02 April 2020

Year 6: Wolf Brother Chapter 19

Here is the latest instalment of Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. Please have a go at some of the comprehension questions below based on this chapter:

Chapter Nineteen

1. What creates the ‘bleak, menacing feel’ about the stony grey hill?
2. What simile is used to describe the stone mouth at the top of the trail?
3. Torak felt as though he was being swallowed – how does his journey into the cave give this impression?
4. What does the writer mean when they describe the stillness as ‘horrible, waiting’?
5. What effect do the short sentences have at the end of this chapter?
6. What are the similarities and differences between Torak finding the stone tooth and finding the river eyes?

Mr. Francis

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Published on 2nd April, 2020

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