04 July 2012

Year 5 Update

In Year 5 we have used public transport this year to visit central London, the British Museum, the Science Museum and London Zoo.  We thoroughly enjoyed our experience as our learning in the classroom came to life through a ‘hands on’ approach and practical activities to participate in.  It also provided us with the opportunity to work as a team and use our skills in a different environment.

During our thematic curriculum lessons we have studied ‘Invaders and Settlers’ and ‘Sights and Sound of India’.  Within these topics we have had the opportunity to learn new skills in order to become independent learners.  For example, in D & T we had to work as part of a team to make shelters out of wood.  We mastered the skills of joining wood using a range of tools, techniques and materials. In art we had the chance to use ‘mod-roc’ to create an Indian animal. We had to be careful when shaping the wire, as we wanted our sculpture to be as accurate as possible.

We have really enjoyed these activities and have learnt a lot about how people live in different parts of the world.

Literacy is very exciting! We have practised writing in many different styles, both fiction and non-fiction.  We loved writing an adventure story about the legend of King Arthur, as we learnt to use a range of interesting and descriptive vocabulary in order to engage our reader.

Soon we are moving on to Year 6 – more exciting adventures to come!

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Published on 4th July, 2012

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