27 March 2020

PAT: Keeping in touch in Year 4

In Year 4, the teachers have been working hard to set up individual class blogs so that the children and teachers can keep in touch with one another whilst school is closed. Through these sites, children will be able to communicate with other members of the class about activities and work they have been completing and find some suggestions of things they could do at home.  These blogs are unique to each class and are accessed through J2 bloggy. This is a secure site that is operated by LGFL.  The children are familiar with this site as we have been using it in our computing lessons this term.

To log in, the children will need to click on the link for their class and then sign in using their .306 user name and password. The children all have this in the front of their reading diary. They will then be able to read posts from their class and teacher and add new posts and comments.

All posts and comments will only appear on the class blog once it has been approved by the class teacher or a senior leader at school.

Children should remember to ensure they are remembering to keep safe online and should not upload any post that shows their full name, their email address or their home address.

The links for each class are as follows:

Rowan https://151.j2bloggy.com/Rowan-class-blog/hi-rowan/#comment-29

Lime https://151.j2bloggy.com/Hi-Lime/welcome-just2easy/

Hawthorn https://151.j2bloggy.com/Story-story/

Comets https://ecclesbourne-primary-school.j2bloggy.com/Comets-At-Home/

Planets https://ecclesbourne-primary-school.j2bloggy.com/Planets-at-home/

Sycamore https://whitehorse-manor-junior-school.j2bloggy.com/Sycamore-at-home/

Camargue https://whitehorse-manor-junior-school.j2bloggy.com/4S-Camargue-at-home/

Morgan https://whitehorse-manor-junior-school.j2bloggy.com/4P-Morgan-at-home/

Connemara https://whitehorse-manor-junior-school.j2bloggy.com/Connemara-4C/

We look forward to reading your posts and comments

The Year 4 Team


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Published on 27th March, 2020

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