31 March 2020

Year 6: Wolf Brother Chapter 18

The next chapter of Wolf Brother is ready to watch here:

What was the creature that Wolf discovered in the darkness?

See if you can answer these questions:

1. What simile is used to describe the fog?
2. What effect does the fog have when they walk along the auroch trail?
3. Why should there be more reindeer in the forest?
4. Why does Torak feel guilty about bringing Wolf with them?
5. What is personified as they enter the gully? What is the effect of this?
6. How do Torak and Renn’s views on the Walker change through the chapter?
7. What features of the Walker man make him sound like he is rotting?
8. Why did the Walker leave the Otter Clan?
9. What is an ‘elemental’ demon?​
10. Give 2 reasons why Renn is so concerned about the Walker break her bow.
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Published on 31st March, 2020

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