09 March 2018

EPS- Year 4 learn how to prepare salad

This week, Year 4 had their second cooking and healthy eating lesson with Harrisons. Chefs Morat and Daniel were ready to teach us cutting skills so that we could prepare our own salad.  We learnt two different cutting skills.  The first was called the bridge where we used out hand to create a bridge so that we could cut tomatoes, grapes, and potatoes safely.  After that, we learnt the claw technique.  For this technique, we had to place our thumb behind the food and use our fingers as a claw to guide us where to cut.  This was a useful technique to help us slice sweet pepper, lettuce and cucumber to go into our salad.  Once we had cut everything up, we mixed our salad together.  Morat and Daniel then gave us a dressing made of olive oil, garlic and herbs to add to our salad when we ate it.  We were really lucky as we all got to take the salad we had made home and eat it.  What a delicious snack!

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Published on 9th March, 2018

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