Year 5

Week Starting 19 March 2021

Good afternoon everyone! Year 5 would like to share some of the great work that they have been engaged in this past week.

In Maths- we have been finishing up our work on Division and the children have shown how they can follow and use the power of resourcefulness to work out some calculations.
In English- we have had a wonderful week using Alfred Noyes captivating poem ‘The Highwayman’, as guide to improve our sentence structure and vocabulary skills.

┬áScience has been particularly interesting as we have had the most wonderful time dissecting flowers and learning about the ‘life cycles’ of amphibians and insects. Here are some examples of the work that has been done.

We are also continuing to engage in our Music, PE and ‘Run a mile’ subjects as well. Today, the children and staff enjoyed a much loved day on our school calendar- RED NOSE DAY!

To all our parents and pupils, have a safe and wonderful weekend!






Extra Activities

Published on 19th March, 2021

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