02 April 2019

Y5 Rainforest Based learning

This term, the Y5 children have been incredibly busy being immersed in the topic of rainforests. The children started off by researching information about this key biome and then presented their work in a variety of ways, including pop-up books, fact files and booklets. After this, we looked into the impact of deforestation and the children were given the opportunity to write a persuasive letter to the logging companies in the Amazon. Additionally, the pupils were also introduced to several texts set in the rainforest (The Lazy Friend, The Great Kapok Tree and The Explorer) which inspired them to write their own short stories, based on their learning from this term. Finally, this topic will be brought to an exciting end with the attendance of a rainforest biologist, who will be visiting each school during this week.

Here are some of the lovely examples of their work, make sure to have a look!

Image Gallery

Published on 2nd April, 2019

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