27 September 2021

WHJUN – The results are in!

Over the last week, Year 6 children have been busy campaigning and preparing speeches to win over children in their house for a chance to be voted as their house captain. There were promises of victories on Sports Day, friendship on the playground and even cakes every Friday!  Every single speech was thoughtful and unique, causing some difficult decisions across the school.

We congratulate all the candidates and are delighted to announce this year’s house captains. We believe they will make wonderful role models for all year groups and we are looking forward to seeing the positive changes they will make to our school community.

Athens: Edytha (House Captain), Matthias (Vice-Captain), Mara and Zainab (Monitors)

Corinth: Riley (House Captain), Elijah (Vice-Captain), Ashton and Harmonie (Monitors)

Olympia: Kaylah (House Captain), Sienna (Vice-Captain), Abdul and Nathalia (Monitors)

Sparta: Angela (House Captain), Ernest (Vice-Captain), Emelia and Yaqoob (Monitors)


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Published on 27th September, 2021

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