05 June 2020

Year 6 leavers’ yearbooks

It is with great sadness that the Year 6 team have been reflecting upon the unusual nature of our current year 6 cohort’s last few weeks of Primary School.  Under normal circumstances we would be preparing for our end of year productions, enjoying our trip to Chessington and be busily making our yearbooks.

However, we would like to reassure all Year 6 children and parents that we are working hard to find ways in which we can still make their last year in primary school memorable.

This year only, all of our Year 6 children will be receiving a gift of a leaver’s hoodie and a yearbook from the Trust.  Hopefully, this will be something that they can cherish throughout their lives allowing them to look back on their time at Pegasus with fondness.

The Year 6 team would really like the children to have input into their yearbook. Therefore, you will find a document below named ‘Your Memories of Primary School’ which we are asking the children to fill in with their proudest achievements, their funniest memories and life lessons they have learnt throughout their time at primary school.

Please post any completed documents to your class blog or email them to yr6@pegasusacademytrust.org.

It would also be wonderful to receive some pictures of the children and the classes throughout the years.  Maybe you have pictures of a class party, class assembly or a class photo you’d like to share for the yearbooks?  Again, please either post them on your class blogs or email them to yr6@pegasusacademytrust.org.

Thank you in advance for anything we receive and we hope that the prospect of the hoodies and the yearbooks will bring a little joy to the Year 6 cohort.

Published on 5th June, 2020

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