21 January 2019

Amongst the Gods and Goddesses

Ms Achenbach writes: What a wonderful treat to escape my office and go on the Year 6 trip to the British Museum. Travelling with Suffolk class, I too marvelled at the ‘new’ sweet shop at Selhurst station and at the children’s impeccable behaviour on public transport. Then it was the Northern Line and on to the glories of the ancient world, carefully collected under the great glass dome of my favourite museum. We marvelled at the mummies, gawked at the Greek marbles and then it was time for lunch and the all important visit to the shop. Where mostly sweets were purchased. But seriously, a wonderful educational visit covering both of the Year 6 thematic topics and enriching the learning experience. Well done to the children for their enthusiasm and good manners. If they were in my group they should be able to tell you why the Rosetta Stone is important and who Old Ginger is. https://www.britishmuseum.org/

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Published on 21st January, 2019

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