:  and class blogs.

Isra in Asteroid class conducting some independent science research


Sophia in Asteroids class showing off her letter to a local care home and beautiful rainbow.

Filip in New Forest class showing off his Stonehenge sketch.


Ali in Elm class has been completing some work on time.

Kaylee in Cedar class and her amazing Stone Age facts booklet.


Ilyas in Holly with some pretty cool 3D shapes.

Kurtis-Theo in Holly class and his almost life sized skeleton.

Oliver in Birch class spending  some time on his time work!

Sam in Birch class has created a biscuit bar chart. Nom!

Well done to all who have sent pictures in so far. Keep sending them in please and don’t forget to include your name and class.

Below you will find the tasks for this week along with extra activities for you to try. There is also the weekly trust challenge, which can be found in extra activities along with details about our trial LIVE SESSION taking place on Wednesday.

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Literacy – Circle of viewpoints Maths – Tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes PHSE – Happiness Journal
Tuesday PE – DISCO moves Thematic – Copper Mining Reading- Tell me grid
Wednesday Maths – Tell the time to the nearest minute Reading- Inference skills PE – Dance Moves
Thursday Science – Plants and Air Music – Different genres Maths – 24 hour clock
Friday Art – Stone Age jewellery Literacy – Letter writing French – Goodbye!

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The Year 3 Team.


LITERACY – Listen to ‘Chapter 6’ of Edward Tulane. How do you think each of the characters from the previous chapter is feeling? Put yourself in each of their shoes to complete today’s activity. (See downloads below)

MATHS – This week we are continuing to learn about time. Start the lesson with the YouTube song which is linked in the PowerPoint in the ‘downloads’ section below. Practice telling the time in intervals of 5 minutes. Challenge yourself to also include the hour!

PSHE – It’s not always easy to think happy thoughts but this week we would like you to try. Each day think about something that makes you happy. Keep a journal and draw a picture to help remind you.


PE – It’s disco time! Imoves are taking you back in time to D.I.S.C.O! See if you can follow the moves for an upbeat and fun routine.

THEMATIC – Learn how Bronze Age people mined copper and why this metal was so important for them. Then, use the template for the application form (or create your own) and apply to be a miner in the copper mines.  (See downloads below)

READING – Join Mr Shipley for ‘Chapter 7’ of Edward Tulane below and then use the reading grid to help you create a review of the book so far. Think about what you have enjoyed and what you think will happen next. (See downloads below)


MATHS – Our maths lessons last Thursday taught us how to tell the time to the nearest minute past the hour. Follow the PowerPoint to learn how to tell the time to the nearest minute to the hour. Then use the document to practice writing and drawing the time. (See downloads below)

READING  – Listen to the next two chapters of Edward Tulane below. Then, use your inference skills to identify how Edward feels about what has happened.

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

PE – Today’s your chance to become the teacher. See if you can put together a sequence of dance moves to create a routine for someone at home to follow. They can be as simple or as complex as you like but they must be clear enough for someone else to follow.


SCIENCE – We need air to survive but what about plants? Can they survive without air? Carry out today’s experiment to see. (See downloads below)

MUSIC – Today we will be looking at different genres and appreciating a wider range of music. Follow the video below to complete today’s session – if you double click you will be able to see the video in the full screen.

MATHS – We have been looking at 12 hour clocks but we know sometimes times can be shown in 24 hours like on a digital clock such as a microwaves, ovens and mobile phones. Follow the slides to learn how to read and write analogue and digital times on a 24 hour clock.


ART – Stone Age people made use of natural materials. No part of the animals they caught for food would have been wasted. Apart from furs providing warm bedding and clothing, the bones, teeth, antlers and horns made great ornaments! The beads were threaded on leather thongs, and shells and stones would have been used, too. Have a go at making your very own Stone Age Jewellery. Don’t forget to send a picture of you modelling it to the home learning page. Have fun!

LITERACY -Have you ever thought about sending a message in a bottle? Today we will do just that. We will imagine that we are Susanna (Edward). We are going to write a message in a bottle to Abilene using some special techniques to extend your sentences. Watch the video below to complete today’s task.  As usual if you want to see it in full screen you will need to double click.

FRENCH – This week in French, we will be continuing with greetings. Today, we will be looking at different ways to say ‘Goodbye’.

Extra Activities

Pegasus Weekly Task – This week, it is Children’s Art Week and we would like you to get creative with egg boxes.  Please see the task in the downloads section below.

MATHS – How much TT rockstars practice have you been getting? Take the times table challenge below to see what kind of rock star you are becoming.

READING – Sometimes you find new words when you begin reading and you have to use a range of strategies to find out the meaning of them. The same applies to our Latest book. Try this activity below to identify the meaning and put the story into context.

STORY TIME – Exciting news!  On Wednesday 10th June, we will be hosting our first trial live session via the ‘Google meet’ platform. This is a trial to see if we can all use this App securely in the future and you can read all about what we are trying to do here.  The session will be at 12 noon and the children will need the code ‘year3pat’ to enter. Read the news story and then please follow this link for instructions in how to access the meeting.

Published on 7th June, 2020

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