08 February 2018

EPS- Year 4 learn about healthy eating

It has been an exciting week in Year 4 this week as we got to start our food and nutrition work with Harrisons.  We are going to be learning all about cooking, cutting skills, healthy eating and will even get a chance to run our own Year 4 restaurant.  As we are going to be learning to cook, we were all given our own chef’s hats to wear to the session.  We loved wearing them!  This week we learnt all about healthy eating and our taste buds.  We got to try sweet, salty, sour and bitter foods to see if we could identify where we could feel them on our tongue.  Once we had done this, we then found out where the different taste buds were.  After that, we did a taste test with jellies and discussed how sometimes we don’t try different foods because of the way they look.  We had a red jelly, yellow jelly and green jelly and were very surprised to discover that they were actually lemon, almond and mint flavoured.  We are really looking forward to our next session and would like to thank Chef Morat and Chef Daniel for teaching us.

Cooking and Nutrition in action

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Published on 8th February, 2018

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