13 November 2020

CYP Upper: Beech Class Live Virtual Assembly

We have had an extraordinarily comfy today. We have all come to school in our pyjamas, and for the privilege, have donated £1 for Children In Need. We enjoyed a very informative assembly from Beech Class, letting us know exactly how our donations would be used. It is easy to lose sight of why we have theme days like this, as they are always so much fun.  Thank you Beech for helping us to see that we are donating for a very worthy cause and our money really does help to make children’s lives in the UK, and further afield that little bit better.

For those parents who would like a replay of the assembly (as it really was brilliant), please press play and watch below. Well done Beech class and well done to Miss Binks and Miss Prideaux for helping to bring it all together.

You can watch the assembly here.



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Published on 13th November, 2020

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